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Aug 15, 2022 9:00 PM – 11:00 PM


With Rick Comello

C-Sides specializes in obscure music from all over the globe. With rock at its core, Rick Comello explores multiple genres spanning the last 50 years, unearthing music from some of the finest progressive, fusion, avant-garde, psych and hard rock artists to ever grace this wondrous planet.

C-Sides Playlist #454

9:03 PM
Kebnekajse - Förberedelser Till Fest
Kebnekajse Förberedelser Till Fest
Resa Mot Okänt Mål Silence Records 2001

Greetings all! We begin C-Sides #454 with some Progressive Rock out of Stockholm, Sweden. This fine tune, "Preperations for the Party" comes from Kebnekajse's debut album. Originally released in 1971

9:06 PM
Wobbler - Lá Bealtaine
Wobbler Lá Bealtaine
Rites at Dawn Termo Records 2011

Progressive Rock from Hønefoss, Norway. This fantatic tune comes from Wobbler's 3rd studio album. Released in 2011

9:14 PM
Medina Azahara - Se
Medina Azahara Se
Sus Tres Albumes en Discos CBS 1979-1982 Rama Lama Music 1998

Rock Andaluz from Córdoba, Spain. This classic tune was originally released in 1979 on Medina Azahara's debut LP. I'm pulling it from this fantastic 1998 compilation of their first 3 studio albums.

9:21 PM
Moon Letters - Child of Tomorrow
Moon Letters Child of Tomorrow N
Thank You From the Future Self Released 2022

Brand new Progressive Rock out of Seattle, WA. This superb tune comes from Moon Letters' sophomore effort. Released just this past Monday. https://moonletters.bandcamp.com/album/thank-you-from-the-future

9:27 PM
Tohpati Ethnomission - Battle Between Good and Beast
Tohpati Ethnomission Battle Between Good and Beast
Save the Planet (Selamatkan Bumi) Moonjune Records 2010

Jazz Fusion / Progressive Rock by this group led by guitarist, Tohpati Ario Hutomo. This tune comes from Tohpati's 4th album and his first as Tohpati Ethnomission. Released in 2010

9:35 PM
Wazoo - Slip On
Wazoo Slip On
Wazoo World in Sound 2006

Psychedelic Rock from Detroit, MI by this unique short lived band. This tune comes from Wazoo's lone studio album. Originally released in 1970

9:42 PM
Premiata Forneria Marconi (PFM) - Jet Lag
Premiata Forneria Marconi (PFM) Jet Lag
Jet Lag RCA Records 1989

Progressive Rock from Milan, Italy from one of Italy's most popular 70's Prog Bands. This tune comes from PFM's 7th studio album overall. Originally released in 1977

9:51 PM
Eider Stellaire - Legende
Eider Stellaire Legende
1 (Eider Stellaire) Soleil Zeuhl 2011

Zeuhl / Jazz Fusion out of Paris, France. This terrific tune comes from Eider Stellaire's 1st album. Originally released in 1981

10:03 PM
The Stark Reality - Grandfather Clock
The Stark Reality Grandfather Clock
Acting, Thinking, Feeling Now-Again Records 2013

Jazz Rock / Psych out of Boston, MA by this ensemble that included Jazz legend John Abercrombie on guitars. This tune was originally released in 1970 on The Stark Reality's only proper studio album, "...Discovers Hoagy Carmichael's Music Shop"

10:11 PM
Babe Ruth - Black Dog
Babe Ruth Black Dog R
First Base One Way Records 1991

Progressive Rock from Hatfield, England by this relatively well known group, originally known as "Shacklock". This tune can be found on Babe Ruth's debut album. Originally released in 1972

10:21 PM
Cargo - Summerfair
Cargo Summerfair
Cargo Pseudonym 1993

For tonight's "Essential Epic" we head to Amsterdam, Netherlands for this stone cold classic track! This stellar jam comes from Cargo's only studio album. Originally released in 1972

10:38 PM
Time Horizon - Living for a Better Day
Time Horizon Living for a Better Day N
Power of Three Melodic Revolution Records 2022

Progressive Rock with a distinct AOR sound from San Francisco, CA. This sweet tune comes from Time Horizon's 3rd studio album and features guest vocalist, Michael Sadler from Saga. Released in 2022. https://timehorizon.bandcamp.com/album/power-of-three

10:46 PM
Coevality - Stone Among Pebbles
Coevality Stone Among Pebbles
Multiple Personalities 2918481 Records DK2 2021

We conclude C-Sides #454 with some Contemporary Progressive Rock out of Los Angeles, CA, circa 2021. https://coevality.bandcamp.com/album/multiple-personalities

Thanks for listening, folks! If all goes as planned, I'll be out next week, and Ryan Cain of "Rolling Thunder" will be substituting for me. I should be back with episode #455 on August 29th. Wish me luck! ☮︎