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Jayn Pettingill

Saxophonist, composer, surfer, dog lover and music librarian, I love being a part of the KCSM air waves. I came to radio through the late jazz radio host Bob Parlocha. While helping to organize his vast library of recordings, Bob invited me to be his intern: he mentored me in the craft and art of making music on air.

In addition to my on air work, I'm the head librarian at the California Jazz Conservatory. I revel in introducing the joys of vinyl, organized access and resource materials to the jazz stars of tomorrow.

Music, in all of its forms, has long been a corner stone in my life. As a performer I've has toured the country and have played with some of the SF Bay Area's best and brightest. Whether the "making of the music" is happening on the radio or on the stage, I'm always eager to share the sounds of surprise + beauty with all.

Jayn Pettingill

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