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Monday Early Morning

Sep 24, 2018 12:00 AM – 6:00 AM


With Hollis Monroe

Monday Early Morning
12:00 AM
Midnight CD Forward Motion by Matt Shevitz
Midnight CD

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1:00 AMEarthsongs (Syndicated)
2:00 AMCeltic Connections (Syndicated)
3:00 AMWomen In Music (Syndicated)
4:00 AMCafe Jazz After Hours (Syndicated)
5:00 AMShort List (Music) with Bob Naujoks


5:00 PMSunday Evening (Music) with Hollis Monroe
3:00 PMBig Band Memories (Music) with Murray Kent
1:00 PMBig Band Memories (Music) with Murray Kent
7:00 AMGentle Jazz (Syndicated)
7:00 AMGentle Jazz (Music)