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Coming up

8:00 AMThe Wildcat Den (unset) with General Manager, DJ BReal
10:00 AMThe Nuthouse (unset) with General Manager, DJ Squirrel
11:00 AMThe Kaleidoscope (unset) with General Manager, DJ Lady Bug
12:00 PMSnooze (unset) with General Manager, KC
1:00 PMSimon Burgess (unset) with General Manager, DJ Cronauer


4:00 PMDJ Amygdala (Kaiu) (unset) with DJ Amygdala
11:00 AMThe Lunch Hour (unset) with DJ Lidainy
12:00 PMThe Rhythmic Realm (unset) with DJ Witch-King
1:00 PMGood Afternoon, Chico week 10 (unset) with DJ Cronauer
7:00 AMThe Wildcat Den (unset) with DJ BReal