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KFAI is a volunteer-based community radio station that exists to broadcast information, arts and entertainment programming for an audience of diverse racial, social and economic backgrounds.


Wave Project

Mar 29, 2020 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM

Talk/Arts and Culture

KFAI.orgCommunity radio presented by and representing members of the community, the Wave Project is KFAI's public access hour.

Create your own one hour radio show: you make it up and you present it. You bring your own music, poetry, ideas, opinions, friends - whatever.

We put your show on the air and provide an engineer and all the equipment.

If you want a specific date for your show, please submit your abstract as soon as you can, so you won't be disappointed.

Groups, organizations, and individuals are welcome.

2020 Spring KFAI Fundraiser - Wave Project Sampler

Some of the great shows that hosts have put their passions, love and thought into since last Fall, and a fantastic piece by Ryan Dawes about what's happening in our artists' community right now. "Gig Loss Pandemic" kicked off this morning's program. Thank you to Rico Morales for joining Pam Hill in studio (6 feet away) and to everyone who supports this little awesome station at KFAI.org.

10:04 AM
Special Segments: Gig Loss Pandemic

A report on what's happening in our local community, originally aired on KFAI's MinneCulture, thoughtfully and thoroughly prepared by Ryan Dawes.

10:15 AM
Special Segments: The Changing Face of Recovery

This Wave Project, hosted by Darin Carr, originally aired last fall. He welcomed guests showing us how recovery is being reimagined from checking all the boxes, one-size-fits-all to addressing what makes sense as the goal for an individual and what approaches work best, holistically, for that individual.

10:31 AM
Special Segments: Harding High Student Podcasts: Hair

Erik Brandt presented podcasts from his students at St. Paul's Harding High School earlier this year. This podcast is a fantastic education about different types of hair. Have you heard of 4-C hair? If so, you'll relate to this podcast's host. If not, you will know about it after this!

10:44 AM
Special Segments: Harding High Student Podcasts: Cup of Chat

Another student from St. Paul's Harding High walks listeners through the different song poems and instruments used in Hmong culture and the reasons they may be used. This is worth multiple listens to pick up the subtlety and beauty of the information passed through the poems and instruments.

10:51 AM
Special Segments: Twin Cities Collage Collective

This was a master class in the collage art form crammed into an hour of radio earlier this year. This is a great example of what you can hear because this hour of programming is kept open and available to anyone with an idea. Thank you!!!