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Woman Soul

Nov 22, 2019 3:00 PM â€“ 5:30 PM


With Patricia

Woman Soul embraces the full range of the feminine mystique with a wide array of music and thought.

Woman Soul
3:00 PM
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3:01 PM
Ran - Suuin
Ran Suuin
3:07 PM
3:08 PM
Royale Events: Royale Calendar
3:08 PM
Ran, Kati Ran - Blodbyigie
Ran, Kati Ran Blodbyigie
3:24 PM
RÁN - Flamme (feat. Kai Uwe Faust & HEILUNG)
RÁN Flamme (feat. Kai Uwe Faust & HEILUNG)
Lys IndigoBoom
3:28 PM
RAN, Oliver S. Tyr, Faun - Fylgia
RAN, Oliver S. Tyr, Faun Fylgia
3:32 PM
Heilung - Norupo
Heilung Norupo
Futha Season of Mist
3:37 PM
Heilung - Krigsgaldr
Heilung Krigsgaldr
Lifa Season of Mist
3:48 PM
Underwriter: Sparklight
3:49 PM
Underwriter: Thuys
3:50 PM
Streaming: Kiwanis Club of Bisbee
3:54 PM
RĂșnahild - Seidrunar
RĂșnahild Seidrunar
SeidrĂșnar RĂșnahild
4:00 PM
RĂșnahild - MyrkrĂ­Ă°a
RĂșnahild MyrkrĂ­Ă°a
Seidfylgjur Grimfrost Records
4:00 PM
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4:09 PM
Runahild - Urseid
Runahild Urseid
4:23 PM
Royale Events: Royale Events
4:23 PM
Underwriter: Bisbee Bug
4:23 PM
4:25 PM
Cesair - Erda
Cesair Erda
Omphalos Foxy Records
4:28 PM
Cesair - Umbra
Cesair Umbra
Omphalos Foxy Records
4:33 PM
Cesair - Boudicca
Cesair Boudicca
Omphalos Foxy Records
4:39 PM
Cesair - La Luna
Cesair La Luna
Omphalos Foxy Records
4:46 PM
Membership Drive Script: Membership Drive Script
4:47 PM
Underwriter: Bisbee Beverage Liquor and Sky Island Fuel
4:47 PM
The Moon and the Nightspirit - AvarĂĄlom
The Moon and the Nightspirit AvarĂĄlom
Rego Rejtem Auerbach
4:52 PM
Myrkur - Nordlys
Myrkur Nordlys
M (Deluxe Version) Relapse Records
4:55 PM
Myrkur - VÞlvens SpÄdom
Myrkur VÞlvens SpÄdom
M (Deluxe Version) Relapse Records
4:57 PM
Finvarra - Kelpie / The Cliffs of Moher
Finvarra Kelpie / The Cliffs of Moher
Finvarra Finvarra
5:00 PM
Finvarra - Dimma Juda
Finvarra Dimma Juda
5:02 PM
Emian - Danse boiteuse
Emian Danse boiteuse
Egeria Xxxv
5:05 PM
Omnia - Niv's Cauldron
Omnia Niv's Cauldron
5:18 PM
Underwriter: Bisbee Foundation
5:18 PM
PSA: Naco Wellness Initiative
5:19 PM
Underwriter: Bisbee Realty
5:19 PM
Omnia - Luna's Oracle
Omnia Luna's Oracle
5:20 PM
Wolfenmond - Bruder
Wolfenmond Bruder
Sagas Nuclear Blast
5:25 PM
Wolfenmond - Karfa
Wolfenmond Karfa
5:28 PM
Faun - Seemann
Faun Seemann
MĂ€rchen & Mythen Electrola
5:30 PM
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