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Roar of the Underground

Mar 26, 2020 10:00 PM β€“ 12:00 AM


With The Metal Evangelist

Roar of the Underground aims to shed light on the dedicated & talented artists that comprise the underground heavy music scene of the Twin Cities, Midwest and beyond. The show focuses on upcoming live concerts in and around the Twin Cities, recent and future album releases and current events related to heavy music.

Episode 182

Spring Pledge Drive

Roar of the Underground
10:06 PM
Kult Of The Wizard - Lay My Head Down "Feel The Rush"
Kult Of The Wizard Lay My Head Down "Feel The Rush" L
Gold Independant 2020
10:12 PM
Midnight - Escape the Grave
Midnight Escape the Grave
Rebirth by Blasphemy Metal Blade Records 2020
Dedicated to Mable fuckin' Watson.
10:15 PM
The Motion Mosaic - Broke Roads
The Motion Mosaic Broke Roads L
Avant-Garbage self-released 2020
10:21 PM
Dio - Fever Dreams
Dio Fever Dreams
Magica Spitfire 2000
Released 20 years ago this week.
10:26 PM
Solicitor - Blood Revelations
Solicitor Blood Revelations
Spectral Devastation Gates of Hell 2020
Releasing April 24th.
10:34 PM
Dark Forest - The Woodlander
Dark Forest The Woodlander
Oak, Ash & Thorn Cruz Del Sur Music 2020
10:39 PM
Nothingness - Wickedness in Purity
Nothingness Wickedness in Purity L
The Hollow Gaze of Death self-released 2019
10:46 PM
Anthrax - Medusa
Anthrax Medusa
Spreading the Disease Island 1985
10:53 PM
Plagued Insanity - Knee Deep in the Shred
Plagued Insanity Knee Deep in the Shred L
Shitty Paycheck self-released 2020
10:57 PM
My Dying Bride - To Outlive the Gods
My Dying Bride To Outlive the Gods
The Ghost of Orion Nuclear Blast 2020
11:06 PM
RED\\SHIFT - Deep Sea Gigantism
RED\\SHIFT Deep Sea Gigantism
Grow. Decay. Transform. self-released 2020
11:09 PM
Wolfheart - Hail of Steel
Wolfheart Hail of Steel
Wolves of Karelia Napalm Records 2020
11:14 PM
Odious Mortem - Dormant Retribution
Odious Mortem Dormant Retribution
Synesthesia WILLOWTIP INC. (WTP) 2020
11:20 PM
Smoulder - Warrior Witch of Hell
Smoulder Warrior Witch of Hell
Dream Quest Ends Cruz Del Sur Music 2020
11:27 PM
Eneferens - Chrysanthemum
Eneferens Chrysanthemum
In the Hours Beneath Bindrune 2017
11:32 PM
Death - Zero Tolerance
Death Zero Tolerance
Symbolic Roadrunner Records 1995
Released 25 years ago this week.
11:38 PM
Red Desert - Horizon
Red Desert Horizon L
Horizon Self-Released 2020
11:43 PM
Plague of Stars - A Divisive Essence
Plague of Stars A Divisive Essence L
Daedalus Zerobudget Records 2019
11:50 PM
Coagulate - Protoplasmic Ensnarement (The Draining of Your Flesh)
Coagulate Protoplasmic Ensnarement (The Draining of Your Flesh) L
The Art of Cryptosis EP Rotted Life 2020
11:54 PM
Maul - Cessation Embraced
Maul Cessation Embraced
Monarchy of Mold - EP self-released 2020
11:58 PM
Mithya - Extinction
Mithya Extinction L
Of All EP self-released 2019
Chat is archived.
KFAI 10:04:32 PM
Darth Riffeous 10:04:47 PM
KFAI 10:04:48 PM
The wrong show is playing but Mason is trying to fix it.
Matthew Gurrola 10:04:53 PM
Oh no indeed.
Eric Wing 10:05:00 PM
KFAI 10:05:08 PM
Hi Eric!
KFAI 10:05:14 PM
Hi Matt!
Matt McGee 10:05:16 PM
KFAI 10:05:24 PM
Hey Matt
Matt McGee 10:05:36 PM
KFAI 10:06:05 PM
Okay, show starting over...
