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Audio Twerkshop

Nov 14, 2018 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM


With Starcrunch

Audio Twerkshop

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5:00 PMThe Cephalopodcast (Music) with DJ Squid
7:00 PMUnit's Corner (Music) with Chef Zay, Chef Zay, Abe-Unit
7:00 AMFolk Collins (unset) with G Whitty
9:00 AMTaboo Garbage (unset) with DJ Bing
11:00 AMJust the Hits (Music) with Jersey Giant


11:00 AMVolcano World (unset) with DJ Pompeii
9:00 AMTone Definition (Music) with DJ Doubtfire
9:00 PMSick Beats (Music) with DJ NyQuil
11:00 AMAround the Planet with Janet (Music) with Janet Earth
9:00 AMThe Tonal Package (Music) with DJ Zoho