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Jul 18, 2022 9:00 PM – 11:00 PM


With Rick Comello

C-Sides specializes in obscure music from all over the globe. With rock at its core, Rick Comello explores multiple genres spanning the last 50 years, unearthing music from some of the finest progressive, fusion, avant-garde, psych and hard rock artists to ever grace this wondrous planet.

C-Sides Playlist #450

9:03 PM
Samadhi - Passaggio Di Via Arpino
Samadhi Passaggio Di Via Arpino
Samadhi Fonit Cetra 1989

Greetings all! We begin C-Sides #450 with some classic Latin flavored Progressive Rock out of Rome, Italy. This sweet piece of music comes from Samadhi's lone studio album. Originally released in 1974

9:08 PM
Junior's Eyes - Imagination
Junior's Eyes Imagination
Battersea Power Station World Wide Records 1991

Progressive / Psychedelic Rock from London, England by this band mostly known for briefly being David Bowie's back up band. This terrific tune comes from this group's one and only album. Originally released in 1969

9:15 PM
Queen - All Dead, All Dead
Queen All Dead, All Dead
News of the World Hollywood Records 1991

Art Rock out of London, England by this well known band. This tune was written and sung by Brian Many and can be found on Queen's 6th studio album. Originally released in 1977

9:20 PM
Caravela Escarlate - Planeta - Estrela
Caravela Escarlate Planeta - Estrela
Caravela Escarlate Karisma Records 2019

Contemporary Progressive Rock from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This fantastic minor epic tune comes from Caravela Escarlate's 2nd album. Released in 2019

9:31 PM
Birth - Long Way Down
Birth Long Way Down N
Born Bad Omen Records 2022

Stellar new Progressive Rock out of San Diego, CA by this band made up of former members of Astra & Psicomagia. This excellent tune is the closing track to Birth's debut album. Released last Friday! https://birthprog.bandcamp.com/album/born

9:41 PM
Aquelarre - Patos Transtornados
Aquelarre Patos Transtornados
Candiles Acqua Records 2006

Progressive Rock from Buenos Aires, Argentina. This magnificent instrumental comes from Aquelarre's 2nd studio album. Originally released in 1973

9:47 PM
Spirogyra - The Furthest Point
Spirogyra The Furthest Point
Bells, Boots and Shambles Repertoire Records 1991

Top notch Progressive Folk from Manchester, England by this group not to be confused with the Smooth Jazz band out of Buffalo, NY. This wonderful tune comes off of Spirogyra's 3rd studio album. Originally released in 1973

10:02 PM
Mantric Muse - Azur
Mantric Muse Azur
Mantric Muse Transubstans Records 2012

Space Rock from Copenhagen, Denmark. This swirly tune can be found on Mantric Muse's only studio album, so far. Released in 2012

10:09 PM
Magic Pie - P & C
Magic Pie P & C
Fragments of the 5th Element Karisma Records 2019

Awesome Progressive Rock from Moss, Norway. This catchy tune comes from Magic Pie's 5th and most recent studio album. Released in 2019

10:15 PM
Benoît Widemann - Quaternaire
Benoît Widemann Quaternaire
Stress ! Musea Records 1998

Zeuhl / Jazz Rock out of Paris, France from one of Magma's legendary keyboardists. This tune comes off Benoît's first solo album. Originally released in 1977

10:23 PM
Faithful Breath - Judgement Day
Faithful Breath Judgement Day
Back On My Hill Garden of Delights 2007

For tonight's "Essential Epic" we head to Witten, Germany for this rarely heard Progressive Rock classic. This tune comes from Faithful Breath's sophomore effort. Originally released in 1980

10:42 PM
Chirco - 33 Years
Chirco 33 Years
Visitation Gear Fab Records 1999

Relatively obscure Progressive Rock out of Westchester County, NY by this short lived band led by percussionist, Tony Chirco. This tune comes from Chirco's lone studio album. Originally released in 1972

10:46 PM
Hot Flash - Diamond Wings
Hot Flash Diamond Wings
First Attack! They'll Never Take Us Alive Rockwell Records 1977

Rare private press Progressive Rock from Boston, MA. This superb tune comes from Hot Flash's one and only LP. Released in 1977

10:52 PM
Hidden Trails - Mutations
Hidden Trails Mutations
Instant Momentary Bliss Elektrohasch Records 2016

We conclude C-Sides #450 with some Progressive / Space Rock from Diest, Belgium, circa 2016, by this group formed by the rhythm section of the defunct Hypnos 69. Thanks for listening, folks! Be sure to tune in again next week! Then our voyage will continue! ☮︎