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Rolling Thunder

Jul 12, 2019 3:00 AM – 5:00 AM


With Ryan Cain

From classic to modern, Rolling Thunder brings you a diverse mix of rock styles, including psychedelic, progressive, and even a bit of metal. Ryan Cain spins all of that and more, adding in some blues and jazz for good measure. That's Rolling Thunder, every Tuesday from 3 a.m. to 5 a.m.

Rolling Thunder
3:00 AM
Steve Miller Band - Threshold
Steve Miller Band Threshold
Book of Dreams Capitol Records 1977
3:02 AM
Grooverider - Cybernetic Jazz
Grooverider Cybernetic Jazz
Mysteries of Funk (Limited Edition) Higher Ground 1998
Doing things a bit differently this morning. We're getting started with some jungle/drum 'n bass that I was really into back in the day. I actually picked up this limited edition 2 disc version when it came out while I was visiting France back in high school.
3:14 AM
Source Direct - Call & Response
Source Direct Call & Response
Exorcise the Demons Astralwerks 1999
Originally released on their 1997 EP Controlled Developments. This track is best known for being used in the movie Blade (but not included in the soundtrack) when Deacon Frost was in the library.
3:23 AM
Sula Bassana and Modulfix - Svensven der Froschfrosch
Sula Bassana and Modulfix Svensven der Froschfrosch
Brain Wash Sulatron 2010
I haven't played you any Sula Bassana in awhile so enjoy this tasty electronic krautrock.
3:31 AM
Kendra Amalie - Breathe Underwater
Kendra Amalie Breathe Underwater N
Intuition Beyond Beyond Is Beyond Records 2019
Her new album is due out Sept. 6th and is well worth checking out.
3:34 AM
Tarotplane - Consciousness
Tarotplane Consciousness N
The Misunderstood Abandoned Aquarium of the Afterlife Beyond Beyond Is Beyond Records 2019
More on the ambient side but definitely good stuff. This album keeps growing on me with repeated listens.
3:42 AM
Led Zeppelin - No Quarter
Led Zeppelin No Quarter
Houses of the Holy (Remastered) Rhino Atlantic 1973
One of my favorite LZ tunes.
3:49 AM
Spooky Tooth - Evil Woman
Spooky Tooth Evil Woman
Spooky Two A&M 1969
Great album, great song.
4:01 AM
Gryphon - Checkmate
Gryphon Checkmate
Red Queen To Gryphon Three Bell 1974
What a wonderful piece of progressive music. This whole album is amazing.
4:11 AM
Van Der Graaf Generator - Scorched Earth
Van Der Graaf Generator Scorched Earth
Godbluff EMI Catalogue 2005
Originally released in 1975. Classic VdGG.
4:22 AM
Rare Bird - Flight
Rare Bird Flight
As Your Mind Flies By Charisma 1970
What an epic tune. I played this on the very first episode of Rolling Thunder.
4:43 AM
Bob Dylan - Joey
Bob Dylan Joey
Desire Columbia 1976
Your Dylan of the Day. This was my very first Dylan album.
4:54 AM
Dr. John - Same Old Same Old
Dr. John Same Old Same Old
In the Right Place ATCO 1973
We close the show with a little Dr. John. I hope you enjoyed the tunes and I'll be catching up with you next week.