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Jul 31, 2019 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM


With Rob Levy

From intimate English-garden pop to next month's dance-floor sensations, Rob Levy's bag of transoceanic treats is comfortably crowded with nice things you'll like.

7:00 PM
Mexico City Blondes - Off the Hook
Mexico City Blondes Off the Hook N
Blush Burger Records 2019
7:04 PM
Crumb - Part III
Crumb Part III N
Jinx Crumb Records 2019
At Delmar Hall on November 10th.
7:07 PM
Leisure - Falling
Leisure Falling N
Twister Nettwerk Records 2019
7:11 PM
Setbreak: Setbreak
7:12 PM
The Mommyheads - Only Star
The Mommyheads Only Star N
Bingham's Hole S/R 2019
7:15 PM
Wilco - Love Is Everywhere (Beware)
Wilco Love Is Everywhere (Beware)
Ode to Joy dBpm Records 2019
At The Fox on 11/14/19
7:20 PM
Purple Mountains - All My Happiness Is Gone
Purple Mountains All My Happiness Is Gone N
Purple Mountains Drag City Records 2019
At The Duck Room on August 20th.
7:24 PM
Setbreak: Setbreak
7:25 PM
Juiceboxxx - Coinstar Song
Juiceboxxx Coinstar Song N
It's Easy To Feel Like A Nobody When You're Living In The City Dangerbird Records 2019
7:29 PM
Stereo Total - Cinemascope
Stereo Total Cinemascope N
Ah! Quel Cinéma! Tapete Records 2019
7:33 PM
Talking Heads - (Nothing But) Flowers
Talking Heads (Nothing But) Flowers
Naked Sire Records 1988
7:38 PM
Paul Jacks - In Other Words
Paul Jacks In Other Words N
In Other Words Tritone 2019
7:41 PM
Setbreak: Setbreak
7:43 PM
Thompson Twins - You Take Me Up
Thompson Twins You Take Me Up
Into the Gap Arista 1984
7:47 PM
Soft Cell - Torch
Soft Cell Torch
Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret Virgin EMI 1982
7:51 PM
Setbreak: Setbreak
7:52 PM
Clairo - Bags
Clairo Bags
Immunity FADER Label 2019
7:57 PM
Mattiel - Berlin Weekend
Mattiel Berlin Weekend N
Satis Factory Heavenly Recordings 2019
8:00 PM
Angel Olsen - All Mirrors
Angel Olsen All Mirrors N
All Mirrors Jagjaguwar 2019
8:04 PM
Setbreak: Setbreak
8:05 PM
Sleater-Kinney - Can I Go On
Sleater-Kinney Can I Go On N
The Center Won't Hold Mom+Pop 2019
At The Pageant on November 5th!
8:09 PM
Charly Bliss - Blown to Bits
Charly Bliss Blown to Bits N
Young Enough Lucky Number 2019
8:13 PM
Vivian Girls - Sick
Vivian Girls Sick N
Memory Polyvinyl Records 2019
8:15 PM
Gauche - Pay Day
Gauche Pay Day N
A People's History of Gauche Merge Records 2019
8:18 PM
Setbreak: Setbreak
8:19 PM
Chastity Belt - Ann's Jam
Chastity Belt Ann's Jam N
Chastity Belt Hardly Art 2019
8:23 PM
Slowness - Rose
Slowness Rose
Berths Schoolkids Records 2019
8:28 PM
DIIV - Skin Game
DIIV Skin Game N
Deceiver Captured Tracks 2019
8:32 PM
Setbreak: Setbreak
8:33 PM
LIFE - Hollow Thing
LIFE Hollow Thing N
A Picture of Good Health Afghan Moon 2019
8:37 PM
The Hives - Good Samaritan
The Hives Good Samaritan N
Good Samaritan - Single Disques Hives 2019
8:40 PM
Ty Segall - I Sing Them
Ty Segall I Sing Them N
First Taste Drag City Records 2019
8:43 PM
Setbreak: Setbreak
8:44 PM
Iggy Pop - Free
Iggy Pop Free N
Free Caroline International 2019
8:46 PM
Depeche Mode - Stripped
Depeche Mode Stripped R
Black Celebration BMG Rights Management / Mute Records Ltd. 1986
8:50 PM
Editors - Frankenstein
Editors Frankenstein N
Frankenstein - Single Play It Again Sam 2019
8:53 PM
Thom Yorke - I Am a Very Rude Person
Thom Yorke I Am a Very Rude Person R N
ANIMA XL Recordings 2019
8:55 PM
Setbreak: Setbreak
8:56 PM
808 State - Ujala
808 State Ujala N
Initial Granada Report - EP 808 State 2019