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KBRP LP 96.1 Bisbee

The Luminous Chord

Apr 26, 2023 10:00 PM – 12:00 AM


With Kirk

"Excursions in Contemplative Music"

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Episode 94

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The Luminous Chord
10:01 PM
10:01 PM
Station Break: The Luminous Chord Open (Vangelis - Spirals)
10:01 PM
Starterra - Incantation
Starterra Incantation
Edge of Eternity Exosphere
10:13 PM
Astro Pilot, Spacecraft - Possible Worlds (Applefish Rework)
Astro Pilot, Spacecraft Possible Worlds (Applefish Rework)
Lights in the Sky
10:17 PM
Altus - Logic Probe
Altus Logic Probe
Descender Altus Music
10:29 PM
Station Break: Kirk
10:29 PM
T.A.F.S. - Fourteen-Twenty-Seven
T.A.F.S. Fourteen-Twenty-Seven
HDK 138 + TAFS heimatderkatastrophe.bandcamp.com/
10:44 PM
Francisco Nicosia - Puntos Midanos
Francisco Nicosia Puntos Midanos
Historias Secretas Cosmicleaf
10:54 PM
Klaus Schulze - Blanche
Klaus Schulze Blanche
Body Love (Original Soundtrack) Brain
11:01 PM
Legal Station ID
11:01 PM
Station Break: Kirk
11:02 PM
Tangerine Dream - Stratosfear
Tangerine Dream Stratosfear
Stratosfear (Remastered) Virgin Records
11:12 PM
Ashra - 77 Slightly Delayed
Ashra 77 Slightly Delayed
Blackouts One Up
11:18 PM
Santana - Flame Sky
Santana Flame Sky
Welcome Columbia/Legacy
11:29 PM
Philip Catherine - 1974ths
Philip Catherine 1974ths
11:39 PM
Station Break: Kirk
11:40 PM
American Astro Monkey Project - Brighter Therapy
American Astro Monkey Project Brighter Therapy
Fractal Gedanken americanastromoneyproject.bandcamp.com
11:52 PM
Andrea Cichecki - Abalone Vortex
Andrea Cichecki Abalone Vortex
Tone Science Module No.7 Cause and Effect DiN
11:57 PM