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Wrong Division

Jun 27, 2019 11:00 PM – 1:00 AM


With Mabel & Joe

Wrong Division features the best in progressive punk and experimental DIY rock, including everything from methodical, melodic post rock to erratic, noisy math. Join your host Joe and co-host Mabel as they showcase local to international bands and the music that influenced them. Learn more at the Wrong Division Blog.

Wrong Division
11:09 PM
Home&Office - F.L.E.X.
Home&Office F.L.E.X. L N
In Office self-released 2019
11:09 PM
Setbreak: Setbreak
11:09 PM
Kleb - Days
Kleb Days L N
Waveless Days self-released 2019
11:11 PM
The Funs - Medieval
The Funs Medieval L N
Don't Get Put Out By the Drool unknown 2019
11:14 PM
The R6 Implant - Long Knives
The R6 Implant Long Knives L N
The R6 Implant self-released 2019
11:16 PM
Setbreak: Setbreak
11:19 PM
Huht - Stranger
Huht Stranger L
Huht Huht 2019
11:26 PM
ICE - Complex
ICE Complex
ICY2K unknown 2016
11:28 PM
Pineapple RNR - Rain Cage
Pineapple RNR Rain Cage L
Pineapple Rik n Roll EP Lumpy Records 2018
11:28 PM
Setbreak: Setbreak
11:32 PM
Trauma Harness - Echolocation
Trauma Harness Echolocation L
Pain, Death, Defeat & Revival Already Dead Tapes 2016
11:34 PM
Dialer - Dropped Out
Dialer Dropped Out N
Dialer/Chronic Anxiety Split Bunny Cat Records 2019
11:34 PM
Big Step - Radio Flyer
Big Step Radio Flyer L
Big Step self-released 2019
11:37 PM
Setbreak: Setbreak
11:41 PM
Little Big Bangs - Saccharine
Little Big Bangs Saccharine L
I Like It Here self-released 2018
11:44 PM
Kids - The Heat
Kids The Heat L
7 Nation Army self-released 2018
11:48 PM
Bird Dog & His Coyote Gospel Choir - Pharaoh, Pharaoh
Bird Dog & His Coyote Gospel Choir Pharaoh, Pharaoh
40 2018 2018
11:50 PM
Asumaya - Chess
Asumaya Chess
Omniphobic So Say We All Records 2018
11:50 PM
Setbreak: Setbreak
12:07 AM
Flipper - Sex Bomb
Flipper Sex Bomb
Sex Bomb Baby! Domino Records 1982
12:07 AM
Warhammer 48K - TRACK 6
Warhammer 48K TRACK 6
An Ethereal Oracle Permanent 2004
12:14 AM
Fischessen - Mein liebster Feind
Fischessen Mein liebster Feind
Der Tote Winkel Blunoise 2018
12:14 AM
Setbreak: Setbreak
12:16 AM
Negative Scanner - Nose Picker
Negative Scanner Nose Picker
Nose Picker Trouble In Mind Records 2018
12:16 AM
Glass Teeth - Your Fired
Glass Teeth Your Fired
Notice of Termination Problem Solved Industries 2011
12:16 AM
The VSS - Death Scene
The VSS Death Scene
Nervous Circuits Sargent House 2012
12:25 AM
New England Patriots - My Dealer
New England Patriots My Dealer
New England Patriots self-released 2014
12:25 AM
Setbreak: Setbreak
12:26 AM
Chris Pitsiokos Trio - Clotho
Chris Pitsiokos Trio Clotho
Gordian Twine New Atlantis Records 2014
12:33 AM
Wume - Walled Garden
Wume Walled Garden
Towards the Shadow Northern Spy Records 2018
12:33 AM
This Is My Condition - WALK AWAY
This Is My Condition WALK AWAY
Cut Loose Not On Label 2006
12:33 AM
Setbreak: Setbreak
12:40 AM
Made in Mexico - Infrared Eye
Made in Mexico Infrared Eye
Zodiac Zoo SKiN GRAFT 2007
12:40 AM
Imelda Marcos - Umami Syntonic
Imelda Marcos Umami Syntonic
Tatlo Already Dead Tapes 2019
12:45 AM
Erase Errata - Go To Sleep
Erase Errata Go To Sleep
At Crystal Palace Inconvenient Press And Recordings 2003
12:45 AM
Birthing Hips - No Pressure
Birthing Hips No Pressure
Urge to Merge NNA Tapes 2017
12:45 AM
Setbreak: Setbreak
12:51 AM
A Deer A Horse - Smokejumper
A Deer A Horse Smokejumper
Everything Rots That Is Rotten - EP Corpse Flower Records 2019
12:54 AM
French Vanilla - Friendly Fire
French Vanilla Friendly Fire
How Am I Not Myself? Danger Collective 2019