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The Old Millennials

Jul 7, 2023 10:00 AM â€“ 11:00 AM

Cultural Arts

With Jill & Mike Critelli

The Old Millennials is a PA/CA show hosted by Jill and Mike Critelli, a married couple of creatives who grew up in the '90s alongside the Internet, and are curious about how that technology, and other cultural trends from the era, have come to define the modern world. Each week they select a topic that may inspire conversation and/or nostalgia (Beanie Babies, Harry Potter, Bill Clinton's Presidency) and connect the dots to contemporary topics (NFTs, plant medicine, and Monica Lewinsky's TED Talk, respectively). Between 3-7 minute narrative mic breaks, Jill and Mike curate a selection of global '90s underground dance music that is thematically linked to the topic of the day.

The Old Millennials
10:01 AM
Ledo - Sun & Rain - Original Mix
Ledo Sun & Rain - Original Mix Ledo
Redux Recordings Collection Winter Edition 2014 Massive Comps Digital 2015 DENP31300205
10:04 AM
Sumit Banotra - Maahiyaa (feat. Surabhi Dashputra)
Sumit Banotra Maahiyaa (feat. Surabhi Dashputra) Sumit Banotra
Dance Musicane Times Music 2014 INT131410359
10:13 AM
Junk Project - Camera
Junk Project Camera
Independence Day, Club Anthems, Vol.2 Vip Edition (The Trance, Dance and House Sound of Revolution, Compiled By George Washington) BELIEVE - Drizzly Records 2014 DEK029730005
10:48 AM
CJ Bolland - The Analogue Theatre
CJ Bolland The Analogue Theatre C J Bolland, Kris Vanderheyden
The Analogue Theatre WMG - LMS Ltd. 1996 GBANB9600075
10:58 AM
Daphne Oram - Snow
Daphne Oram Snow Daphne Oram
Endless Waves: The Dawn of Electronic Noise & Ambient Music, Vol. 1 Dot Dash Noise, LLC 2021 QM4TW2159781
10:59 AM
Juliette Gréco - Strip-Tease
Juliette Gréco Strip-Tease Serge Gainsbourg
12 Chansons de Juliette BELIEVE - MFY Records 2015 FR10S1496352