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Glorth Radio

Feb 19, 2020 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM


With Sean

Glorth Radio
2:02 PM
Melvins - Sky Pup
Melvins Sky Pup
Houdini Atlantic Records 1993
2:07 PM
Ryte - Shaking Pyramid
Ryte Shaking Pyramid
Ryte Heavy Psych Sounds 2019
2:23 PM
Lordship - Tunnel Dweller
Lordship Tunnel Dweller
2:25 PM
Lowrider - Ode to Ganymede
Lowrider Ode to Ganymede
2:32 PM
Acid Bath - Bleed Me an Ocean
Acid Bath Bleed Me an Ocean
Paegan Terrorism Tactics Rotten Records 1996
2:49 PM
Mount Hush - The Ascent
Mount Hush The Ascent
Mount Hush 2020
2:53 PM
LeatherFrank - Comfortably Violent
LeatherFrank Comfortably Violent
Dark Forest - EP LeatherFrank 2019
3:08 PM
Scarecrow - Scarecrow
Scarecrow Scarecrow
3:45 PM
Swamplord - They Pray
Swamplord They Pray
Swamplord 2020
3:45 PM
Swamp Hawk - Extended Dagger
Swamp Hawk Extended Dagger
Swamp Hawk
3:46 PM
Mountain Witch - Stone Age Funeral
Mountain Witch Stone Age Funeral
Burning Village This Charming Man Records 2016
3:46 PM
UUBBUURRUU Mothland 2020
3:47 PM
Suum - Cryptomass
Suum Cryptomass
Cryptomass 2020
3:53 PM
Ssion - Feelz Good (4-Evr)
Ssion Feelz Good (4-Evr)
Bent Three One G 2012
3:57 PM
Deaf Flow - Gojiraaa
Deaf Flow Gojiraaa
Disco Doom - Single recordJet 2019
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Michele Montserrat 2:04:51 PM
Woo hoo!
GeekyMatt 2:05:00 PM
These guys might just be one of the most under-rated metal bands EVER!
Michele Montserrat 2:05:17 PM
Agreed, GeekyMatt!
GeekyMatt 2:05:41 PM
Right back at ya Michele!
Michele Montserrat 2:06:08 PM
Having difficulty streaming on Google Chrome, though... :-(
KFAI 2:07:25 PM
Michele! EEEEEeee!!! 93's! :)
Mason Butler (1) 2:08:57 PM
Chrome sucks sometimes.
Mason Butler (1) 2:09:25 PM
Hey, wanna test out the new stream player? It should be up soon.
Mason Butler (1) 2:09:29 PM
Mason Butler (1) 2:09:52 PM
Like, it works now, but it's getting integrated into the site and all that. Might replace the mobile app.
KFAI 2:10:12 PM
Matthew Gurrola 2:14:00 PM
Good afternoon all.
Tamalita W 2:14:13 PM
Good afternoon!
KFAI 2:15:12 PM
GeekyMatt 2:17:43 PM
Well that was BLEEPING great tune. Afternoon to you all!
GeekyMatt 2:19:46 PM
The app looks nice. Simple and direct.
Mason Butler (1) 2:20:44 PM
Kurt and Courtney is the Nick Broomfield one. Soaked In Bleach is the docum-drama based on Tom Grant's conspiracies.
KFAI 2:22:04 PM
Ah, yeah I get those two confused. ...think they came out at roughly the same time, too.
Matthew Gurrola 2:27:58 PM
Does that new streaming site have a volume control?
Mason Butler (1) 2:30:35 PM
SiB is a newer one, I think.
Mason Butler (1) 2:31:04 PM
Broomfield's is more interesting because he really never gets anywhere and just ends up getting El Duce killed.
KFAI 2:31:56 PM
yeah that was rather effed up
Mason Butler (1) 2:32:34 PM
The volume slider is on the bottom in the website, but doesn't seem to e on the mobile app.
Tamalita W 2:49:58 PM
I'm liking this. "The Ascent"
KFAI 2:50:54 PM
VERY GOOD band/album
Tamalita W 2:58:27 PM
Added to my Spotify.
GeekyMatt 2:59:47 PM
That was nice... better than the band name. The name sounds like what you call that last hot dog available after a Saints game.
KFAI 3:00:32 PM
GeekyMatt 3:22:21 PM
MUAHAHAHAH! Check who just got played on the new app!
Mason Butler (1) 3:24:28 PM
There's blood on that there scarecrow
GeekyMatt 3:24:50 PM
That's what happens when you miss with The Coug
KFAI 3:47:26 PM
GeekyMatt 3:48:32 PM
Have a great afternoon folks! Another great show. Catch ya in the car!
GeekyMatt 3:49:17 PM
CRAP! Two months till EARTH DAY (cough). Palmers at 4:20 on 4/20/20 if you can make it!
KFAI 3:53:33 PM
Matthew Gurrola 3:55:07 PM
See ya. \m/
KFAI 3:55:39 PM
Adios take care all n' drive safe out there