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9:00 AMHarmony with Hatch (Music) with DJ Hatch
11:00 AMBreakfast with Brekke (Music) with DJBrekke
3:00 PMJust Jenny so what big deal (Music) with Jennyrolldog
8:00 PMTales From The Crate (Music) with Butter Trackz
9:00 AMThe Melissa Show (Music) with Dj Meli


1:00 PMLEMeKNOW Hour (Music) with Angel Lem
8:00 PMVoid (Music) with DJ Baka
2:00 PMChayah Entertainment (Music) with DJ J
1:00 PMDiggin' the Groove (Music) with Janette
12:00 PMThrilling Music (Music) with DJ Thrills