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Roar of the Underground

Oct 29, 2020 10:00 PM β€“ 12:00 AM


With The Metal Evangelist

Roar of the Underground aims to shed light on the dedicated & talented artists that comprise the underground heavy music scene of the Twin Cities, Midwest and beyond. The show focuses on upcoming live concerts in and around the Twin Cities, recent and future album releases and current events related to heavy music.

Episode 212

Roar of the Underground
10:03 PM
Heaven & Hell - Bible Black
Heaven & Hell Bible Black
The Devil You Know Rhino 2009
"Let me go I've seen a religion But the light has left me blind"
10:09 PM
Nevermore - And the Maiden Spoke
Nevermore And the Maiden Spoke
The Obsidian Conspiracy Century Media 2010
"She is the infinite She is the deranged Her soul drips the blood Of the unfortunate and pained"
10:14 PM
Slayer - Dead Skin Mask
Slayer Dead Skin Mask
Decade of Aggression (Live) American Recordings Catalog P&D 1991
"Graze the skin with my finger tips The brush of dead warm flesh pacifies the means"
10:19 PM
Carach Angren - Lingering in an Imprint Haunting
Carach Angren Lingering in an Imprint Haunting
Where the Corpses Sink Forever Season of Mist 2012
"When suicide burdens my mind, I'm startled by a horrible screaming from behind"
10:24 PM
Celtic Frost - Circle of the Tyrants
Celtic Frost Circle of the Tyrants
To Mega Therion Noise Records 1985
Released 35 years ago this week!
10:29 PM
Vanik - Night Danger
Vanik Night Danger
III Austenitized Records 2020
10:34 PM
Deceased - Graphic Repulsion
Deceased Graphic Repulsion
Fearless Undead Machines Hells Headbangers 1997
"The twisted flesh, alive or dead Their veins are flowing with the blood of death"
10:40 PM
Promidal - Infernal Cosmic Torture
Promidal Infernal Cosmic Torture L
Magnum Tenebrosum ZeroBudget Records 2018
10:44 PM
Opeth - Beneath the Mire
Opeth Beneath the Mire
Ghost Reveries Roadrunner Records 2005
"Haunted nights for halcyon days Can't sleep to the scraping of his voice"
10:54 PM
Thantifaxath - The Bright White Nothing at the End of the Tunnel
Thantifaxath The Bright White Nothing at the End of the Tunnel
Sacred White Noise Dark Descent Records 2015
10:56 PM
Sunn O))) - Sin Nanna
Sunn O))) Sin Nanna
Black One Southern Lord 2017
Requested by Horselord
11:02 PM
Agony Reigns - Creeping Death (Metallica cover)
Agony Reigns Creeping Death (Metallica cover)
Creeping Death single self-released 2020
***exclusive song premiere***
11:10 PM
Realm - Cain Rose Up (Scream Bloody Murder)
Realm Cain Rose Up (Scream Bloody Murder)
Suiciety Roadracer 1990
Released 30 years ago this week!
11:12 PM
Necrophobic - Awakening...
Necrophobic Awakening...
The Nocturnal Silence Hammerheart Records 1993
11:16 PM
King Diamond - Into the Convent
King Diamond Into the Convent
The Eye Metal Blade Records 1990
Released 30 years ago this week!
11:21 PM
Crafteon - The Temple
Crafteon The Temple
Cosmic Reawakening self-released 2017
11:26 PM
Vvolf Mask - Go to Pieces
Vvolf Mask Go to Pieces
The Coroner's Opinion - EP Murder Music 2017
11:35 PM
Spectral Voice - Thresholds Beyond
Spectral Voice Thresholds Beyond
Eroded Corridors of Unbeing Dark Descent Records 2017
11:39 PM
Mirror of Being - Without Air
Mirror of Being Without Air L
Without Air single self-released 2020
Requested by James Schmidt
11:43 PM
Acid Witch - Cauldron Cave
Acid Witch Cauldron Cave
Witchtanic Hallucinations Hells Headbangers 2012
11:47 PM
Mercyful Fate - Black Funeral
Mercyful Fate Black Funeral
Melissa Metal Blade Records 1983
"All hail Satan, yes hail Satan Lay down your swords, the evil star"
11:51 PM
Emperor - Inno a Satana
Emperor Inno a Satana
In the Nightside Eclipse Spinefarm Records UK 1994
Chat is archived.
Horselord 10:01:29 PM
KFAI 10:03:07 PM
Hi Trent!
Darth Riffeous 10:03:35 PM
Hey! It's always a good time to play Dio \m/
