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Catalyst: Politics and Culture

Jun 26, 2020 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM

Talk/Public Affairs

With Lydia

Local writer Lydia Howell explores local culture, art, and activism with interviews and special features. She won the PREMACK AWARD FOR PUBLIC INTEREST JOURNALISM for her investigative reporting on homelessness in (the now defunct) PULSE Newspaper.

Lydia is a long time denizen of KFAI who also writes for various communicty newspapers and online publications.


LGBT people in social movements across the 20th century to 2020

1:00 PM
Judy Garland - Over The Rainbow
Judy Garland Over The Rainbow
10 Best Series: That's Entertainment! CEMA
1:05 PM
Duke Ellington - Take the A Train
Duke Ellington Take the A Train
Strayhorn Touch Collectibles
1:10 PM
Special Segments: BROTHER OUTSIDER documentary film about BAYARD RUSTIN, considered a consumate organizer and the 'architect" of the 1963 March on Wasahington--full name March for JOBS & FREEDOM. Rustin was also a socialist, a pascifist & a Gay man.
1:20 PM
Interview: "Catalyst" co-host RICO MORALES interviews QUINN an activist Transwoman and part of KFAI's show FRESH FRUIT--the longest runing LGBT radio show in the U.S.
1:35 PM
David Bowie - Changes
David Bowie Changes
Hunky Dory (Remastered) Parlophone UK 2015
1:39 PM
Special Segments: Pulitzer Prize winning Black gay poet JERICO BROWN reads poems at Aspen
1:44 PM
Special Segments: Black Lesbian poet activist AUDRE LORDE gives speech at the 1970 March on Wasahington for Gay & Lesbian Rights