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KCSU Fort Collins 90.5 FM

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7:00 AMCats & Slacks (Music) with Cats&Slacks
9:00 AMThe Tune-Up Show (Music) with DJ Wonder
11:00 AMIn Otter Space (Music) with DJ Otter Control
1:00 PMThe Training Show (Music) with Silent g, Chef Zay, Starcrunch, DJ Tati
5:00 PMThrough the Decades (Music) with DJ Emz


9:00 PMBizarre Adventure (Music) with DJ Star Platinum
7:00 PMLow Life (Music) with Perogi Pete
3:00 PMDJ Fantastik's Free-Form Formula (Music) with DJ FANTASTIK
3:00 PMChromosthesia Landscape (Music) with M.C. Asher
1:00 PMThe Magnificent Radio Show (Music) with Snazzy Seth