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The UltraSonic Gin & Tonic

Feb 5, 2021 8:00 PM β€“ 10:00 PM


With That Guy In The Hat

The UltraSonic Gin & Tonic
8:02 PM
Sweatson Klank - The Path of an Empath
Sweatson Klank The Path of an Empath
Path of an Empath - EP Friends Of Friends 2021
8:07 PM
ORG Lounge - Anonymous Melody
ORG Lounge Anonymous Melody
ORG Lounge Water Music Records 2001
8:14 PM
Bajofondo - Zitarrosa
Bajofondo Zitarrosa
Mar Dulce Surco 2007
8:17 PM
Cibo Matto - Sugar Water
Cibo Matto Sugar Water
Super Relax
8:21 PM
Shrift - Lost in Portuguese
Shrift Lost in Portuguese
Lost in a Moment Tratore 2007
8:30 PM
Brass Box - Parting Ways
Brass Box Parting Ways
The Cathedral Dune Altar 2019
8:32 PM
Loreena McKennitt - Caravanserai (Live)
Loreena McKennitt Caravanserai (Live)
Nights from the Alhambra (Live) Quinlan Road 2006
8:39 PM
Tangerine Dream - Identity Proven Matrix
Tangerine Dream Identity Proven Matrix
Quantum Gate Kscope 2017
8:45 PM
Up, Bustle & Out - Revolutionary Woman of the Windmill
Up, Bustle & Out Revolutionary Woman of the Windmill
One Colour Just Reflects Another
8:52 PM
Benny Benassi - Let It Be
Benny Benassi Let It Be
8:56 PM
The Budos Band - Ride or Die
The Budos Band Ride or Die
The Budos Band II Daptone 2007
9:01 PM
Bob & Ray - Biff Burns (Galloping Cat)
Bob & Ray Biff Burns (Galloping Cat)
Best of Bob & Ray, Volume 3 Music Brokers 2006
9:04 PM
Johnny Pearson - Heavy Action (Theme from "Monday Night Football")
Johnny Pearson Heavy Action (Theme from "Monday Night Football")
Heavy Action (Theme from "Monday Night Football") - Single APM Music 2007
9:07 PM
Sam Spence - The Defenders
Sam Spence The Defenders
Music From NFL Films, Vol. 3 NFL Films 2010
9:10 PM
Brian Bennett - Ergon
Brian Bennett Ergon
Aim High: The Televisual Soundtrack (At KPM 1973-1976)
9:12 PM
Alan Hawkshaw - Neck And Neck
Alan Hawkshaw Neck And Neck
Live Action Music House - Entertainment 1989
9:16 PM
Imelda May - Inside Out (Remix)
Imelda May Inside Out (Remix)
More Mayhem Decca (UMO) 2011
9:23 PM
She's Excited! - Smells Like Teen Spirit
She's Excited! Smells Like Teen Spirit
My Own Crazy - EP Teknofonic Recordings 2020
9:27 PM
The Moog Cookbook - Smells Like Teen Spirit
The Moog Cookbook Smells Like Teen Spirit
The Moog Cookbook
9:32 PM
Miss 600 - Hello
Miss 600 Hello
Buying Time
9:35 PM
Bronson - DAWN (feat. Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs)
Bronson DAWN (feat. Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs)
BRONSON Remixes NΒ°.1 WM Australia 2020
9:41 PM
Mr. Jazzek - Stay (Club Mix)
Mr. Jazzek Stay (Club Mix)
Stay - Single Electro Swing Thing 2020
9:45 PM
Ross from Friends - Burner
Ross from Friends Burner
Burner - Single Scarlet Tiger, distributed by LG105 2021
9:51 PM
Bicep - Atlas
Bicep Atlas
Isles Ninja Tune 2021
9:57 PM
Echomen - Thru 2 You
Echomen Thru 2 You
Thru 2 You - EP Airtight 2001
Chat is archived.
Bucky 8:05:41 PM
For some reason, was remembering a group called Electric Bird Noise. I listened to some of it once on Spotify but don't recall it.
KFAI 8:06:17 PM
I like Electric Bird Noise! I've played some of their stuff before!
Bucky 8:07:58 PM
It's still on my list of stuff to look for so I must have enjoyed it too.
KFAI 8:09:40 PM
I recommend 'Number Three'
Bucky 8:11:54 PM
I have written in 'Unleashing the Inner Robot' with a subnote "Number 3". So I guess we're on the same page.
Gerald Stanley Clement 8:12:34 PM
Music to warm us up
KFAI 8:13:17 PM
KFAI 8:13:51 PM
Buck, if we're on the same wavelength, I'd suggest meds or therapy of some kind. You should find that disquieting.
Bucky 8:15:46 PM