The Metal Kid 10:03:29 PM
hey, guys!
Matthew Gurrola 10:04:09 PM
Kurt 10:04:52 PM
Hi everyone!
Bob Drew 10:06:33 PM
I bought this Heaven & Hell CD at the Heavy Metal Swap Meet in Feb! Hopefully that can happen again. Someday, some year...
Darth Riffeous 10:07:12 PM
totally! I was really looking forward to the next one
Darth Riffeous 10:07:28 PM
I didn't budget enough money
Horselord 10:07:40 PM
Check your facebook Billiam.
Horselord 10:09:28 PM
This is tasty
KFAI 10:15:08 PM
HI, Matt, Kid, Kurt, Bob, Darth
Bob Drew 10:16:43 PM
Howdy! \m/
Bob Drew 10:16:56 PM
Good pick. Haven't heard this live version in a while.
KFAI 10:18:16 PM
I like it better than the album version
KFAI 10:18:31 PM
Doesn't have those weird extra voices
Horselord 10:18:44 PM
I always hear extra voices..
KFAI 10:21:55 PM
You should have that checked out...
Darth Riffeous 10:26:00 PM
anybody watched any SCARY movies lately?
KFAI 10:28:00 PM
Not really. Hubie Halloween was hilarious though
Horselord 10:39:35 PM
Embarassing fact about Horselord. Most scary movies are legit too scary for me
Matthew Gurrola 10:41:03 PM
KFAI 10:42:08 PM
I Am Legend really freaked me out
The Metal Kid 10:42:52 PM
I don’t blame you, some horror movies really are freaky
Darth Riffeous 10:43:54 PM
Hereditary is the scariest movie I've seen
KFAI 10:44:42 PM
I need to see that one
KFAI 10:44:56 PM
I also ashamed that I've never seen The Thing
Kurt 10:45:31 PM
The Thing is one of my all time favorites, horror or otherwise. So good.
Kurt 10:47:07 PM
The guys at Pull the Plug patches have a classic horror film line dropping tomorrow. They look pretty dope.
KFAI 10:51:11 PM
I saw those, they look super cool.
Horselord 10:52:44 PM
Good playlist tonight
KFAI 10:54:28 PM
Thanks man!
The Metal Kid 10:56:24 PM
i looove Opeth now, as of fairly recently. i should have given them a chance a long time ago!
KFAI 10:57:47 PM
Opeth have a lot to offer. Early albums are magnificent.
Darth Riffeous 10:58:19 PM
yeah Still Life and Morningrise are my favs but they rocked all the way through the 00s
KFAI 11:01:48 PM
Turn this shit up!
James Schmidt 11:04:05 PM
These kids fucking riiiiiiiiip.
James Schmidt 11:04:13 PM
And howdy y'all
Matthew Gurrola 11:05:09 PM
Fuck yeah \m/
Matt McGee 11:05:40 PM
thank you James!
KFAI 11:07:48 PM
That was killer
Matt McGee 11:08:10 PM
thank you guys for premiering it!
Darth Riffeous 11:08:12 PM
that seriously rocked!
Goff Igelsrud 11:15:14 PM
Hello everyone
KFAI 11:15:31 PM
Hi Goff!
Matthew Gurrola 11:17:57 PM
Hail the King \m/
Goff Igelsrud 11:17:33 PM
There's the King!
James Schmidt 11:17:46 PM
I was just about to request some diamond too lol
James Schmidt 11:20:16 PM
Some time keeper would be nifty if there is space
KFAI 11:27:59 PM
Matthew Gurrola 11:28:39 PM
Anyone been listening to the All Hallows Stream on the KFAI site? All kinds of spooky stuff 24/7. Metal included. Heard some Death, Darkthrone, Mericifu Fate, even solo Karl Sanders from Nile.
James Schmidt 11:30:35 PM
Or that new mirror of being, it's kinda spooky
Horselord 11:31:30 PM
KFAI 11:32:15 PM
I'll see if I can fit it in
KFAI 11:32:42 PM
Matt, I had no clue about the stream. How did you find it?
Horselord 11:32:09 PM
Thats what she said
KFAI 11:33:05 PM
Matthew Gurrola 11:34:14 PM
KFAI 11:34:59 PM
I probably responded interested to that...
James Schmidt 11:38:36 PM
Matthew Gurrola 11:45:24 PM
Yeah for the witch \m/
KFAI 11:46:34 PM
Gotta play them this time of year
Matthew Gurrola 11:47:17 PM
More King! HAIL SATAN \m/
Matthew Gurrola 11:53:52 PM
Both Fate and Emperor headlining Psycho Las Vegas (next year or whenever it happens).
KFAI 11:54:12 PM
I should go to that
Matthew Gurrola 11:57:47 PM
Nice spooky show. See ya \m/
KFAI 11:58:10 PM
Thanks Matt
Kurt 11:58:47 PM
Awesome show. That Acid Reign rips. Have a great night!
Kurt 11:59:06 PM
*Agony Reigns
KFAI 11:59:40 PM
Later Kurt!