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Glorth Radio

Mar 4, 2020 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM


With Sean

Glorth Radio
2:05 PM
Pink Floyd - Learning to Fly
Pink Floyd Learning to Fly
A Momentary Lapse Of Reason Pink Floyd Records 2016
2:12 PM
UFO - Star Storm
UFO Star Storm
UFO 2: Flying (Remastered)
2:31 PM
Bearded Giant - Earth Eater
Bearded Giant Earth Eater
2:35 PM
Farflung - Proterozoic
Farflung Proterozoic
5 2016
2:41 PM
Cobra Thief - Graveyard Earth
Cobra Thief Graveyard Earth
Animal Oxygen SBSG Sound Labs 2020
2:57 PM
Cloud Cruiser - Transmission
Cloud Cruiser Transmission
I: Capacity 2020
3:05 PM
Cloud Cruiser - Glow
Cloud Cruiser Glow
I: Capacity 2020
3:06 PM
Venus Sleeps - Call of the Sun
Venus Sleeps Call of the Sun
Remnants 1614032 Records DK 2019
3:21 PM
Gong - Zeroina
Gong Zeroina
Acid Motherhood Mister E 2004
3:24 PM
Mondo Drag - Zephyr
Mondo Drag Zephyr
Mondo Drag RidingEasy Records 2015
3:26 PM
Red Scalp - Gunsinger
Red Scalp Gunsinger
The Great Chase in the Sky
3:30 PM
Hazemaze - Thrill Seeker
Hazemaze Thrill Seeker
Hymns of the Damned
3:43 PM
Aunt Cynthia's Cabin - Misty Woman
Aunt Cynthia's Cabin Misty Woman
Misty Woman Nasoni Records 2020
3:47 PM
Sleepwulf - Lucifer's Light
Sleepwulf Lucifer's Light
Lucifer's Light - Single Spinnup 2019
3:53 PM
Messa - Babalon
Messa Babalon
Belfry 2016
Chat is archived.
GeekyMatt 2:06:54 PM
Great start! The only problem with going to heavy air is you DONT know what Sean looks like... ;) Good times. Thanks again
Matthew Gurrola 2:07:40 PM
Good afternoon all.
KFAI 2:09:43 PM
KFAI 2:09:53 PM
Afternoon Matts!
GeekyMatt 2:11:43 PM
Afternoon Matt. Hope your doing well.
Mason Butler (1) 2:17:39 PM
Sean is not hard to find. He is loud.
GeekyMatt 2:27:22 PM
Muahahahahah! I couldn't find him. I did find you Mason and once again, thank you,
KFAI 2:30:38 PM
KFAI 2:31:06 PM
My voice ...travels (I was always in trouble in school for being too loud). :(((( ...lots of time outs
Mason Butler (1) 3:14:00 PM
Hey, this rips.
Matthew Gurrola 3:17:15 PM
Rip this joint.
KFAI 3:20:34 PM
GeekyMatt 3:35:51 PM
Killer set Sean! Time to run guys. Remember, if ya want, lets do a meet up at Palmers on 04/20/20::4:20pm. Peace!
KFAI 3:43:20 PM
Grand idea! Adios, drive safe!
Matthew Gurrola 3:44:05 PM
So a Mondo Generator is a bong?
KFAI 3:44:52 PM
Anything's a bong if you're creative enough ;)
Matthew Gurrola 3:50:24 PM
Speaking of bongs, Bongzilla is exactly one week away from the 7th Street Entry.
KFAI 3:50:47 PM
woah for real!? omg man I forgot all about that
KFAI 3:50:52 PM
KFAI 3:51:00 PM
Thx for the head's up
Matthew Gurrola 4:00:14 PM