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Aug 8, 2022 9:00 PM – 11:00 PM


With Rick Comello

C-Sides specializes in obscure music from all over the globe. With rock at its core, Rick Comello explores multiple genres spanning the last 50 years, unearthing music from some of the finest progressive, fusion, avant-garde, psych and hard rock artists to ever grace this wondrous planet.

C-Sides Playlist #453

9:03 PM
Nektar - Fidgety Queen
Nektar Fidgety Queen R
Down to Earth Eclectic Discs 2005

Greetings all! We begin C-Sides #453 (Mo's Show) with some classic Progressive Rock by this British band that formed in Hamburg, Germany. This tune comes from Nektar's 5th studio album. Originally released in 1974

9:07 PM
Jukka Tolonen - Elements
Jukka Tolonen Elements R
Tolonen! Love Records 2004

Progressive Rock from Helsinki, Finland from the first solo album by this legendary musician! At the time of this album's release, Jukka was the guitarist for Tasavallan Presidentti's and was also working with Wigwam. Originally released in 1971

9:17 PM
Opeth - Windowpane
Opeth Windowpane R
Damnation Koch Records 2003

Progressive Rock out of Stockholm, Sweden. This fantastic tune comes off of Opeth's 7th studio album, and their first non-metal album. Released in 2003

9:25 PM
Satin Whale - Remember
Satin Whale Remember R
Desert Places Lumpy Gravy Records 2015

Top-notch Progressive Rock from Cologne, Germany. This magnificent tune comes from Satin Whale's debut album. Originally released in 1974

9:36 PM
Ancient Grease - Mother Grease the Cat
Ancient Grease Mother Grease the Cat R
Women and Children First Angel Air Records 2008

Classic Rock out of Neath, Wales. This excellent tune comes from this band's only studio album. Originally released in 1970

9:42 PM
Kansas - Lamplight Symphony
Kansas Lamplight Symphony R
Song For America Kirshner Records 1987

Progressive Rock from one of the USA's finest bands! This stone cold classic piece of music comes from Kansas' sophomore effort. Originally released in 1975

9:50 PM
Magma - Kobah
Magma Kobah R
Live Seventh Records 1989

Fantastic Zeuhl by the legendary creators of the genre! This groovin' tune comes off of Magma's first live album, released in 1975 just after Köhntarkösz.

10:02 PM
Mats/Morgan - En Schizofrens Dagbook
Mats/Morgan En Schizofrens Dagbook R
On Air with Guests Ultimate Audio Entertainment 2002

Avant Fusion / Experimental Rock from Umeå, Sweden by this mindblowing duo! This tune comes from their 5th studio album. Released in 2002

10:08 PM
Le Orme - La Porta Chiusa
Le Orme La Porta Chiusa R
Uomo Di Pezza Polygram 1999

Progressive Rock out of Marghera, Italy by this legendary trio. This tune comes from Le Orme's excellent 3rd studio album. Originally released in 1972

10:15 PM
Mellow Candle - Sheep Season
Mellow Candle Sheep Season R
Swaddling Songs See For Miles 1994

Gentle Progressive Folk out of Killiney, Ireland. This beautiful piece of music can be found on Mellow Candle's one and only proper studio album. Originally released in 1972

10:22 PM
Maneige - Les Aventures de Saxinette et Clarophone
Maneige Les Aventures de Saxinette et Clarophone R
Les Porches ProgQuébec 2007

For tonight's "Essential Epic" we head to Montreal, QC, Canada for some astonishing Progressive Rock! This incredible piece of music comes from Maneige's 2nd studio album. Originally released in 1975

10:40 PM
Porcupine Tree - Arriving Somewhere But Not Here
Porcupine Tree Arriving Somewhere But Not Here R
Deadwing Lava Records 2005

Progressive Rock with a nice Metal outburst by this now legendary band from Hemel Hempstead, England. This tune comes from PT's outstanding 8th studio album. Released in 2005

10:52 PM
Genesis - Afterglow
Genesis Afterglow R
Wind & Wuthering Atco Records 1994

We conclude C-Sides #453 (Mo's Show) with a classic tune by this monumental band out of Surray, England, circa 1976. Thanks for listening, folks! Be sure to tune in again next week! Then our voyage will continue! ☮︎