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Wrong Division

Jun 6, 2019 11:00 PM – 1:00 AM


With Mabel & Joe

Wrong Division features the best in progressive punk and experimental DIY rock, including everything from methodical, melodic post rock to erratic, noisy math. Join your host Joe and co-host Mabel as they showcase local to international bands and the music that influenced them. Learn more at the Wrong Division Blog.

Wrong Division
11:00 PM
Waterproof - If You Wanna
Waterproof If You Wanna
In Cod We Trust self-released 2018
11:04 PM
thirdface - Legendary Suffering
thirdface Legendary Suffering
Legendary Suffering self-released
11:09 PM
The Funny Section - Accept It
The Funny Section Accept It L
Baby Criminalia self-released 2019
11:09 PM
Pro Teens - Anybody's Baby
Pro Teens Anybody's Baby
Twos Broken Circles 2019
11:16 PM
Setbreak: Setbreak
11:19 PM
Phenomena 256 - Trad Gras Och Stoned
Phenomena 256 Trad Gras Och Stoned
Trad Gras Och Stoned self-released
11:24 PM
KIDS - Terrain
KIDS Terrain
8 Nation Army - EP Grownup Music 2018
11:24 PM
Setbreak: Setbreak
11:31 PM
Imelda Marcos - Umami Syntonic
Imelda Marcos Umami Syntonic
Tatlo Already Dead Tapes
11:31 PM
USCO - Iguana House
USCO Iguana House
Treffpunkt New Atlantis
11:32 PM
Staer - French Erotique
Staer French Erotique
Staer Mozart Kebab 2016
11:32 PM
Setbreak: Setbreak
11:46 PM
Yowie - Ineffable Dolphin Communion
Yowie Ineffable Dolphin Communion L
Synchromysticism SKiN GRAFT Records 2017
11:47 PM
Zach Hill - Dark Art
Zach Hill Dark Art
Astrological Straits Ipecac Recordings 2008
11:57 PM
killer BOB - Shorts
killer BOB Shorts
Split (w/ Wei Zhongle) New Atlantis Records
11:59 PM
Setbreak: Setbreak
12:19 AM
Horse Lords - Truthers
Horse Lords Truthers
Interventions Northern Spy Records 2016
12:20 AM
Curt Oren - Moab
Curt Oren Moab
For Sam Forever Ago Already Dead Tapes & Records 2018
12:20 AM
Shady Bug - Flake
Shady Bug Flake L
Lemon Lime Exploding In Sound Records 2019
12:20 AM
Setbreak: Setbreak
12:21 AM
Toupee - Gramma In the Slamma
Toupee Gramma In the Slamma
Leg Toucher Moniker 2015
12:23 AM
Melkbelly - Middle Of
Melkbelly Middle Of
Nothing Valley Wax Nine Records / Carpark / Hostess 2017
12:25 AM
Not for You - Look Quiet
Not for You Look Quiet
Drift - EP Not For You 2019
12:25 AM
Setbreak: Setbreak
12:35 AM
This Heat - Cenotaph
This Heat Cenotaph
Deceit Rough Trade 2006
12:36 AM
Likes - Haroumi
Likes Haroumi
New Pedal GNR Sound 2018
12:36 AM
DUDS - Signal, Sign
DUDS Signal, Sign
Of a Nature Or Degree Castle Face 2017
12:39 AM
Setbreak: Setbreak
12:40 AM
Palm - Trying
Palm Trying
Shadow Expert - EP Carpark Records / Hostess 2017
12:42 AM
Pallas - Recoil
Pallas Recoil
Pallas 12" Designer Medium 2017
12:46 AM
A Deer A Horse - Double Wide
A Deer A Horse Double Wide
Double Wide - Single Donkey Military 2018
12:46 AM
Setbreak: Setbreak
12:58 AM
Terms - Heal My Borings
Terms Heal My Borings
Terms self-released
12:59 AM
Jitters - Marv's Back
Jitters Marv's Back
The Carrot self-released