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The Motif

Nov 17, 2018 2:00 PM – 5:00 PM


With DJ PD

The Motif
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5:00 PMBlues Junction (Music) with Host, Dan Shramek, Dr Jane, Tom Wendt
7:00 PMAn Evening of Afrotainment (Music) with Celeste, DJ Adiva
10:00 PMThe Soundbox (Music) with Deena B, PDX Biologic
10:00 PMRip city basement (Music) with Brenboy, MARV RaINES
12:00 AMSounds Unsound (Music) with Rolf


12:00 PMGrateful Dead and Friends (Music) with Phil G
6:00 AMSwing & Country (Music) with Gary
3:00 AMSmokesignals from the Speakeasy (unset) with Heather
3:00 PMRay - The Roots of Rock & Roll (Music) with Ray
1:30 PMThe Songcircle (Music) with Jeff Rosenberg