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Glorth Radio

Apr 22, 2020 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM


With Sean

Glorth Radio
2:08 PM
Se Permiten Submarinos - Pukeman
Se Permiten Submarinos Pukeman
Camino de Domingo Negro Se Permiten Submarinos 2019
2:08 PM
Se Permiten Submarinos - Domingo Negro
Se Permiten Submarinos Domingo Negro
Camino de Domingo Negro Se Permiten Submarinos 2019
2:14 PM
Se Permiten Submarinos - Led
Se Permiten Submarinos Led
Camino de Domingo Negro Se Permiten Submarinos 2019
2:14 PM
Slow Phase - Psychedelic Man
Slow Phase Psychedelic Man
Slow Phase Fuzzy Mind 2020
2:24 PM
Amplified Heat - In a Forest of Love
Amplified Heat In a Forest of Love
2:27 PM
Curved Air - Backstreet Luv
Curved Air Backstreet Luv
The Best of Curved Air Curved Air Records 2017
2:31 PM
E.T. - Single 2020
2:34 PM
Wallack - Anxiety
Wallack Anxiety
Black Neons Wallack 2020
2:44 PM
Puta Volcano - Venus Lullaby
Puta Volcano Venus Lullaby
AMMA iota5 Records 2020
2:47 PM
Rosy Finch - Alizarina
Rosy Finch Alizarina
Scarlet Rosy Finch 2020
2:49 PM
Rosy Finch - Scarlet
Rosy Finch Scarlet
Scarlet Rosy Finch 2020
2:54 PM
Jucifer - Amplifier
Jucifer Amplifier
I Name You Destroyer Velocette Records 2002
2:58 PM
Datura4 - Mother Medusa
Datura4 Mother Medusa
West Coast Highway Cosmic Alive Naturalsound
3:08 PM
Black Magick SS - Endless Hallucinations
Black Magick SS Endless Hallucinations
Rainbow Nights
3:16 PM
Satorinaut - Dharma Express
Satorinaut Dharma Express
Satorinaut Satorinaut 2019
3:18 PM
Slap Guru - Meeting the Mermaids
Slap Guru Meeting the Mermaids
Umashi's Odyssey
3:23 PM
The Dharma Jerks - Mary - Anna
The Dharma Jerks Mary - Anna
This Is Not a Method [The Yes Need the No] - EP Spinnup 2017
3:32 PM
Jimmy Fallon - The Doors Sing "Reading Rainbow"
Jimmy Fallon The Doors Sing "Reading Rainbow"
Blow Your Pants Off Warner Records/LoudMouth Entertainment 2012
3:37 PM
Zolle - D’io
Zolle D’io
3:43 PM
Zolle - M’io
Zolle M’io
3:43 PM
Zolle - M’accetta
Zolle M’accetta
3:54 PM
Earthdiver - War Drums
Earthdiver War Drums
Lord of the Cosmos 2020
3:54 PM
Earthdiver - Worlds Die Again
Earthdiver Worlds Die Again
Lord of the Cosmos 2020
3:55 PM
Lochness - Alien Deep
Lochness Alien Deep
Chat is archived.
Tamalita W 2:15:19 PM
Where is everybody?
Matthew Gurrola 2:15:35 PM
Good afternoon stoners.
Tamalita W 2:17:40 PM
Good afternoon!
GeekyMatt 2:17:37 PM
Ahhhh teh board is up. Cool beans. Good afternoon folks. I hope you are safe and all is with your fams.
GeekyMatt 2:18:33 PM
Some good sounding mid '70's southern fried stoner groove'n here.
Tamalita W 2:18:45 PM
Tamalita & The Matts!
GeekyMatt 2:18:54 PM
OUR NEW BAND! Ok, what ya play!
Tamalita W 2:19:14 PM
The triangle . . .
Tamalita W 2:19:28 PM
Wait! Maybe some washboard!
GeekyMatt 2:20:09 PM
Alllllllllllllright... rubs chin... yeah, we can mic that, run it through a fuzz petal and then a Marshall half stack. Ok.... I'm seeing this.
