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Heavy Metal Vomit Party

Sep 20, 2018 12:00 AM – 3:00 AM


With Hypnosadist


The way to hell

Heavy Metal Vomit Party
2:23 AM
Undergang (2) Doden Laeger Alle Sar
Døden læger alle sår Me Saco Un Ojo Records 2015
2:14 AM
Darkthrone Triumphant Gleam
Panzerfaust Moonfog 1995 LP
2:10 AM
Carcass Genital Grinder
Reek of Putrefaction Earache LP
2:07 AM
Craft Thorns in the Planet's Side
Fuck the Universe Season of Mist Underground Activists 2005
2:06 AM
Carpathian Forest Return of the Freezing Winds
Strange Old Brew Peaceville Records 2000 LP
2:05 AM
Mayhem Funeral Fog
De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas Deathlike Silence Productions LP
1:54 AM
Hooded Menace Fulfill the Curse
Fulfill the Curse Metalhit.com 2012
1:53 AM
Driller Killer No Rules
And the Winner Is Osmose Productions 2000
1:46 AM
Mercyful Fate Curse of the Pharaohs (Re-Recorded 2009)
Evil (Re-Recorded 2009) - Single NA 2009
1:42 AM
Grave Pleasures Mind Intruder
Motherblood Century Media
1:40 AM
Blood of Kingu Herald of the Aeon of Darkness
Sun In the House of the Scorpion Spinefarm Records UK 2010
1:26 AM
Parlamentarisk Sodomi Parlamentarisk Sodomi
Har Du Sagt "A" Får Du Si "Nal" Parlamentarisk Sodomi 2010
1:24 AM
Death Land of No Return
Scream Bloody Gore Relapse Records 2016
1:17 AM
Suffering Mind Religijny Belkot
7" Collection Yama Arashi LP
1:14 AM
Extremity Occision
Coffin Birth 20 Buck Spin 2018
1:12 AM
Spectral Voice Katabatic Depths
Vastum Split dark descent 7 Inch
1:12 AM
Insect Warfare Self Termination
Evolved Into Obliteration Rescued From Life Records 2009 LP
1:10 AM
Vastum Gagging on a Gash
Spectral Voice Spit Dark Descent 7 Inch
12:45 AM
Eyehategod Blank
Take as Needed for Pain Century Media
12:43 AM
Acephalix Excremental Offerings
Decreation 20 Buck Spin 2017
12:42 AM
Bölzer Hero
Hero Iron Bonehead Productions 2016
12:39 AM
Corpse (6) Severing Flesh
Painful Demos Not On Label (Corpse (6)) 2009
12:35 AM
Terrorizer After World Obliteration
World Downfall earache 2009
12:31 AM
Mellow Harsher Por Que No Conosco El Miedo
Mellow Harsher / Internal Rot 625 Thrashcore 2015
12:22 AM
Nme Acid Reign
Unholy Death / War Machine Deseesed Music 1986 LP
12:16 AM
Onslaught Mighty Empress
Power from Hell Pusmort LP
12:11 AM
Bolt Thrower In Battle There Is No Law
In Battle There Is No Law Back On Black 2013
12:09 AM
Hellhammer (2) Messiah
Satanic Rites Blakk Holokaust CD
12:07 AM
Bathory Total Destruction
The Return of the Darkness and Evil Black Mark 1985 LP


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