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Jul 25, 2022 9:00 PM – 11:00 PM


With Rick Comello

C-Sides specializes in obscure music from all over the globe. With rock at its core, Rick Comello explores multiple genres spanning the last 50 years, unearthing music from some of the finest progressive, fusion, avant-garde, psych and hard rock artists to ever grace this wondrous planet.

C-Sides Playlist #451

9:03 PM
King Hobo - Swede
King Hobo Swede
King Hobo Hippodome Music 2008

Greetings all! We begin C-Sides #451 with some Blues Rock from this musical project formed in Falun, Sweden by former Opeth guitarist Per Wiberg. This ensemble also included Clutch drummer, Jean-Paul Gaster. This sweet tune comes from King Hobo's debut album. Released in 2009

9:06 PM
Christie - Martian King
Christie Martian King
For All Mankind Repertoire Records 1997

Pop Rock with a slight Hard Rock twist by this group out of Leeds, England led by Jeff Christie, mostly known for their 1970 hit "Yellow River". This tune comes from Christie's 2nd studio album, originally released in 1971

9:11 PM
Brégent - L'intersection
Brégent L'intersection
Partir Pour Ailleurs ProgQuébec 1979

Fantastic Progressive Rock with Zeuhl elements from Montreal, OC, Canada. This tune comes from the second and final Brégent studio album. Originally released in 1979

9:18 PM
New Trolls - La Nuova Predica Di Padre O'Brien
New Trolls La Nuova Predica Di Padre O'Brien
N.T. Atomic System Vinyl Magic 1996

Top-notch Progressive Rock out of Genoa, Italy from this legendary band formed by Vittorio De Scalzi and Nico DiPalo in 1967. By the time of the 5th album, Atomic System, the rest of the band had departed to form Ibis. Vittorio De Scalzi continued with N.T. and released this gem in 1973. Maestro, Vittorio De Scalzi passed away yesterday at the age of 72. R.I.P.

9:25 PM
Kenso - Akatsuki Ni Gakushi Ga (暁に楽師が)
Kenso Akatsuki Ni Gakushi Ga (暁に楽師が)
Utsuroi Yuku Mono (うつろいゆくもの) King Records 2006

Amazing instrumental Progressive / Jazz Rock by this legendary Japanese group formed in 1974. This sensational tune comes from Kenso's 8th studio album. Released in 2006

9:28 PM
Seven Impale - Serpentstone
Seven Impale Serpentstone
Contrapasso Karisma Records 2016

Contemporary Progressive Rock from Bergen, Norway. This tune, with its slight Porcupine Tree vibe comes from Seven Impale's 2nd and most recent studio album. Released in 2016

9:38 PM
Tracks - Golden Dream
Tracks Golden Dream
69/74 Self Released 1974

Obscure Progressive Rock by this band formed in Hanover, NH that released one official studio album in 1972. This tune comes from the band's ultra rare 3LP box set compiling their recordings from 1969-74. The Boston Skyline label issued a CD comp of these LP's in 1991 titled "The Very Best Of Tracks 1969-1974" (that unfortunately does not include this song).

9:42 PM
Progres 2 - Hlasy Stínů
Progres 2 Hlasy Stínů
Dialog S Vesmírem Bonton Music 1999

Progressive Rock from Brno, Czechia by this group formed in 1969. This excellent track comes from Progres 2's first studio album. Originally released in 1980

9:48 PM
Mémoriance - Je Ne Sais Plus
Mémoriance Je Ne Sais Plus
Et Après... Paisley Press 2015

Classic Symphonic Progressive Rock from La Havre, France. This marvelous tune comes from Mémoriance's debut studio album. Originally released in 1976

10:02 PM
Orang-Utan - I Can See Inside Your Head
Orang-Utan I Can See Inside Your Head
Orang-Utan Buy or Die Records 2005

Hard Rock out of London, England by this band formed by brothers Terry and Mick Clarke. This tune comes from the lone Orang-Utan album from 1971. The brothers went on to form the Country Rock band "Holy Mackerel"

10:05 PM
Art Griffin's Sound Chaser - Pulsar
Art Griffin's Sound Chaser Pulsar N
The Seven Ages of Starlight Self Released 2022

Remarkable new Progressive Rock from Blue Mountains, ON, Canada from this band led by multi-instrumentalist, Art Griffin! I had a hard time choosing my favorite from this one, but this awesome tune will suffice. Released in 2022, this is Art's second Sound Chaser album. https://artgriffinssoundchaser.bandcamp.com/

10:13 PM
Taste of Blues - Another Man's Mind
Taste of Blues Another Man's Mind
Schizofrenia Transubstans Records 2010

Psychedelic Rock from Malmö, Sweden by this band led by Claes Ericsson (later in the legendary "Lotus"). A couple of years after this 1969 Taste of Blues' album's release, the band delivered one more album as "Asoka"

10:18 PM
Zzebra - Mah Jong
Zzebra Mah Jong
Zzebra Disconforme Records 1999

Jazz Fusion from London, England by this short lived band formed by previous members of If, Osibisa and Love Affair. This fantastic piece of music comes off of Zzebra's 1st of two studio albums. Originally released in 1974

10:26 PM
Mars Hollow - Dawn of Creation
Mars Hollow Dawn of Creation
Mars Hollow 10T Records 2010

For tonight's "Essential Epic" we've got a barely qualifying Progressive Rock / Neo tune from a group out of Los Angeles, CA. This fine minor epic song comes from Mars Hollow's debut CD. Released in 2010

10:40 PM
Rumblin' Orchestra - Big Run
Rumblin' Orchestra Big Run
The King's New Garment Periferic Records 2000

Progressive Rock from Szeged, Hungary by this band led by keyboardist, Bela Ella. The band also included Jusztin Szabo, János Varga and five members of Bela's family. This tune comes from the 2nd and final Rumblin' Orchestra album. Released in 2000

10:49 PM
Sacri Monti - Gone from Grace
Sacri Monti Gone from Grace
Waiting Room for the Magic Hour Tee Pee Records 2019

We conclude C-Sides #451 with some Heavy Psychedelic Rock out of Encinitas, CA. This scorching tune comes from Sacri Monti's 2nd and most recent album. Released in 2019. Thanks for listening, folks! Be sure to tune in again next week! Then our voyage will continue! ☮︎