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Nov 7, 2022 9:00 PM โ€“ 11:00 PM


With Rick Comello

C-Sides specializes in obscure music from all over the globe. With rock at its core, Rick Comello explores multiple genres spanning the last 50 years, unearthing music from some of the finest progressive, fusion, avant-garde, psych and hard rock artists to ever grace this wondrous planet.

C-Sides Playlist #465

9:03 PM
Iron Claw - Pavement Artist
Iron Claw Pavement Artist
Iron Claw Rockadrome/Vintage 2009

Greetings all! We begin C-Sides #465 with some fantastic Hard Rock out of Dumfries, Scotland. This tune was recorded in 1972 and can be found on a 2009 archival CD of Iron Claw's work from 1969-74.

9:08 PM
Duncan Mackay - Morpheus (edit)
Duncan Mackay Morpheus (edit)
Chimera Fresh Music 2009

Progressive Rock from Cape Town, South Africa by this British born ace keyboardist. This tune is a slightly edited version of the opening track to Duncan's debut album. Originally released in 1974

9:19 PM
Hypnos 69 - Paralyse
Hypnos 69 Paralyse
Promise of a New Moon RocknRollRadio 2003

Superb retro flavored Rock from Diest, Belgium by this band formed by brothers, Steve and Dave Houtmeyers. This sweet tune comes from their second album. Released in 2003

9:23 PM
Fernando Molinari - Mercurio
Fernando Molinari Mercurio
Reaching Inside MCK Discos 2021

Amazing modern Jazz Fusion from this wicked bassist/composer out of Sao Paulo, Brazil. This tune comes from Fernando's 3rd studio album and features the versatile Marco Minnemann on drums! Released in 2021

9:28 PM
Ayreon - The First Man On Earth
Ayreon The First Man On Earth
Universal Migrator Part 1: The Dream Sequencer Inside Out Music 2000

Progressive Rock out of the Netherlands by this marvelous musical project led by Arjen Lucassen. This fine tune features Neal Morse on vocals and can be found on the first of two parts of Ayreon's fourth concept piece, Universal Migrator. Released in 2000

9:37 PM
Plum Nelly - Deception
Plum Nelly Deception
Deceptive Lines Synton Archive 1999

Classic semi-Progressive Hard Rock by this one album band from New York, NY that included Ric Prince on vocals and keys. This awesome tune comes from that lone album. Originally released in 1971

9:46 PM
Cannabis India - Mirror
Cannabis India Mirror
SWF Session 1973 Long Hair Music 2009

Keyboard led Progressive Rock from Wuppertal, Germany. This fine piece of music was one of two songs recorded in 1974 after Cannabis India became Universe and appears on this archival CD released by Long Hair Music in 2009

9:50 PM
Fruupp - Decision
Fruupp Decision R
Future Legends Esoteric Recordings 2009

Requested Progressive Rock out of Belfast, Ireland. This classic tune comes from Fruupp's magnificent debut studio album. Originally released in 1973

10:02 PM
Siena Root - Over the Mountains
Siena Root Over the Mountains
Different Realities Transubstans Records 2009

Killer retro Hard Rock from Stockholm, Sweden. This terrific instrumental comes from Siena Root's fourth studio album. Released in 2009

10:10 PM
La Maschera Di Cera - Nuova Luce
La Maschera Di Cera Nuova Luce
Lux Ade Immaginifica 2006

Top notch Progressive Rock from Genoa, Italy. This superb tune comes from "The Wax Mask's" third studio album. Released in 2006

10:22 PM
Atlas - Pรฅ Gata
Atlas Pรฅ Gata
Blรฅ Vardag Ad Perpetuam Memoriam 1995

For tonight's "Essential Epic" we head to Malmรถ, Sweden for some legendary Progressive Rock by this one shot band. Since this album was recently reissued on CD (Transubstans Records), I've seen many folks getting their hands on it for the first time! That prompted me to revisit this magnificent recording from 1979. What a classic!

10:39 PM
Axe - Another Sunset, Another Dawn
Axe Another Sunset, Another Dawn
Music Kissing Spell Records 2002

Psychedelic Rock out of Northampton, England by this group formed in 1968 that included the vocals of Countess Vivienne. This groovy tune was the opening track to their one and only LP. Originally released in 1970

10:43 PM
Wilding/Bonus - Race for Space
Wilding/Bonus Race for Space
Pleasure Signals Ozone Music 1993

Jazz Fusion by this short lived project led by Danny Wilding and Pete Bonas. This lively piece of music includes Phil Collins on drums and is the opening track this fine album. Originally released in 1978

10:46 PM
Dog Soldier - Looks Like Rain
Dog Soldier Looks Like Rain
Dog Soldier Walhalla Records 2004

We conclude C-Sides #465 with a classic Hard Rock minor epic by this one and done semi-supergroup out of UK, circa 1975. Thanks for listening, folks! Be sure to tune in again next week! Then our voyage will continue! โ˜ฎ๏ธŽ