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Modern Kicks

Sep 16, 2020 12:00 AM – 2:00 AM


With Sean Hansen

A weirdo mix of garage rock and power pop nonsense. If it's new recommendations you're looking for, you'll hear it here first.

Modern Kicks
12:01 AM
TI-83 - Newsflash
TI-83 Newsflash N
Demo Self Released 2020
12:02 AM
Fuck Yeah, Dinosaurs! - Earl Sinclair (What a Guy)
Fuck Yeah, Dinosaurs! Earl Sinclair (What a Guy) N
65 Million Beers Ago Malcolm/Gilmore Rekkids 2020
12:05 AM
Drew's Demos - Routine
Drew's Demos Routine
Drew's Demos Self Released 2020
12:06 AM
Hard Action - Yours Truly
Hard Action Yours Truly N
Yours Truly - Single Open up and Bleed Recordings 2020
12:17 AM
Dirty Fences - White Lies
Dirty Fences White Lies N
Hand Picked Melodies Self Released 2020
12:19 AM
No Trend - Teen Love
No Trend Teen Love
Too Many Humans/Teen Love Drag City Records 2020
12:26 AM
Secret Caller - Secret Caller
Secret Caller Secret Caller
Secret Caller - Single Self Released 2020
12:28 AM
Sonic Youth - Brother James (Live)
Sonic Youth Brother James (Live) N
Live in Denver (1986) Self Released 2020
12:31 AM
The Cowboy - El Poño
The Cowboy El Poño
Feel the Chi Releasing from You - Single Feel It Records 2020
12:32 AM
Satanic Togas - Thought Police
Satanic Togas Thought Police N
X-Ray Vision Wartmann Inc. Records 2020
12:42 AM
Draught - Shroud
Draught Shroud N
Draught - Single La Pochette Surprise Records 2020
12:45 AM
Goldie Dawn - What's Inside (Never Dies)
Goldie Dawn What's Inside (Never Dies)
Goldie Dawn - EP Drunken Sailor Records 2020
12:47 AM
Oh Sees - Dreary Nonsense
Oh Sees Dreary Nonsense N
Protean Threat Castle Face 2020
12:49 AM
Us Weekly - Good
Us Weekly Good
Peace Network US Weekly Digital Imaging Services 2020
12:53 AM
Neurotic Fiction - Assimilate
Neurotic Fiction Assimilate N
Romance - EP Specialist Subject 2020
12:55 AM
Liquids - Dark
Liquids Dark
Nervous Sessions Self Released 2020
12:56 AM
Savoy Motel - Crossword Puzzle
Savoy Motel Crossword Puzzle
Love Your Face 2020
12:58 AM
Coffer - No City
Coffer No City N
Uneasy Street Painters Tapes 2020
1:11 AM
The Shifters (12) - Left Bereft
The Shifters (12) Left Bereft N
Left Bereft - Single 2020
1:15 AM
Flowertown - Flowertown
Flowertown Flowertown N
Theresa Street Paisley Shirt Records 2020
1:17 AM
Gee Tee - Kombat Kitchen
Gee Tee Kombat Kitchen N
Atomic Goodbye Boozy Records 2020
1:19 AM
Matt Ellis - Life On Hold
Matt Ellis Life On Hold
Never Was, Is and Never Shall Be - EP Self Released 2020
1:20 AM
Bikini Beach - Melted Cheese
Bikini Beach Melted Cheese N
Atoll La Pochette Surprise Records 2020
1:23 AM
Home Blitz - What We Wore
Home Blitz What We Wore
All Through the Year - EP SOPHOMORE LOUNGE 2020
1:24 AM
Tony Dork - Low Commotion
Tony Dork Low Commotion
Struggle Street Legless Records 2020
1:27 AM
The Idolizers - Stranded (Again)
The Idolizers Stranded (Again) N
The Idolizers - EP Rum Bar Records 2020
1:34 AM
Billiam - Somebody Shoot Me
Billiam Somebody Shoot Me N
Cassingle Eight - Single 2020
1:36 AM
Cool Jerks - Tory Paradise
Cool Jerks Tory Paradise N
England Night versus Day 2020
1:37 AM
Germ House - On the Outs
Germ House On the Outs
Spoiled Legacy Self Released 2020
1:40 AM
The Belafontes - Seafood
The Belafontes Seafood N
Desk Job - EP The Belafontes 2020
1:43 AM
Public Eye - Lost Dog
Public Eye Lost Dog
Music for Leisure Pop Wig 2020
1:45 AM
EXWHITE - My Love, The Rock
EXWHITE My Love, The Rock N
Stalker Of Bits & Pieces 2020
1:47 AM
Spoon Benders - Pinhead
Spoon Benders Pinhead
Drunk Dial: Stay Home Drunk Dial Records 2020
1:50 AM
No Joy - Birthmark
No Joy Birthmark
Motherhood Hand Drawn Dracula 2020