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Dec 4, 2018 5:30 PM – 6:30 PM


Featuring Some of the Leading Speakers and Free Thinkers From Around the World
Alternative Radio
3:02 PM
Luke Top - The Dumb-Show
Luke Top The Dumb-Show N
The Dumb-Show - EP Grand Gallop Music
3:05 PM
Baby Jey - Teach Me 2 Forget
Baby Jey Teach Me 2 Forget N
Someday Cowboy Maintenance Records
3:09 PM
Dagan Harding Band - I Learned How
Dagan Harding Band I Learned How N
I Learned How - EP Grind Central Records
3:12 PM
Spud Cannon - tag
Spud Cannon tag N
3:18 PM
Rose Droll - Happy Kitten
Rose Droll Happy Kitten N
Your Dog Father/Daughter Records
3:18 PM
Farao - Lula Loves You
Farao Lula Loves You N
Pure-O Western Vinyl
3:22 PM
Savak - A Normal Speed
Savak A Normal Speed N
Beg Your Pardon Ernest Jenning Record Co,
3:24 PM
HAERTS - the way
HAERTS the way N
New Compassion HAERTS
3:29 PM
Lonesome Leash - permanence
Lonesome Leash permanence N
Delicate Art Cruisin' Records
3:33 PM
Paddlefish - Cinecyde
Paddlefish Cinecyde N
Spill Me! High Dive Records
3:36 PM
The Babe Rainbow - Supermoon
The Babe Rainbow Supermoon N
Double Rainbow Flightless
3:41 PM
My Brightest Diamond - Champagne
My Brightest Diamond Champagne N
A Million and One Rhyme & Reason Records
3:47 PM
Miya Folick - premonitions
Miya Folick premonitions N
Premonitions Terrible Records PS
3:51 PM
Boy Pablo - Tkm
Boy Pablo Tkm N
Soy Pablo U OK?
3:57 PM
Part Time - shattered love
Part Time shattered love N
Spell #6 Burger Records
4:00 PM
Hippo Campus - doubt
Hippo Campus doubt N
Bambi Transgressive
4:03 PM
Grapetooth - Red wine
Grapetooth Red wine N
Grapetooth Polyvinyl Records
4:07 PM
Papercuts - Kathleen Says
Papercuts Kathleen Says N
Parallel Universe Blues Slumberland Records
4:11 PM
Zoe Boekbinder - shadow
Zoe Boekbinder shadow N
Shadow Zoe Boekbinder
4:15 PM
Lala Lala - Dropout
Lala Lala Dropout N
The Lamb Hardly Art
4:18 PM
Boygenius - Salt in the Wound
Boygenius Salt in the Wound N
4:22 PM
J Calvin - See Far
J Calvin See Far N
Heart Glow J Calvin
4:26 PM
Peace to Mateo - twelve
Peace to Mateo twelve N
Some Strange Reason Young Heavy Souls
4:29 PM
Weakened Friends - younger
Weakened Friends younger N
Common Blah Don Giovanni Records
4:32 PM
White Denim - Magazin
White Denim Magazin N
performance City Slang
4:36 PM
Richard Swift - HZLWD
Richard Swift HZLWD N
The Hex Dead Oceans
4:41 PM
Saintseneca - Good Hand
Saintseneca Good Hand N
Pillar of Na Anti/Epitaph
4:45 PM
Ty Segall - I'm a Man
Ty Segall I'm a Man N
Fudge Sandwich In The Red
4:48 PM
Emma Ruth Rundle - control
Emma Ruth Rundle control N
On Dark Horses Sargent House
4:52 PM
Pinegrove - Rings
Pinegrove Rings N
4:56 PM
Restorations - remains
Restorations remains N
LP5000 Tiny Engines
5:11 PM
Choir Boy - I Feel How the Snow Falls
Choir Boy I Feel How the Snow Falls N
Passive with Desire Dais Records
5:15 PM
Interpol - Flight of Fancy
Interpol Flight of Fancy N
Marauder Matador
5:19 PM
Protomartyr - forbidden
Protomartyr forbidden N
Telemetry At Howe Bridge Domino Recording Co
5:24 PM
YUNG BAE - She's a Happy Face in a Crowded Place
YUNG BAE She's a Happy Face in a Crowded Place N
Bae: Side B VinDig
5:27 PM
Miya Folick - Thingamajig
Miya Folick Thingamajig N
Premonitions Terrible Records PS