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Jan 6, 2020 8:00 PM – 10:00 PM


With Mahoney

Mahoney has been KBRP's DJ offering his "Eclecti-Celt" show since Friday, January 1st, 2005. Bringing together and broadcasting his lifelong love for the music, prose, poetry, and propaganda of the Celtic nations of Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Cornwall, Man, Brittany, Galicia, and the Celtic Diaspora. Sláinte!

Eclecti-Celt REAL LIVE

It rained in Australia. Of course, not the whole continent, but some parts of the country that really needed the precipitation. Here's to however you INVOKE: please, some more rain. This week on Eclecti-Celt I'm being joined by Clare Sands, and maybe even Dave Donohue, hailing from Ireland. They and family and friends are here in Bisbee to help Sharon kick off a TREEmendous birthday celebration. And they have kindly agreed to join me LIVE in the tiny auspicious studio of KBRP, Bisbee's Radio for the People. So, you, and me, we're all in for a special treat of beautiful, raucous, tender, inspiring music and chat from two of Ireland's most talented musical artists. WOOHOO! And THANK YOU to them. And YOU.
Go here! https://claresands.com/ And be HAPPY. I believe this week's show will be one for the KBRP history books...if there are such tomes.
So then, the first hour or so will be LIVE and I have no idea what they’re gonna play…but, it’ll be grand. The second half will be me spinning some of theirs and some of mine from the Celtic vaults.



8:00 PM
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8:05 PM
Clare Sands - Live fiddle and guitar tunes & songs
Clare Sands Live fiddle and guitar tunes & songs
LIVE here in the studios of KBRP
8:35 PM
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8:36 PM
PSA: Renaisance House
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Dave Donohoe - The Willow
Dave Donohoe The Willow
9:01 PM
Clare Sands - Better to have Loved
Clare Sands Better to have Loved
The Basement Sessions
9:08 PM
The Gloaming - Opening Set
The Gloaming Opening Set
The Gloaming
9:25 PM
the gloaming - The Hare
the gloaming The Hare
9:28 PM
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9:29 PM
PSA: Premier Alliances
9:31 PM
Clare Sands - Let's Take the Time
Clare Sands Let's Take the Time
The Basement Sessions
9:36 PM
The Gloaming - Fáinleog (Live)
The Gloaming Fáinleog (Live)
Live at the NCH
9:55 PM
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9:55 PM
Dave Donohoe - Annan Waters
Dave Donohoe Annan Waters