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The UltraSonic Gin & Tonic

Jan 10, 2020 8:00 PM – 10:00 PM


With That Guy In The Hat

The UltraSonic Gin & Tonic
8:02 PM
Ch'uwa Yacu - Suenos
Ch'uwa Yacu Suenos
Clear Water
8:05 PM
The Flaming Lips - Pompeii AM Gotterdammerung
The Flaming Lips Pompeii AM Gotterdammerung
At War With the Mystics Warner Records 2006
8:10 PM
Venus Hum - Beautiful Spain
Venus Hum Beautiful Spain
Big Beautiful Sky Geffen 2003
8:18 PM
Studio Rio & Marvin Gaye - Sexual Healing
Studio Rio & Marvin Gaye Sexual Healing
Studio Rio Presents: The Brazil Connection Legacy Recordings 2014
8:19 PM
Miranda Sex Garden - Tonight
Miranda Sex Garden Tonight
Carnival of Souls Cleopatra 2008
8:24 PM
Pat Benatar - True Love
Pat Benatar True Love
True Love Chrysalis\EMI Records (USA) 1991
8:28 PM
Husky Rescue - Sunset Drive
Husky Rescue Sunset Drive
Country Falls Catskills Records 2004
8:34 PM
Pymlico - Tofana 10Am
Pymlico Tofana 10Am
Nightscape Apollon Records 2018
8:38 PM
Sim Gretina (as "Peggy Suave") - Almond Street Boogie
Sim Gretina (as "Peggy Suave") Almond Street Boogie
8:42 PM
The Voodoo Trombone Quartet - The Phantom
The Voodoo Trombone Quartet The Phantom
The Phantom EP Freshly Squeezed Music 2007
8:46 PM
Parov Stelar - The Phantom
Parov Stelar The Phantom
The Phantom - Single Etage Noir Recordings 2010
8:53 PM
Angel Tears - Vision
Angel Tears Vision
Vision, Vol. 4 Lovecat Music 2005
8:58 PM
Vision Factory - Sunshine (feat. Maxime) [Justin Le Mar Remix]
Vision Factory Sunshine (feat. Maxime) [Justin Le Mar Remix]
Buddha Lounge Grooves, Vol. 2 Reverb Records 2014
9:03 PM
Tycho - See
Tycho See
Awake (Deluxe Version) Ghostly International 2016
9:08 PM
Duran & Aytek - First Sight
Duran & Aytek First Sight
The Vision - Single Deep Records 2004
9:17 PM
Various Artists - Electricity, Electricity
Various Artists Electricity, Electricity
Schoolhouse Rock: Science Rock American Broadcasting Music, Inc. 2014
9:19 PM
Mr. Elk & Mr. Seal - Oral Hygiene
Mr. Elk & Mr. Seal Oral Hygiene
Oral Hygiene Modern Entertainment Music 2012
9:22 PM
Banco De Gaia - Drippy
Banco De Gaia Drippy
Big Men Cry Six Degrees Records 1997
9:31 PM
Coldcut - Timer
Coldcut Timer
9:35 PM
Faithless - Drifting Away
Faithless Drifting Away
Reverence / Irreverence Cheeky Records 1996
9:43 PM
Shaft - Mucho Mambo (Sway)
Shaft Mucho Mambo (Sway)
Mucho Mambo (Sway) 2009 Remixes Attention Records 2009
9:45 PM
Propellerheads - Dive
Propellerheads Dive
Decksandrumsandrockandroll 20th Anniversary Wall of Sound 1998
9:49 PM
Tipsy - Hard Petting
Tipsy Hard Petting
9:53 PM
Natural Information Society - Anemometer
Natural Information Society Anemometer
Automaginary Drag City 2015
9:58 PM
Groove Junkies - Oh Lord (Soul Excursion Dub) [feat. Indeya]
Groove Junkies Oh Lord (Soul Excursion Dub) [feat. Indeya]
Oh Lord (feat. Indeya) - EP [Morehouse Records] Morehouse Records 2003
Chat is archived.
Pablexa Brummie 8:11:04 PM
KFAI 8:11:24 PM
Hey Pabs!
Pablexa Brummie 8:12:14 PM
Do you have any last min Rush on deck?
KFAI 8:12:31 PM
I don't think I own any Rush...
KFAI 8:12:52 PM
Was pretty 'trendy' for me as a kid...
Pablexa Brummie 8:16:05 PM
I get it. They're no Marillion
KFAI 8:16:18 PM
Who is?
KFAI 8:19:03 PM
Is Marillion even a Marillion?
Pablexa Brummie 8:20:46 PM
No!! They were Silmarillion (#WeAreBrummies tie in)
KFAI 8:21:13 PM
Ah, got it. Like that Kiss cover band that's little people.
Pablexa Brummie 8:21:57 PM
KFAI 8:22:10 PM
Pablexa Brummie 8:22:53 PM
I keep expecting to hear the James Bond theme
KFAI 8:24:16 PM
It's been too long since I played some spy-fi, yes. Need to plan out a block.
Pablexa Brummie 8:24:19 PM
Pablexa Brummie 8:24:45 PM
Auntie Pat!!!!!!
KFAI 8:24:50 PM
Pat Benatar's jump blues album. Awesome stuff that everyone ignored.
Pablexa Brummie 8:25:39 PM
I have it - Not my fave but....hearing deep Pat - Thanks!!
KFAI 8:26:29 PM
Love this whole album! Prolly play Sex As A Weapon tomorrow at Can-Can
Pablexa Brummie 8:27:16 PM
You ever see the La Bel Age video?
KFAI 8:27:51 PM
Indeed! Sssssssssmokin!!!!
Pablexa Brummie 8:28:55 PM
"I Feel Lucky" prolly my fave from her Blues album
KFAI 8:29:09 PM
That's a really good one too! Love it!
KFAI 8:31:03 PM
Short album, though, isn't it? Only like 35min?
Pablexa Brummie 8:41:17 PM
Yep around that - Ima surprised it charted around 40 in a few countries per Wiki
KFAI 8:41:42 PM
Really? Excellent! It deserved a lot more attention than it got, IMHO
Pablexa Brummie 8:53:20 PM
Sending good vibes to mamma Chill
KFAI 8:53:40 PM
Thanks! She's a tough old bird!
GSC 9:04:45 PM
Do you play electro swing where it sounds like you're being scolded in German?
KFAI 9:05:05 PM
...um...sure...which is that?...
Pablexa Brummie 9:05:08 PM
Ohhh!!! Was this Bucky's suggestion?
KFAI 9:05:56 PM
Bucky turned me on to Tycho. Afterwards, I discovered that I'd been listening to Tycho but didn't know who it was. So, he still gets the credit.
GSC 9:07:07 PM
DJ ZsuZsu & Wolfgang Lohr in particular with Farbfilm...ever played any of theirs in previous months?
KFAI 9:07:41 PM
I know I've played them before. Don't think I played Farbfilm specifically...I'll look into it!
GSC 9:08:54 PM
plenty of weeks left in the year
GSC 9:09:21 PM
we're in trance mode now
KFAI 9:09:24 PM
Can't argue that! Is that a 'thing'...to be scolded in German?
KFAI 9:09:50 PM
A little trance is good for the consciousness.
GSC 9:09:59 PM
Ja, sehr viel
KFAI 9:10:27 PM
Ja, ja!
GSC 9:19:31 PM
this is great; love you brought in the energy-saving theme. pole cats coming up?
KFAI 9:20:47 PM
And here you are.
GSC 9:27:01 PM
wunderbar, everyone needs to floss
KFAI 9:27:21 PM
Indeed! An entertaining little PSA