Eric Wing 10:06:22 PM
KFAI 10:07:14 PM
Kult of the Wizard now!
Lydia Stark 10:07:40 PM
nice, we have both matts represented tonight
Lydia Stark 10:07:46 PM
double the fun
KFAI 10:07:54 PM
Eric Wing 10:08:35 PM
Eric Wing 10:08:45 PM
pretend that's squared lmao
Matt McGee 10:09:12 PM
my math class would have me type it as Matt^2
Eric Wing 10:10:04 PM
yeah i copied the superscript 2 but it just pasted it as a normal one so i got fooled
KFAI 10:10:45 PM
So 2 matts together give you exponential power?
KFAI 10:11:09 PM
I dunno, seems like it would be additive. ;-)
Matt McGee 10:11:21 PM
We become Mutt
Eric Wing 10:11:44 PM
mudd mutts
Matt McGee 10:12:13 PM
Eric Wing 10:12:36 PM
midnight <3
Matthew Gurrola 10:12:52 PM
KFAI 10:15:14 PM
This song rocks
Matthew Gurrola 10:19:13 PM
You guys here the new Kreator song they put out today?
KFAI 10:19:18 PM
What? No!
Matthew Gurrola 10:19:58 PM
Eric Wing 10:20:27 PM
woah new Kreator?
Matthew Gurrola 10:21:02 PM
Looks like a stand alone single.
KFAI 10:24:29 PM
Huh, new album has to be coming then, right?
Matthew Gurrola 10:24:59 PM
KFAI 10:26:50 PM
So, anyone stuck working from home?
KFAI 10:27:02 PM
Like me?
Eric Wing 10:27:18 PM
nah, i work at a food distributor so i'm still on my normal schedule
KFAI 10:28:06 PM
Normal? They not squeezing you for overtime?
Eric Wing 10:28:32 PM
nah, there's only 6 of us working for the company so our output doesn't change much
Eric Wing 10:29:00 PM
spicy riff!
KFAI 10:29:18 PM
That's good.
Darth Riffeous 10:29:33 PM
you keepin that social distance?
KFAI 10:29:32 PM
Yeah, this song is kewl.
Darth Riffeous 10:29:50 PM
the introvert in me is lovin workin from home,, and no commute
Eric Wing 10:29:48 PM
other than stopping at hammerheart today, yes haha
KFAI 10:30:19 PM
What beers did you pick up?
Eric Wing 10:30:53 PM
two growlers of Leif's Lager
KFAI 10:32:21 PM
Is that a new one? Or have I just never had it?
KFAI 10:32:37 PM
Maybe I have tried it...
Eric Wing 10:33:09 PM
nah they've had it a few times. it's a light one.
Darth Riffeous 10:33:41 PM
nice I like their lighter ones, TBH can't handle the 10% stuff for more than a few sips
Darth Riffeous 10:34:06 PM
they taste great but too strong to drink 750 ml
Darth Riffeous 10:34:24 PM
(loses 1000 metal points)
Eric Wing 10:34:24 PM
i'm usually there at least once a week so i'm used to them haha
KFAI 10:34:36 PM
Got to split them with your lady
KFAI 10:35:28 PM
Eric, you live near there?
Eric Wing 10:35:48 PM
yeah about 10 minutes away, it's great
KFAI 10:36:08 PM
Im jealous
KFAI 10:37:02 PM
After college when I was living in Milwaukee, I got an apartment 2 blocks from my favorite brewery. It was glorious.
Eric Wing 10:37:43 PM
i'm sure your wallet loved you haha
Darth Riffeous 10:37:58 PM
beer town usa
Darth Riffeous 10:38:15 PM
what was the brewery?
KFAI 10:39:10 PM
Lakefront Brewery
KFAI 10:39:41 PM
Best thing was one summer I was better jobs for a bit.
KFAI 10:40:00 PM
between jobs
KFAI 10:40:28 PM
And I walked over and told the owner I was available to work part time.
KFAI 10:40:52 PM
He called me a week later asking if I could help on the packaging line.
Eric Wing 10:40:57 PM
this track is vicious
KFAI 10:41:14 PM
True dat.
KFAI 10:42:07 PM
Long story short: I got to work for a day, had a beer while I worked, took home a case of short-fill bottles, and got paid $50. It told him it was like fantasy camp.
