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Roar of the Underground

Apr 2, 2020 10:00 PM – 12:00 AM


With The Metal Evangelist

Roar of the Underground aims to shed light on the dedicated & talented artists that comprise the underground heavy music scene of the Twin Cities, Midwest and beyond. The show focuses on upcoming live concerts in and around the Twin Cities, recent and future album releases and current events related to heavy music.

Episode 183

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Roar of the Underground
10:01 PM
Queensrÿche - Spreading the Disease
Queensrÿche Spreading the Disease
Operation: Mindcrime (Deluxe Edition) EMI 1988
10:06 PM
Common Choir - The Nothing (feat. Derek Petricka)
Common Choir The Nothing (feat. Derek Petricka) L
Gravemind Common Choir 2020
10:12 PM
Begravement - ...To The Grave
Begravement ...To The Grave L
...To The Grave demo self-released 2019
10:16 PM
Temple of Void - Leave the Light Behind
Temple of Void Leave the Light Behind
The World That Was Shadow Kingdom Records 2020
10:23 PM
Forbidden - Out of Body (Out of Mind)
Forbidden Out of Body (Out of Mind)
Twisted Into Form Combat Records 1990
Released 30 years ago this week!
10:30 PM
Angerot - Coalesced with Wickedness
Angerot Coalesced with Wickedness
The Divine Apostate Redefining Darkness Records 2020
10:34 PM
Kreator - 666 - World Divided
Kreator 666 - World Divided
666 - World Divided - Single Nuclear Blast 2020
10:39 PM
Echoes of the Fallen - Dreams of Fire
Echoes of the Fallen Dreams of Fire L
Invasive Species self-released 2020
10:45 PM
Ixachitlan - Condor (South)
Ixachitlan Condor (South)
Eagle, Quetzal, and Condor (NP​-​XII) Night of the Pale Moon 2019
10:53 PM
Void Rot - Ritual Invocation
Void Rot Ritual Invocation L
Split Everlasting Spew Records 2020
10:57 PM
Floating Black Prism - Walking Night Terror
Floating Black Prism Walking Night Terror L
Whispers of Buried Chances Damien Records 2020
11:05 PM
Bog Burial - A Vulture's Feast
Bog Burial A Vulture's Feast L
Traverse the Lowlands self-released 2020
11:06 PM
By Fire and Sword - Where the Light Lets Itself In
By Fire and Sword Where the Light Lets Itself In
Freedom Will Flood All Things With Light - EP Righteous Fury Records 2019
11:16 PM
Green Carnation - Leaves of Yesteryear
Green Carnation Leaves of Yesteryear
Leaves of Yesteryear Season of Mist 2020
11:24 PM
Havok - Post-Truth Era
Havok Post-Truth Era
V Century Media 2020
11:30 PM
Take Offense - Keep an Eye Out
Take Offense Keep an Eye Out
Keep an Eye Out Pure Noise Records 2019
11:32 PM
Blind Guardian - Mordred's Song
Blind Guardian Mordred's Song
Imaginations from the Other Side Century Media 1995
11:40 PM
Cemetery Flith - Devoured by Dread
Cemetery Flith Devoured by Dread
Dominion Unspeakable Axe 2020
Releases on April 13th.
11:44 PM
Vukari - Abrasive Hallucinations (Reality Hemorrhaging)
Vukari Abrasive Hallucinations (Reality Hemorrhaging)
Aevum Vendetta Records 2019
11:51 PM
Putrescine - Child Size Coffins
Putrescine Child Size Coffins
The One Reborn - EP Tridroid Records 2019
11:55 PM
Blackthorne - Death Called Hoax
Blackthorne Death Called Hoax L
Blackthorne Damien Records 2019
11:57 PM
Grogus - An Augur of Ebrietas
Grogus An Augur of Ebrietas L
Four Kings Tridroid Records 2019
Chat is archived.
KFAI 9:59:47 PM
'ello, 'ello!
Darth Riffeous 10:00:19 PM
KFAI 10:01:44 PM
Yes! Under-way with the correct song today!
