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KFAI is a volunteer-based community radio station that exists to broadcast information, arts and entertainment programming for an audience of diverse racial, social and economic backgrounds.

Dr. Strangedub

Dr. StrangeDub (Michael Rose) has been a DJ at KFAI-FM since 1996. The good doctor is the host of the Echo Chamber -- which pounds and soothes the brain with the heaviest dubs, the most conscious roots, and funkiest club beats on the planet.

In addition to radio and dubwise music, the doctor's passions include homebrewing beer, cooking, gardening, the Green Bay Packers...and of course my family.

Dr. Strangedub

Dr. Strangedub's previous playlists

May29th20192:00 AM
Echo Chamber

May 29, 2019 2:00 AM – 6:00 AM

Echo Chamber


With Dr. Strangedub

Wow, I've now figured out how to do these Descriptions after the fact! ((note to the good Dr.:... from the playlist you've completed or are working on, click Playlist (top of the screen) and select Browse. Find Echo Chamber and click on that. From there, select the show episode you've been working on, then dragbar down until you see Episode Description and right under that is this spiel of mine! When you're done adding to this description, click Submit and you're done!)) Now, on to After The Half... I've recently inaugurated a tradition of playing "Wednesday" by Indubious (album: From Zero, on Righteous Sound) because, after all, it really IS Wednesday! So "Wednesday" and "Na Na Hey Hey" (Upsetters style) now neatly bookend every ATH. Inbetween those, you heard delights like "Bike Rider" by Scotch Bonnet artists Mungo's Hi-Fi, Culture's "Riverside" just 'cuz we ARE, after all, on Riverside Avenue here at KFAI, and some Mauritian Seggae music by seggae inventor the late great Kaya and by Claude Lafoudre (not entirely sure I'm pronouncing that correctly on-air, btw), The Specials' "We Sell Hope" from this year's fine Encore album_ oh, and The Specials bring it to First Avenue LIVE on the night of June 7th! _ and "Dizzy" (not to be confused with Tommy Fisheggs), by an outfit called Yala Yala Zootones, who I suspect may have named their reggae/jazz "Dizzy" after Mr. Gillespie! Just speculatin'... anyway, 'til next time, na-na, hey-hey... m-m-m-m-m-mAH!

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