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Alternative, non-commercial community & college radio located on the UC Santa Barbara campus. The University of California's first station. Since 1962.

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In the Mix

Jan 16, 2023 1:00 AM – 2:00 AM


With DJ Sinclair

An hour of fresh tracks from a unique electronic music subgenre every week!

In the Mix
1:00 AM
Keshia Chante - Shook "The Answer"
Keshia Chante Shook "The Answer"
Keshia Chanté VIK. RECORDINGS 2004 CAV160401980
1:00 AM
Skrillex - Rumble
Skrillex Rumble
Rumble Atlantic P&D 2023 USAT22221613
1:04 AM
Денис RiDer - Материальная
Денис RiDer Материальная
Лирика BELIEVE - Klever Label 2018 FRX201858867
1:04 AM
INNA - Gimme Gimme
INNA Gimme Gimme
Gimme Gimme BELIEVE - Global Records 2017 FR2X41769699
1:05 AM
No Mana - Illegal Screenshots
No Mana Illegal Screenshots
We Are Friends, Vol. 10 mau5trap 2021 GBTDG1302160
1:10 AM
Eartheater - High Tide (Doss Remix)
Eartheater High Tide (Doss Remix)
High Tide (Doss Remix) Chemical X 2022 USZ4V2200198
1:13 AM
Imogen Heap - I Am in Love with You (Instrumental)
Imogen Heap I Am in Love with You (Instrumental)
Speak for Yourself (Instrumentals) SME - Sony BMG Music UK 2015 GBJPX1200130
1:18 AM
AACE - Liars
AACE Liars
Liars AACE 2021 FR9W12122891
1:18 AM
girl_irl - Sinclair
girl_irl Sinclair
Sinclair The Tabula Rasa Record Company 2021 QZFZ72139894
1:22 AM
Golemm - MorningStarz
Golemm MorningStarz
One Year Madness 3423785 Records DK 2022 QZNWR2258688
1:26 AM
Sylvan Esso - Echo Party
Sylvan Esso Echo Party
No Rules Sandy UMG - Concord Loma Vista 2022 USC4R2217129
1:30 AM
Eris Drew - Quivering In Time
Eris Drew Quivering In Time
Quivering In Time T4T LUV NRG 2021 GBJX32151009
1:38 AM
Daphni - Ye Ye
Daphni Ye Ye
Jiaolong MERLIN - Jiaolong 2012 GBAL71202003
1:44 AM
Fly 3 Project - French Emotions
Fly 3 Project French Emotions
Fashion Hotel Lounge Paris JB Production 2014 DEBL60856511
1:44 AM
Yoshinori Sunahara - Lovebeat
Yoshinori Sunahara Lovebeat
LOVEBEAT SME - Sony Music Labels Inc. 2007 JPKS00100544
1:59 AM
Herbie Hancock - Fat Mama (Remastered Version)
Herbie Hancock Fat Mama (Remastered Version)
Fat Mama (Remastered Version) WMG - Warner Jazz 1999 USWB10503588