Tamalita W 2:20:32 PM
GeekyMatt 2:20:39 PM
GeekyMatt 2:21:23 PM
DAMN, that's balls man. I've never heard it played on the radio ANYWHERE!
GeekyMatt 2:22:06 PM
Ok. Now, a Digeridoo works quite nicely. You can make some solid drone #$%^ with that homes.
Mason Butler (1) 2:22:20 PM
u rang?
GeekyMatt 2:22:39 PM
MASON! You did it man!
Tamalita W 2:22:58 PM
KFAI 2:23:24 PM
Howdy y'all!
GeekyMatt 2:23:29 PM
Wait.... it might be archived for ya Tams. I know it ain't live but still.
KFAI 2:23:57 PM
lmao, Tamalita & The Matts <3 <3 <3 <3
Mason Butler (1) 2:24:12 PM
Looks like it archived: https://www.kfai.org/episode/04-20-2020-this-space-available/
Mason Butler (1) 2:24:57 PM
The 2nd hour was a bunch of other silly stuff. Mostly songs about people trying the pot once and dying or turning into bums or whatever
Tamalita W 2:25:09 PM
Cool. I just emailed that to my personal email to listen to when appropriate . . .
GeekyMatt 2:25:55 PM
Kick ass! Mason, you get the distiction of being the 1st DJ to probably ever play the whole thing during 'banking hours'. Tip of the cap.
KFAI 2:27:08 PM
lmao the other songs you played were rather amazing
Mason Butler (1) 2:28:15 PM
I did get a call about 50 minutes in asking me if I thought it was 3am.
Mason Butler (1) 2:28:22 PM
Fuck yea, Curved Air.
Tamalita W 2:28:30 PM
LOL 3am.
GeekyMatt 2:35:16 PM
HA! I hope he listened to the whole thing... with bong in hand!
Mason Butler (1) 2:35:45 PM
He was old and cranky, but definitely stuck around for the whole 2 hrs.
Mason Butler (1) 2:36:01 PM
He called when I played Bubble Puppy. They always call for Bubble Puppy.
KFAI 2:36:43 PM
Tamalita W 2:37:01 PM
Now I have to check out Bubble Puppy--just cuz of the name . . .
GeekyMatt 2:37:48 PM
Same here Tams. Checking it out now...
Tamalita W 2:39:05 PM
Just the first few notes of Hot Smoke & Sasafrass tells me it's a yes!
Mason Butler (1) 2:41:28 PM
That's the tune
GeekyMatt 2:42:32 PM
Yep. Reminds me of Captain Beyond, Good stuff. SEE another learning moment!
Tamalita W 2:43:14 PM
Right! Always finding new stuff. I pulled the album into my Amazon (yes Amazon) and will check it out.
GeekyMatt 2:43:38 PM
Ok....I gotta ask.... Mason... roughly how many albums/cd's do you have in the library. Prepares band aid for when jaw hits the floor.
KFAI 2:45:17 PM
a lot
Tamalita W 2:50:51 PM
LOL a lot . . .
Matthew Gurrola 2:51:26 PM
GeekyMatt 2:53:39 PM
Jefe, would you say Mason has a plethora of records?
KFAI 2:53:51 PM
KFAI 2:54:02 PM
KFAI 2:54:34 PM
GeekyMatt 2:58:39 PM
It's just to bad he can't fit them all on a Zune
Gerald Stanley Clement 3:01:40 PM
Your voice has more aloe than usual
Mason Butler (1) 3:01:42 PM
In my library or the station's?
GeekyMatt 3:01:43 PM
You missed the 'N' in that title.
GeekyMatt 3:01:56 PM
Ahhhhhhhhhhh, in 'your' collection.
Mason Butler (1) 3:02:10 PM
4,200 is a reasonable guess.
GeekyMatt 3:02:50 PM
Damn..... Damn.
