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Strictly Butter

Jan 25, 2020 11:00 PM â€“ 1:00 AM


With Norton Fortune

"The real aim of music is to co-ordinate the minds of the people into an intelligent reach for a better world and an intelligent approach to the living future." - Sun Ra

Dubby, psychedelic explorations in deep, experimental techno, leftfield house, ambient and more mixed live in the studio every Saturday night by Norton Fortune.

Contact: strictlybutterKFAI@gmail.com

Twitter: @nortonfortune


Strictly Butter
11:04 PM
Timeblind - Time Dilated by Matter
Timeblind Time Dilated by Matter
Time Dilated by Matter - EP Version 2009
11:10 PM
1987 - Michelle (Kornél Kovács Remix)
1987 Michelle (Kornél Kovács Remix)
Michelle - Remixes - Single Parlophone Sweden 2014
11:14 PM
LT - Rest Assured
LT Rest Assured
Staminized X-Kalay
11:19 PM
Piezo - A Touch Of
Piezo A Touch Of
Steady Can't Steady Can't Stay - EP Wisdom Teeth 2019
11:22 PM
Significant Other - Memory Drum
Significant Other Memory Drum
Postdrome - EP Well Street Records 2019
11:27 PM
øjeRum - My Face in Thine Eyes
øjeRum My Face in Thine Eyes
Through the Archway of Mouths Opal Tapes 2019
11:33 PM
Dead Man's Chest - Haunted Db (Rubadub Mix)
Dead Man's Chest Haunted Db (Rubadub Mix)
Lo-Freq Soul EP Western Lore
11:37 PM
Fixon - Destroyed Landscape (Bnjmn rmx)
Fixon Destroyed Landscape (Bnjmn rmx)
Destroyed Landscape Illegal Alien LTD
11:41 PM
Reedale Rise - Xingu
Reedale Rise Xingu
Barbary Coast - Single 2019
11:45 PM
R.A.S.P. - Stronghold
R.A.S.P. Stronghold
Deployment Blueprint Records
11:48 PM
LT - Sputnik (B.S.S)
LT Sputnik (B.S.S)
Staminize - Single X-Kalay 2020
11:52 PM
Wen - Swerve
Wen Swerve
Mmhmmm/Swerve/Blitz gd4ya
11:56 PM
Felix K - Die Verachtung
Felix K Die Verachtung
FLXK1#2 Nullpunkt
11:58 PM
Forest Drive West - Parallel Space
Forest Drive West Parallel Space
Parallel Space EP Echocord 2020
12:04 AM
Felix K - Dub Version
Felix K Dub Version
FLXK1#2 Nullpunkt
12:10 AM
Yansima - Tweede Cans
Yansima Tweede Cans
Tweede Cans - Single R&S Records 2020
12:16 AM
Porter Ricks - Bay Rouge
Porter Ricks Bay Rouge
Shadow Boat - Single Tresor Records 2016
12:20 AM
Still - Banzina (Riddim)
Still Banzina (Riddim)
I (Remixed) PAN
12:22 AM
Wen - Blitz
Wen Blitz
Mmhmm/Swerve/Blitz gd4ya
12:26 AM
Baby J - Unity (National Anthem)
Baby J Unity (National Anthem)
Original Badbwoy EP Shall Not Fade
12:29 AM
Instinct - Pistolwhip
Instinct Pistolwhip
Instinct 05 - Single INSTINCT 2019
12:33 AM
SP:MC - Vintage
SP:MC Vintage
Vintage / Slugfest - Single Sentry Records 2019
12:38 AM
Al Wootton - Graver
Al Wootton Graver
Body Healthy - EP TRULE 2019
12:42 AM
Planetary Assault Systems - Kat
Planetary Assault Systems Kat
Planetary Funk 22 Light Years Series, Pt. 2 - EP Mote Evolver 2016
12:44 AM
Bambounou - Seize-sept
Bambounou Seize-sept
Whities 021 - Single Whities 2019
12:49 AM
MLO - Sleeper
MLO Sleeper
Sleeper - EP Reflective Records
1:00 AM
Rrose - Hymn to Moisture
Rrose Hymn to Moisture
Hymn to Moisture Eaux 2019