Nah. You've always reminded me of my best bud, Clarke, who has always been on his own cloud.
KFAI 8:16:01 PM
That's a polite way to phrase it...
Bucky 8:19:42 PM
Too bad Deb's not here. 'Sugar Water' (and Cibo Matto) is one of her faves.
KFAI 8:20:03 PM
Really? I had no idea!
KFAI 8:20:15 PM
Just thought it had a funky groove
Bucky 8:21:43 PM
It does have a groove. I like it too. Suits a certain kind of mood.
KFAI 8:22:10 PM
Indeed! I'm all about trying to make things flow
Gerald Stanley Clement 8:27:41 PM
Well aren't you lucky, two tests in as many weeks
Gerald Stanley Clement 8:28:01 PM
I'm seeking that goosebumps movie line!
KFAI 8:30:10 PM
I know. Can you hear that horrible noise when it's broadcast or is it just me?
Gerald Stanley Clement 8:33:40 PM
Yes, too bad you can't talk over it to tell it to stop
KFAI 8:33:53 PM
I could but I shouldn't
Pablexa Brummie 8:40:06 PM
Bucky 8:40:33 PM
Roger that
KFAI 8:41:06 PM
By Bri's request too
Bucky 8:41:20 PM
I was just listening to some early-early TD just before your show. It's very different from this.
KFAI 8:42:54 PM
I have no doubt about that!
Bucky 8:43:06 PM
Ooh, some of those chords are super-delish.
KFAI 8:43:32 PM
Bucky 8:45:57 PM
Early stuff is different but I still like it. It's fascinating to hear them pioneering, trying to figure out what is this thing called "electronic music" and push the limits of their rather crude instruments.
KFAI 8:46:36 PM
Absolutely. Floyd was doing that to a minor degree on Dark Side too
Bucky 8:47:25 PM
Even more so on "Piper..." and "Saucerful..." By DSotM they'd gotten things down pretty good.
KFAI 8:47:44 PM
Still with crude instruments by today's standards
Bucky 8:49:37 PM
Oh for sure. Nowadays it's all programmed into the synths or they're using their loop pedals to create accompaniments and layers of sound in realtime during a live performance.
KFAI 8:50:03 PM
Indeed. Some of it really quite good. Dolby is a master
Bucky 8:50:43 PM
Clarke and I once went to see Adrian Belew. He's another master of the technique.
KFAI 8:51:34 PM
Gerald Stanley Clement 9:08:48 PM
One of my fav SB memories is Jerry Stiller playing Vince Lombardi in a Nike commercial
KFAI 9:09:05 PM
Bucky 9:12:56 PM
Dangit! Now I want a sweet roll!
KFAI 9:14:55 PM
Pablexa Brummie 9:27:20 PM
Me kinda likey this
KFAI 9:28:02 PM
Pablexa Brummie 9:28:57 PM
Now I think Ima playing Jet Set Willyβ„’
KFAI 9:29:44 PM
Gotta love Moog Cookbook
Bucky 9:33:40 PM
There's the electro-swing!
KFAI 9:34:29 PM
Darn right! Love it!
Gerald Stanley Clement 9:38:00 PM
If I ever get invited back on Sangam, I'm playing Nirvana cover featuring a tanpura
KFAI 9:39:06 PM
Handsome Johnny 9:55:50 PM
What did I miss?
KFAI 9:56:03 PM
Meh, not much.
Jim Packerfanski 9:56:06 PM
JB...All of Itβ„’
KFAI 9:56:13 PM
Just an AWESOME show...
Handsome Johnny 9:56:32 PM
Did Bucky hear Tangerine Dream, featuring the great Conrad Schnitzler?
Bucky 9:57:26 PM
I heard it but the track was from 2017 so no Conrad
Handsome Johnny 9:57:35 PM
Fun fact: Jerry Stiller and I are (well, were) fraternity brothers
Handsome Johnny 9:58:00 PM
The spirit of Conrad shines through always
KFAI 9:58:00 PM
Handsome Johnny 9:59:55 PM
Did Pablo fall asleep?
Gerald Stanley Clement 10:00:11 PM
So very Destroyer like, have a good night. Stay safe and don't keep it too cool
Pablexa Brummie 10:00:29 PM
Cheers Wynd!
Bucky 10:00:44 PM
Wynd: You should listen to some Conrad Schitzler-era TD. It's cool but oh so weird.
Jim Packerfanski 10:01:01 PM
I only heard the tail end, but it was good!
Handsome Johnny 10:02:13 PM
and you get to say Conrad Schnitzler on-air
Handsome Johnny 10:02:30 PM
Good night Wynd