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The UltraSonic Gin & Tonic

Jan 22, 2021 8:00 PM – 10:00 PM


With That Guy In The Hat

The UltraSonic Gin & Tonic
8:02 PM
Blackmill - Evil Beauty
Blackmill Evil Beauty
Reach for Glory Blackmill 2011
8:05 PM
King of Woolworths - Evelsong
King of Woolworths Evelsong
L'illustration Musicale Mantra 2003
8:10 PM
Tosca - Rondo Acapricio
Tosca Rondo Acapricio
J.A.C. !K7 Records 2005
8:17 PM
Kodomo - Concept 1
Kodomo Concept 1
Still Life 5 Points Records 2008
8:24 PM
Garza - Be My Home (feat. Seann Bowe)
Garza Be My Home (feat. Seann Bowe)
Where the Moon Hides - EP Magnetic Moon 2019
8:28 PM
Blockhead - Carnivores Unite
Blockhead Carnivores Unite
Music By Cavelight Ninja Tune 2004
8:33 PM
Sare Havlicek - White Russian (Lazy Summer) [Loveunlimited Version]
Sare Havlicek White Russian (Lazy Summer) [Loveunlimited Version]
White Russian (Lazy Summer) - EP Nang 2011
8:39 PM
Rosalia de Souza - Bossa 31
Rosalia de Souza Bossa 31
Garota Moderna Schema Records 2003
8:48 PM
Husky Rescue - Diamonds In the Sky
Husky Rescue Diamonds In the Sky
Ghost Is Not Real Catskills Records 2007
8:53 PM
Dampé - Jawahar Park (Teo Mattress Remix)
Dampé Jawahar Park (Teo Mattress Remix)
Oil - EP Darker Than Wax 2020
9:00 PM
Bob & Ray - Garish Summit: Pamela Rescued From Old Baldy
Bob & Ray Garish Summit: Pamela Rescued From Old Baldy
The Best of Bob & Ray - Vol. 1
9:05 PM
Yasushi Ide - Plein Soleil (MAW Remix)
Yasushi Ide Plein Soleil (MAW Remix)
Bossa Mundo
9:11 PM
Caravan Palace - Mighty (feat. JFTH)
Caravan Palace Mighty (feat. JFTH)
< I°_°I > MVKA Music 2015
9:14 PM
Nexus 21 - Self Hypnosis
Nexus 21 Self Hypnosis
Logical Expression - Single Network Records 1990
9:19 PM
Varrick Frost - Fever (Papa Django Remix) [feat. Lawrence Lea]
Varrick Frost Fever (Papa Django Remix) [feat. Lawrence Lea]
Fever Remixes (feat. Lawrence Lea) - EP Varrick Frost 2019
9:25 PM
Rennie Pilgrem - Flying High
Rennie Pilgrem Flying High
Movers & Shakers 2021
9:31 PM
Miles Dyson - Track from Hell (Original Mix)
Miles Dyson Track from Hell (Original Mix)
Track from Hell - EP Still Cookin' Records 2007
9:37 PM
Avalon Emerson - Rotting Hills
Avalon Emerson Rotting Hills
Rotting Hills - Single AD 93 2020
9:44 PM
Bonobo & Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs - Heartbreak
Bonobo & Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs Heartbreak
Heartbreak (Kerri Chandler Remix) - Single OUTLIER 2021
9:50 PM
Marc Fisher - Swing (Original Mix)
Marc Fisher Swing (Original Mix)
Pointless / Swing - Single Still Cookin' Records 2009
9:58 PM
Souldoubt - Why Must You
Souldoubt Why Must You
Why Must You - Single Bargrooves 2006
Chat is archived.
Pablexa Brummie 8:04:04 PM
Evening Sir!
KFAI 8:04:58 PM
Hey Pabs!
Jim Packerfanski 8:06:39 PM
That was weird. No chat until now.
Pablexa Brummie 8:07:34 PM
My guess is, he hadny pressed the buddon
KFAI 8:07:41 PM
Lotsa weird going on here. Apparently, we're a 'work in progress' again. Computer's acting up, I'm told.
KFAI 8:08:20 PM
I'm breaking out the bailing wire...
KFAI 8:14:35 PM
Remember that scene from Star Wars, where Han Solo yells at Luke/Leia, "Don't worry, she'll hold together." And then he quietly says to himself, "...hear me, baby?...hold together..."
Jim Packerfanski 8:16:06 PM
I have a bad feeling about this.
Pablexa Brummie 8:16:25 PM
Neva scene it™
KFAI 8:17:11 PM
I only hope the stormtroopers haven't been target practicing...
KFAI 8:18:31 PM
Another EAS test coming up...
Gerald Stanley Clement 8:18:35 PM
Good week to you! We are chilling to this
KFAI 8:19:08 PM
Hey Jeff! Thanks! More new stingers for you to enjoy.
Gerald Stanley Clement 8:19:14 PM
Not the EAS, but what we thought was Manuel Göttsching
KFAI 8:19:44 PM
This is classic chillout from Kodomo.
Gerald Stanley Clement 8:34:27 PM
I can't make out the context from the movie/shoe. Didn't even ID the voices
Gerald Stanley Clement 8:34:39 PM
KFAI 8:35:16 PM
LOL! It's an odd thing I pulled them from...
Gerald Stanley Clement 8:51:35 PM
The beginning of the track gave me orville peck vibes
KFAI 8:51:56 PM
Really? Will have to look him up. I'm not familiar.
Gerald Stanley Clement 8:52:35 PM
He uses slide guitar alot as a Canadian country artist
KFAI 8:52:56 PM
Ah. That explains why I hadn't heard of him.
Gerald Stanley Clement 8:53:02 PM
Classic iconic voice with desert electronica
KFAI 8:53:39 PM
Handsome Johnny 8:56:29 PM
Howdy Wynd,
KFAI 8:56:35 PM
Hey JB!
Handsome Johnny 8:57:13 PM
Good to see you. I'm gonna listen a little and then get back to my Better Call Saul™ binge watch
KFAI 8:57:36 PM
Thanks! I'm honored to rate a Saul Break.
KFAI 8:58:15 PM
I'll play an episode of a long-running Bob & Ray soap opera just to keep you warmed up
Handsome Johnny 9:00:23 PM
We don't like profeshinal
KFAI 9:00:35 PM
KFAI 9:00:40 PM
Got that covered
Handsome Johnny 9:02:24 PM
LOL. We're supposed to get some snow out here on Monday night/Tuesday, no predictions yet
KFAI 9:02:48 PM
3-6" slated for us this weekend
Handsome Johnny 9:14:56 PM
Nice. No predictions for us yet, just gonna get much colder this weekend, then some non-biblical snowfall amounts.
KFAI 9:15:23 PM
Or so you're being led to believe...
Handsome Johnny 9:16:17 PM
True. Have a good night, I'm off to TV time.
KFAI 9:17:01 PM
Thanks! Take it easy! Enjoy the show. I hear it's very good.
Handsome Johnny 9:21:13 PM
Yep. Breaking Bad first (I just binge watched that), then Saul. Absolutely great TV.
KFAI 9:22:13 PM
Haven't started either. But they're on my lengthy list.
Bucky 9:33:17 PM
Howdy, all
KFAI 9:33:25 PM
Hey Buckminster!
KFAI 9:34:07 PM
Move your feet!
Bucky 10:04:29 PM
Hey, if this is the song you picked to seed CFtP, it's a good'n!