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No Regerts Radio

Sep 30, 2020 4:00 PM – 6:30 PM



Indie/College Rock

No Regerts Radio
4:00 PM
Setbreak: Legal ID & Time
4:01 PM
Setbreak: Underwriting - #165 Cabbage Creative
4:02 PM
Setbreak: PSA
4:02 PM
Rudy De Anda - carina
Rudy De Anda carina N
Tender Epoch Karma Chief Records
4:08 PM
Midwife - C.R.F.W.
Midwife C.R.F.W. N
Forever The Flenser
4:15 PM
Setbreak: Underwriting - #322 Sunny Side Farms Market
4:16 PM
Coriky - Woulda Coulda
Coriky Woulda Coulda N
Coriky Dischord Records
4:22 PM
Drab City - Devil Doll
Drab City Devil Doll N
Good Songs For Bad People Bella Union
4:25 PM
Thurston Moore - Siren
Thurston Moore Siren N
By the Fire Daydream Library
4:37 PM
HUM - In the Den
HUM In the Den N
Inlet Earth Analog Records
4:45 PM
Setbreak: Underwriting - #14 Skyute Casino
4:45 PM
Setbreak: Living Astrology
4:47 PM
Everything Everything - In Birdsong
Everything Everything In Birdsong
RE-ANIMATOR Everything Everything
4:52 PM
Constant Smiles - Felt
Constant Smiles Felt
Control Living Waters Records
4:56 PM
IDLES - Ne Touche Pas Moi
IDLES Ne Touche Pas Moi
Ultra Mono Partisan Records / Liberator Music
4:59 PM
Setbreak: Underwriting - #1B Steamworks
5:01 PM
Setbreak: Translator Station ID
5:01 PM
Setbreak: BBC Headlines
5:05 PM
Into It. Over It. - Courtesy Greetings
Into It. Over It. Courtesy Greetings
Figure Triple Crown Records
5:10 PM
El Obo - Cry Baby
El Obo Cry Baby
Reach Into the Dark & Pull It Closer Favorite Gentlemen
5:15 PM
Setbreak: Underwriting - #283 Rothchild General Dentistry
5:16 PM
Sheverb - House Fire
Sheverb House Fire
Once Upon a Time in Bombay Beach Ladies of Reverb
5:22 PM
The Beths - Don't Go Away
The Beths Don't Go Away
Jump Rope Gazers Carpark Records
5:25 PM
Jehnny Beth - The Rooms
Jehnny Beth The Rooms
To Love Is to Live 20L07, LLC
5:29 PM
Setbreak: Encounters