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Glorth Radio

Feb 5, 2020 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM


With Sean

Glorth Radio
2:07 PM
Homunkulus - Introduktion
Homunkulus Introduktion
Richtfest 2020
2:08 PM
Homunkulus - Molten Mass
Homunkulus Molten Mass
Richtfest 2020
2:12 PM
Homunkulus - War
Homunkulus War
Richtfest 2020
2:28 PM
Salem's Pot - Just for Kicks
Salem's Pot Just for Kicks
Pronounce This! RidingEasy Records 2016
2:32 PM
Gypsybyrd - Eye of the Sun
Gypsybyrd Eye of the Sun
Eye of the Sun
2:37 PM
Jim Morrison & The Doors - The Ghost Song
Jim Morrison & The Doors The Ghost Song
An American Prayer (Bonus Track Edition) Rhino/Elektra 1995
2:54 PM
EerieLowMoon - Midnight Despair
EerieLowMoon Midnight Despair
Midnight Despair
3:11 PM
Flower Travellin Band - House of the Rising Sun
Flower Travellin Band House of the Rising Sun
3:20 PM
Flower Travellin' Band - 21st Century Schizoid Man
Flower Travellin' Band 21st Century Schizoid Man
Anywhere - EP TTW 1970
3:38 PM
Isis - Celestial (The Tower)
Isis Celestial (The Tower)
Celestial Isis 2010
3:59 PM
Pelican - The Creeper
Pelican The Creeper
What We All Come to Need Southern Lord 2009
3:59 PM
Butthole Surfers - The Wooden Song
Butthole Surfers The Wooden Song
Independent Worm Saloon Capitol Records 1993
Chat is archived.
Mason Butler (1) 2:11:10 PM
The argument was made on AM Drive this morning that Orgy's Blue Monday is superior to the original because it had the benefit of not having to be the innovator
GeekyMatt 2:11:39 PM
Sean, Mason, is there something wrong with the stream? Thanks.
Matthew Gurrola 2:12:05 PM
Stream is fine for me.
KFAI 2:12:08 PM
lol nice
GeekyMatt 2:12:24 PM
And yes, Mason you are correct. I sang it with a german accent (I know they ain't german) to my 9 year old on the way to school. Good pick.
Mason Butler (1) 2:12:30 PM
Not on our end.
Tamalita W 2:15:05 PM
I like this.
KFAI 2:15:47 PM
me too! ...it's a band that came outta nowhere and blindsided a lot of people.
GeekyMatt 2:16:05 PM
Hmmmmmmmmmm. Ok, thanks for checking Mason. Tried chrome, IE, a VM,,,
Tamalita W 2:19:23 PM
I see you supported them on Bandcamp! I'm sure they would love that you're playing them here!
KFAI 2:23:07 PM
I hope so! ...especially after talking about Korn! XDDD
Tamalita W 2:23:34 PM
But--I have a sweet spot for Korn. See what I did there? I love Issues!
GeekyMatt 2:24:22 PM
Gobble Gobble One of US!
GeekyMatt 2:25:25 PM
I'm gonna real time spotify this Mutha... That track 'War' gooooooood stuff. Like a super heavy version of Low. Written down...
Tamalita W 2:26:14 PM
Or should I have said I have issues . . .
Tamalita W 2:26:25 PM
I really liked War as well Geek.
Nikkie G 2:26:53 PM
i'm definitely buying that album.
GeekyMatt 2:30:08 PM
Yeah Tams, this album (listened to the first four tracks) sounds gooooooooood.
Tamalita W 2:37:00 PM
Yeah--I pulled it into my music--I will be checking it out on the bus tonight.
GeekyMatt 2:58:47 PM
This is another solid album.
Matthew Gurrola 3:00:42 PM
Yeah some really sweet new stuff today.
GeekyMatt 3:04:38 PM
Sean's 'Delivering the goods'.
Nikkie G 3:14:31 PM
Gonna have to dive into the Flower Travellin Band's discography, I'm really enjoying these covers
KFAI 3:17:09 PM
They're amazing... especially their album Satori
Nikkie G 3:19:56 PM
When you said Japanese I was almost expecting Boris, thanks for zaggin'!
Matthew Gurrola 3:21:49 PM
Boris is awesome.
GeekyMatt 3:26:46 PM
Time to grab the little one . Have a great night and am look'n forward to hearing the rest of the show on archive. PEACE!
Tamalita W 3:28:08 PM
Later Matt!
KFAI 3:34:02 PM
Tamalita W 3:35:36 PM
Matthew Gurrola 3:38:14 PM
Anyone ever where an ISIS shirt in public? Lol
KFAI 3:38:21 PM
Matthew Gurrola 3:38:30 PM
ISIS is the bomb!
Matthew Gurrola 3:39:34 PM
They actually played a one off reunion last year and named themselves after their first album.
KFAI 3:39:38 PM
I must admit they frequently impress
Matthew Gurrola 3:48:58 PM
Pelican are great too. Saw them play for free at Surly Darkness Day in 2015.