Matthew Gurrola 10:42:26 PM
Currently drinking Indeed "Chase the Devil." Bourbon barrel aged Red ale at 12%
Darth Riffeous 10:42:34 PM
haha fantasy beer camp that's gotta be a thing
KFAI 10:43:21 PM
It should be
KFAI 10:43:43 PM
Damn, Matt, that sounds incredible.
Matthew Gurrola 10:44:13 PM
It is. Tastes like something Hammerheart would make.
KFAI 10:44:44 PM
Eric, speaking of riff video... how about Alex Walstead's shit?
KFAI 10:44:49 PM
Holy fuck
Matthew Gurrola 10:45:56 PM
666 feet apart.
Eric Wing 10:46:20 PM
Alex is unfair
Eric Wing 10:46:32 PM
Nobody should be allowed to riff that hard all the time
KFAI 10:47:00 PM
KFAI 10:47:18 PM
He's fucking incredible.
Darth Riffeous 10:47:46 PM
mfw its not queensryche's spreading the disease :(
KFAI 10:48:44 PM
Let's play it next week!
Darth Riffeous 10:51:21 PM
KFAI 10:54:39 PM
Matt, are you still going into work?
Matthew Gurrola 10:56:24 PM
Yep. But the part time Twins job is obviously out of action.
KFAI 10:57:01 PM
What did you do for the Twins?
Matthew Gurrola 10:57:36 PM
Guest services. Gate scanning and ushering.
KFAI 10:57:56 PM
Matthew Gurrola 10:58:41 PM
Hopefully the GNR concert still happens in late July. Would be cool to get paid to see them.
KFAI 10:58:57 PM
KFAI 10:59:19 PM
Probably the only way I'd see them.. =P
Lydia Stark 10:59:37 PM
everyone stuck at home, what are you doing to stay occupied? my mom and i are so bored we got jigsaw puzzles...
KFAI 11:00:27 PM
I have to kids to suck up my time....
KFAI 11:01:04 PM
Lydia, is the Mall closed?
KFAI 11:01:41 PM
Can't complain too much, been building legos with them and watching the Clone Wars.
Darth Riffeous 11:03:52 PM
started playing computer games again, reading, planning a wedding that may not happen as scheduled anymore :'(
KFAI 11:05:59 PM
Oh man..
KFAI 11:06:05 PM
Darth Riffeous 11:09:54 PM
we'll sort it out
Darth Riffeous 11:10:41 PM
my last show before quarantine was lords of the trident, everybody elses?
Darth Riffeous 11:11:04 PM
they sold some really nice soap
Lydia Stark 11:11:08 PM
the mall is most definitely closed
KFAI 11:12:18 PM
LOTT sold soap?
Darth Riffeous 11:13:04 PM
yea with a guitar pick inside it, boutique soap
Joshua Decker 11:13:02 PM
Darth Riffeous 11:13:21 PM
got some stickers for the pop machine too
KFAI 11:14:26 PM
Hey, Decker!!!
Darth Riffeous 11:14:38 PM
yo josh!
Joshua Decker 11:14:56 PM
Just in time to close it out, fashionably late :P
KFAI 11:15:16 PM
I need some soap: https://lordsofthetrident.com/product/metal-soap-melty/
Matthew Gurrola 11:15:54 PM
Last show was Bongzilla.
KFAI 11:15:56 PM
Imma LOTT Patreon backer, and I get a shirt from them like every 3 months.
KFAI 11:16:27 PM
Just got a pink one with kitty on it.
Lydia Stark 11:17:12 PM
we should make roar brand hand sanitizer...
Matthew Gurrola 11:18:05 PM
66.6% alcohol content.
KFAI 11:18:10 PM
Darth Riffeous 11:19:14 PM
matt I was gonna go to that show too but locked it down that week, how was lord dying?
KFAI 11:19:31 PM
My last show was Vader
Matthew Gurrola 11:19:43 PM
Really great opening set.
Darth Riffeous 11:20:34 PM
KFAI 11:20:34 PM
Decker, how is the pizza gig?
Joshua Decker 11:21:04 PM
It's a pizza gig. Meh.
Joshua Decker 11:22:05 PM
Any room for requests yet or ya guys booked for the last 30?
KFAI 11:22:04 PM
Saw you saying that they weren't doing safety practices.