Mason Butler (1) 3:03:32 PM
I've been buying LPs more than half my life. And that's not to say they're all good
Mason Butler (1) 3:03:36 PM
But, they're there.
GeekyMatt 3:04:19 PM
You could listen to a different album one day for the next 11.5 years... Oh yeah, same here with that.
GeekyMatt 3:06:04 PM
But... you're gonna have to tear my copy of Dee-lite's 'world clique' out of my cold dead hands. ;)
Mason Butler (1) 3:06:55 PM
Excellent record to not let go of.
Mason Butler (1) 3:07:19 PM
And yeah, someone remind us next 4/20 so we can make that a tradition.
KFAI 3:07:36 PM
yeah I'm thoroughly aloe'd tbh
GeekyMatt 3:08:04 PM
HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEL YES! An excellent tradition!
KFAI 3:08:38 PM
do ittttttt
GeekyMatt 3:08:56 PM
You know Sean, if you keep using a;l the hand lotion and kleenex people are gonna start to wonder.
KFAI 3:09:12 PM
KFAI 3:09:27 PM
no different to any other time I'm here in studio 4 ;)
Mason Butler (1) 3:12:44 PM
We check the cameras.
GeekyMatt 3:12:56 PM
Is he saying he lives in Elvis hallucinations?
KFAI 3:12:56 PM
KFAI 3:13:13 PM
I too live in Elvis Halluncinationzzz
GeekyMatt 3:14:24 PM
I think he might wanna get that checked. I think they have a cream for his... condition.
KFAI 3:15:59 PM
GeekyMatt 3:20:35 PM
Nice zag homes.
KFAI 3:21:38 PM
always zaggin'
GeekyMatt 3:27:19 PM
GeekyMatt 3:28:00 PM
I'm literally in my back yard laughing out loud. AWWWWWWWWWWW DAMN!
Mason Butler (1) 3:28:04 PM
Thanks, Project Pat.
GeekyMatt 3:28:37 PM
Ok..... I GOTTA fork that over to 'the other board'. Damn!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Matthew Gurrola 3:29:03 PM
Was that the new Free MN protest song?
Mason Butler (1) 3:29:44 PM
GeekyMatt 3:31:58 PM
Yep. The URL was posted That was just too damn good. I had to listen to it again and did just about died.
Mason Butler (1) 3:32:17 PM
man, this show is just too much today
GeekyMatt 3:32:43 PM
Is this where the PBS kids show got there name from? If so MUAHAHAHAHA!
KFAI 3:32:47 PM
Yeah this is actually Jimmy Fallon
Mason Butler (1) 3:33:17 PM
What the fuck, I like Jimmy Fallon now?
KFAI 3:33:16 PM
yeah i know right
GeekyMatt 3:33:39 PM
DAMN who is doing the vocals. I was LEGIT fooled.
KFAI 3:33:30 PM
peep the video, it'll freak you out
GeekyMatt 3:34:10 PM
Doing so now.
GeekyMatt 3:38:14 PM
Wow... I mean... I never would have guessed in a 100 years. They sure as hell sound like The Doors.
KFAI 3:39:40 PM
Yeah... not necessarily a Fallon fan, but he knocked that one outta the park.
Matthew Gurrola 3:40:39 PM
I remember seeing that the first time it aired, Was epic.
KFAI 3:43:09 PM
Tamalita W 3:43:49 PM
Ok--I was busy at work--but that was fucking Jimmy Fallon?
Tamalita W 3:44:24 PM
It sorta doesn't surprise me--cause he also does a mean Neil Young.
GeekyMatt 3:48:28 PM
He does. Is it anywhere as good. I'll have to look that up tonight too. It was soo damn close to the real deal.
GeekyMatt 3:51:55 PM
Time to get on the road folks. Thanks again for a great show! Man that was fun. Stay safe. PEACE!
KFAI 3:52:56 PM
Adios have a good'un drive safe y'all
Matthew Gurrola 3:54:04 PM
See ya.
KFAI 3:54:09 PM
See ya mang