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Catalyst: Politics and Culture

Sep 4, 2020 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM

Talk/Public Affairs

With Lydia

Local writer Lydia Howell explores local culture, art, and activism with interviews and special features. She won the PREMACK AWARD FOR PUBLIC INTEREST JOURNALISM for her investigative reporting on homelessness in (the now defunct) PULSE Newspaper.

Lydia is a long time denizen of KFAI who also writes for various communicty newspapers and online publications.

SEPT. 4, 2020 edition: REFUSE FASCISM! growing, grassroots movement kicks off "60 Days of Struggle to End the Trump=Pence Regime"

1:00 PM
Interview: Sunsara Taylor, organizer with REFUSE FASCISM! coalition and a writer for Revolution newspaper. refusefascism (dot) org or Refuse Fascism on Facebook

REFUSE FASCISM! is kicking of 60 days of protest and voter organizing to end Trump-Pence Administration (Sept. 5 thru Nov.3 Election Day) This diverse coalition includes people of faith--Christians, Jews, Muslims-- liberal/progressive political groups, like BLM and anti-war groups to leftists like the RCP. Taylor delves into why Donald Trump is so much more dangerous than past Republicans and what's at stake in a second term of Trump.

1:26 PM
Leonard Cohen - Democracy
Leonard Cohen Democracy
The Essential Leonard Cohen Columbia 1992
1:33 PM
Special Segments: Audio from diverse supporters of REFUSE FASCISM! including: Dr. Cornel West, historian Paul Street. refuse fascism (dot) org or REFUSE FASCISM on Facebook
1:48 PM
Sheryl Crow - In the End
Sheryl Crow In the End
In the End - Single 2020