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Ambience & Transients

Jul 24, 2019 1:00 AM – 3:00 AM


With Phinyx

An instrumental journey through electronic: covering Bass Music, Downtempo, Psychill, and Ambient Dub formats.

Ambience & Transients
2:19 AM
Ambientium - Check One (Mythematica & Ambientium in Dub)
Ambientium Check One (Mythematica & Ambientium in Dub)
City of Memories ambientium 2019 SE5751903514
2:16 AM
Spatialize - The Great Super Mango
Spatialize The Great Super Mango
Beyond the Radar Spatialize 2019 USCGH1918980
2:12 AM
Sufi's Life - The Father's Theme, Pt. 2 (feat. Ancient Core)
Sufi's Life The Father's Theme, Pt. 2 (feat. Ancient Core)
Quantum Secrets Altar Records 2017 USHM81772102
2:09 AM
Tor.Ma in Dub - Anthem
Tor.Ma in Dub Anthem
La Tierra Prometida Dekadenz Music (Mexico) 2019 ITH641826384
2:04 AM
Dubsalon - Entangled
Dubsalon Entangled
Selected dub cuts 2009​/​2019 Dubsalon 2019
2:01 AM
J.P.Illusion - My Space (Hypnotizer Remix)
J.P.Illusion My Space (Hypnotizer Remix)
Transcendental Theories Badgers Records 2019
1:58 AM
Martins Garden - Nectar
Martins Garden Nectar
Spiral Roots Indra's Garden 2019
1:52 AM
Cloower Wooma - Looped City
Cloower Wooma Looped City
Alt​+​Fut AstroPilot Music 2017 QZ5FN1738962
1:50 AM
Dubnotic & Cosmic Touch - Akasha
Dubnotic & Cosmic Touch Akasha
Divine Visions - EP Visionary Shamanics 2018
1:46 AM
Be Jam - Follow the Lights
Be Jam Follow the Lights
Simulflow Mystic Sound Records 2017 GBKQU1793314
1:41 AM
Ancient Core - Eastern Fields
Ancient Core Eastern Fields
Guidelines Melusine Records 2018 GBKQU1803963
1:38 AM
Spoonbill - Thermal Ride
Spoonbill Thermal Ride
Canopy Omelette Records 2019 QM6MZ1984562
1:35 AM
Psymbionic - Homesick (Instrumental)
Psymbionic Homesick (Instrumental)
Carbon Based Lifeform Gravitas Recordings 2019 QZ5FN1902090
1:31 AM
CloZinger - The Renegade Queen
CloZinger The Renegade Queen
Royal - EP CloZee 2019 QZ5FN1994235
1:27 AM
Madikma - Hidden Room
Madikma Hidden Room
Cosmic Curtain - EP Onset Audio 2019 QMRZS1900252
1:23 AM
Spundose - Tuuwaqatsi
Spundose Tuuwaqatsi
Divine Frequencies: The Mother Goddess Merkaba Music 2017 USQY51796126
1:20 AM
Poranguí - Sachamama (Numatik Remix)
Poranguí Sachamama (Numatik Remix)
Ayahuasca Remixed Desert Trax 2017 QMBE21703009
1:16 AM
EurythmY - Theme 2
EurythmY Theme 2
CANTICUM MEGAPTERAE - Song of the Humpback Whale Inner Child Music
1:12 AM
Cosmic Touch - Sporeal Encounters
Cosmic Touch Sporeal Encounters
Third Eye Lotus Visionary Shamanics 2019
1:08 AM
Shpongle - When Shall I Be Free
Shpongle When Shall I Be Free
Live in London (2013) Twisted Records Ltd 2019 USA2P0502889
1:04 AM
Somatoast - Broken Bits
Somatoast Broken Bits
Live Dreaming Gravitas Recordings 2019 QZ5FN1906621
1:01 AM
Hypersense - Twisted Dub
Hypersense Twisted Dub
Temple of Dub Visionary Shamanics 2019

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