Lydia Stark 10:03:23 PM
KFAI 10:04:21 PM
Matthew Gurrola 10:04:33 PM
KFAI 10:04:33 PM
Hi Matt!
Darth Riffeous 10:06:32 PM
what I thought we were in the studio together! fooled me
KFAI 10:06:36 PM
Lydia Stark 10:07:23 PM
it’s a learning curve but we’re getting pretty good at this 😎
KFAI 10:11:03 PM
Yeah, I don't think people will be able to tell this is pre-recorded if they didn't already know.
Lydia Stark 10:13:30 PM
disclaimer: no mics were shared in the making of this episode
KFAI 10:14:06 PM
KFAI 10:14:31 PM
Are you doing "distance learning?"
Lydia Stark 10:14:35 PM
is it just me or is this track really good for a demo?
Darth Riffeous 10:14:51 PM
yea this rocks
Lydia Stark 10:14:58 PM
i’m always online, nothing has changed for me!
KFAI 10:15:59 PM
oh, okay
Lydia Stark 10:17:23 PM
this track rocks, too.
KFAI 10:17:50 PM
Sure does
KFAI 10:21:28 PM
Darth Riffeous 10:21:35 PM
Lydia Stark 10:21:53 PM
what a cart
Darth Riffeous 10:21:49 PM
can I get my money back?
Matthew Gurrola 10:22:22 PM
The most metal song ever.
KFAI 10:22:41 PM
That was so bad that I loved it.
KFAI 10:22:54 PM
Here's ANOTHER one!
Matthew Gurrola 10:23:44 PM
Pinky and the Brain eater.
Lydia Stark 10:23:46 PM
anyone else picturing the lollipop guild? just me?
KFAI 10:24:54 PM
I'm picturing a disney movie. Was that the Winnie the Pooh song about Hefelumps and Woozels?
Matthew Gurrola 10:27:21 PM
Maybe you should get that Tiger King guy to make an ad.
KFAI 10:27:56 PM
Joe Exotic?
Lydia Stark 10:27:57 PM
you’re asking me to recall a very, very old memory of mine
KFAI 10:31:14 PM
This Angerot album is SOOO heavy.
KFAI 10:31:42 PM
*air drums*
KFAI 10:32:41 PM
how you like those falsettos in this track?
Matthew Gurrola 10:33:54 PM
King on backup.
KFAI 10:34:47 PM
Not quite, but there's a connection....
Darth Riffeous 10:38:19 PM
do tell...
KFAI 10:39:09 PM
Oh, I will.
KFAI 10:39:32 PM
In about 10 minutes.
KFAI 10:43:09 PM
More CARTS incoming..
Matthew Gurrola 10:46:41 PM
Maybe next one will be a Mario Kart lol.
Darth Riffeous 10:50:52 PM
say ixachitlan 3 times fast
KFAI 10:51:25 PM
no way Jose
Darth Riffeous 10:52:27 PM
my cat meowed when metal kid said lamb of god, i guess he's a fan
KFAI 10:52:42 PM
KFAI 10:53:36 PM
We are so fuckin' informative tonight!
Darth Riffeous 10:57:58 PM
i like it
KFAI 11:09:00 PM
I think DRs recommend lifting with your legs these days.
Darth Riffeous 11:13:40 PM
whaaaa sick
Darth Riffeous 11:13:57 PM
the void rot news
KFAI 11:16:49 PM
Yep, gonna be great
KFAI 11:17:32 PM
Did anyone see that Carcass said the release of their album in August is going to be pushed back?
Matthew Gurrola 11:18:43 PM
Yep. Enslaved is postponing too.
KFAI 11:21:44 PM
Enslaved has so many albums, it wouldn't hurt to sit on one for a spell.
Darth Riffeous 11:22:04 PM
KFAI 11:24:06 PM
"sizzle, sizzle"
KFAI 11:25:46 PM
This new Havok song is REALLY good.
Matthew Gurrola 11:27:51 PM
Yes it is.
Lydia Stark 11:30:06 PM
hopefully their album is as good as they say it’s going to be! it’s going to be weird without the old bassist
KFAI 11:30:42 PM
Bass was sounding great on that track.
Lydia Stark 11:31:29 PM
Darth Riffeous 11:42:23 PM
i'm checkin outta the chat, good show and nice hangin with everyone!
KFAI 11:42:38 PM
Later, Darth.
Matthew Gurrola 11:56:42 PM
Another good show. See ya.
Lydia Stark 11:57:14 PM
I’m off to denounce all gods...thanks for chatting!
KFAI 11:57:44 PM