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Rolling Thunder

Oct 4, 2019 3:00 AM – 5:00 AM


With Ryan Cain

From classic to modern, Rolling Thunder brings you a diverse mix of rock styles, including psychedelic, progressive, and even a bit of metal. Ryan Cain spins all of that and more, adding in some blues and jazz for good measure. That's Rolling Thunder, every Tuesday from 3 a.m. to 5 a.m.

Rolling Thunder
3:02 AM
Soundgarden - Rusty Cage
Soundgarden Rusty Cage
Badmotorfinger A&M Records 1991
A couple weekends ago I heard Johnny Cash's cover of this tune so I thought I'd begin and end the show with this outstanding tune.
3:07 AM
Stone Temple Pilots - Sin
Stone Temple Pilots Sin
Core Atlantic 1992
Listening to Soundgarden made me want to go back and listen to some of the other albums I grew up with.
3:13 AM
Alice In Chains - Frogs
Alice In Chains Frogs
Alice In Chains Columbia 1995
Probably my favorite tune of theirs.
3:23 AM
Anunnaki - Demiurge
Anunnaki Demiurge N
Immanentize the Eschaton Cardinal Fuzz 2019
Hailing from Canada, a wonderful slow burner of an album.
3:45 AM
Ambrosia - Mama Frog
Ambrosia Mama Frog
Ambrosia 20th Century Records 1975
Picked up this album by recommendation of Rick Comello.
3:52 AM
Styx - Half Penny Two Penny / A.D. 1958 / State Street Sadie
Styx Half Penny Two Penny / A.D. 1958 / State Street Sadie
Paradise Theatre A&M Records 1981
I do enjoy some Styx from time to time.
4:02 AM
Manfred Mann's Earth Band - Father of Day, Father of Night
Manfred Mann's Earth Band Father of Day, Father of Night
Solar Fire Cohesion 1973
An amazing Dylan cover.
4:12 AM
Dixie Dregs - Night Meets Light
Dixie Dregs Night Meets Light
What If Capricorn Records 1998
Originally released in 1978. This one goes out to Lewis H. Kollenberg who likes to hear some Dregs.
4:21 AM
Chicago - Elegy
Chicago Elegy
Chicago III Columbia 1971
The song suite which takes up side 4. The songs are When All the Laughter Dies In Sorrow / Canon / Once Upon A Time... / Progress? / The Approaching Storm / Man vs. Man: The End.
4:38 AM
Bob Dylan - Trouble
Bob Dylan Trouble
Shot of Love Columbia 1981
Your Dylan of the Day! Had some technical difficulties with this album last week so I cleaned it up and we're gonna give it another shot.
4:43 AM
Keokuk - Bread Pudding
Keokuk Bread Pudding L N
Spring Keokuk 2019
This tune was recorded live at Venice Cafe, St. Louis on Dec. 9th 2017.
4:53 AM
Johnny Cash - Rusty Cage
Johnny Cash Rusty Cage
American II: Unchained American Recordings 1996
We started the show with the original and end the show with this mind blowing cover. I think Monster Magnet was listening to this when they were writing Space Lord, check out the riff at the end. I hope you enjoyed the show and I'll be catching up with you next week.