KFAI 11:22:18 PM
This is pre-recorded, so no requests.
KFAI 11:22:35 PM
But I'd take ideas for next week. ;-)
Joshua Decker 11:23:02 PM
Ah, word. Yeah, they weren't doing safety stuff, but I raised a fuss and they were tonight. Don't think I'm very well liked now tho.
Joshua Decker 11:23:40 PM
My brother's new band Longwinter has a new EP out, should play a track off that :P
KFAI 11:23:59 PM
That's fucked up that you had to complain to make them do the right thing.
KFAI 11:24:22 PM
Weren't you doing a truck driving thing before? What happened to that?
Joshua Decker 11:25:14 PM
Had to take some time off for family emergency shit and it was a sort of last minute thing and they really couldn't keep the job for me, trying to get back into trucking tho.
KFAI 11:26:00 PM
Best of luck
Joshua Decker 11:26:36 PM
Thanks, man :)
Darth Riffeous 11:27:02 PM
4.3 mil wow
KFAI 11:27:02 PM
I'll check out Longwinter. ;-)
Joshua Decker 11:27:30 PM
It's instrumental progressive metal, really good stuff
KFAI 11:28:18 PM
Joshua Decker 11:29:21 PM
Joshua Decker 11:31:22 PM
Eneferens is damn good
Matthew Gurrola 11:31:59 PM
Fuck yeah.
Darth Riffeous 11:32:48 PM
yea Jori is supposed to come back thru town on tour in June
KFAI 11:33:03 PM
Fingers crossed
Matthew Gurrola 11:33:09 PM
Chuck \m/
KFAI 11:33:47 PM
I fucking miss Chuck so much
Darth Riffeous 11:34:06 PM
this may have been my first "extreme" metal album, still blows me away
KFAI 11:35:03 PM
This album might be my #1 favorite
KFAI 11:35:20 PM
Sorta had to be
Matthew Gurrola 11:35:30 PM
Now drinking Hammerheart "Fimbulvetr"
KFAI 11:35:57 PM
PSA: Summit Slugfest IPA sucks.
KFAI 11:36:09 PM
Just say no
Matthew Gurrola 11:37:08 PM
Old can? Thought it was decent when it first came out.
Darth Riffeous 11:37:38 PM
"Fimbulwinter, is the immediate prelude to the events of RagnarΓΆk... the harsh winter that precedes the end of the world and puts an end to all life on Earth." well damn
Joshua Decker 11:39:07 PM
It's gotta be better than these Natty Ice tallboys I've been miling thru this whole ordeal lol
KFAI 11:39:10 PM
I bought it around Dec 31st, and it's turned. x(
KFAI 11:39:28 PM
Natty Ice at least has a shelf life
Joshua Decker 11:39:45 PM
KFAI 11:40:03 PM
I mixed some Dogfish Head 90 minute IPA in with it, so it's tolerable
Joshua Decker 11:41:21 PM
Classy move lol
Matthew Gurrola 11:41:43 PM
Pretty much a 3 month max shelf life for IPA's. And that's stretching it without refrigeration.
KFAI 11:41:46 PM
Beer mixing is underrated
Joshua Decker 11:41:53 PM
It really is
Joshua Decker 11:43:54 PM
Well said, WIll! \m/
KFAI 11:47:03 PM
I owe Will a big hug for that.
Joshua Decker 11:48:22 PM
no, no, no... six feet brother, air hugs only
Joshua Decker 11:48:28 PM
KFAI 11:50:23 PM
='( gonna be awhile
Joshua Decker 11:53:04 PM
Coagulate poised to get picked up by Everlasting SPew or Dark Discent or similar
Joshua Decker 11:53:59 PM
YASSSSS, Maul too!
Joshua Decker 11:54:38 PM
Maul probably my favorite band to come outta the midwest in the last 10 years behind False
Matthew Gurrola 11:54:57 PM
They are awesome.
KFAI 11:55:01 PM
Fuck yeah
Lydia Stark 11:57:48 PM
Matthew Gurrola 12:00:20 AM
See ya. \m/
KFAI 12:00:15 AM
Thanks for listening and hanging out everyone.
Darth Riffeous 12:00:26 AM
see everyone next week!
Joshua Decker 12:00:43 AM
Thanks for the jamns and chats, see ya next week \m/