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The UltraSonic Gin & Tonic

Mar 19, 2021 8:00 PM – 10:00 PM


With That Guy In The Hat

The UltraSonic Gin & Tonic
8:05 PM
Tosca - Rondo Acapricio
Tosca Rondo Acapricio
J.A.C. !K7 Records 2005
8:11 PM
Kodomo - Concept 1
Kodomo Concept 1
Still Life 5 Points Records 2008
8:17 PM
Tangerine Dream - Identity Proven Matrix
Tangerine Dream Identity Proven Matrix
Quantum Gate Kscope 2017
8:27 PM
Tenderheart - Fallen Leaves
Tenderheart Fallen Leaves
Affinity Steyoyoke 2021
8:33 PM
Garza - Floating Inside My Bones (feat. Seann Bowe)
Garza Floating Inside My Bones (feat. Seann Bowe)
Where the Moon Hides - EP Magnetic Moon 2019
8:38 PM
Nandu & Marc Facchini - True
Nandu & Marc Facchini True
Bouquet de Fleurs #3 - EP 2021
8:46 PM
The Soul Immigrants - Sunday Drive
The Soul Immigrants Sunday Drive
Tokyo Lounge I Records 2006
8:51 PM
Ursula 1000 - Follow That Car!
Ursula 1000 Follow That Car!
Esoterique Insect Queen Music 2019
8:55 PM
Millionyoung - Concept of Time
Millionyoung Concept of Time
Rare Form Mishu Records 2018
9:02 PM
Bob & Ray - Hobby Hut with Neil Clummer: Parnell W. Garr
Bob & Ray Hobby Hut with Neil Clummer: Parnell W. Garr
The Very Best of Bob & Ray
9:07 PM
Silvia Donati - Walk on the Wild Side (feat. Arcoiris)
Silvia Donati Walk on the Wild Side (feat. Arcoiris)
Rock in Lounge (Your Favourite Jazzy Downtempo Versions of Popular Rock Songs) Suonaphone 2015
9:13 PM
She's Excited! - Smells Like Teen Spirit
She's Excited! Smells Like Teen Spirit
My Own Crazy - EP Teknofonic Recordings 2020
9:17 PM
Depeche Mode - I Feel Loved (Danny Tenaglia's Labor of Love Edit)
Depeche Mode I Feel Loved (Danny Tenaglia's Labor of Love Edit)
I Feel Loved - EP Reprise/Mute 2001
9:26 PM
Stephen Hamm - Inner Space
Stephen Hamm Inner Space
Theremin Man Pro-Am 2019
9:29 PM
Shana Halligan - Get Gone
Shana Halligan Get Gone
Back to Me Plug Research Music 2015
9:33 PM
G. Pantelidis - Lush Goo (Club Mix)
G. Pantelidis Lush Goo (Club Mix)
Lush Goo - Single Electro Swing Thing 2020
9:41 PM
ENØS - Origins
ENØS Origins
Unity Pt. 2 Afterlife 2021
9:47 PM
Stereo Express - Shadoorack
Stereo Express Shadoorack
Shadoorack / Bootaleeza - EP Atmosphere Records 2011
9:51 PM
Ray Collins' Hot Club - Out of My Mind
Ray Collins' Hot Club Out of My Mind
Out of My Mind (Odd Chap Remix) - Single Andreas Kollenbroich, Samuel Brandford 2021
9:54 PM
Imelda May - Inside Out
Imelda May Inside Out
More Mayhem Decca (UMO) 2012
9:58 PM
Nathan G & Rudy Presents Tuff & Mello - Stranger
Nathan G & Rudy Presents Tuff & Mello Stranger
Chat is archived.
Pablexa Brummie 8:14:12 PM
Evening Guvnar!
KFAI 8:14:35 PM
'Allo, 'Allo, 'Allo!!!!
KFAI 8:14:46 PM
Pablexa Brummie 8:16:18 PM
We didny have matching - Bastards!!!
KFAI 8:17:20 PM
Ah, well. Neither does mine, nor my last one.
KFAI 8:17:27 PM
Thanks for checking!
Pablexa Brummie 8:17:53 PM
Ima pretty sure I didny actually send my donation yet - Can you tell?? Otherwise you are gonna get doubley
KFAI 8:18:22 PM
Nope, I don't know. But I can ask as they're tallying stuff up.
KFAI 8:19:39 PM
Bri said that she didn't put it in yet because she dinnae have your address. So, not yet.
Pablexa Brummie 8:19:56 PM
I dunny think I did so, you will get a donation for Marillion or perhaps that Cloud Cult Track I sent??
KFAI 8:20:18 PM
I dinnae see it! ...uh-oh...
Pablexa Brummie 8:23:28 PM
Pablexa Brummie 8:26:05 PM
Ima doing it right now!!!
Pablexa Brummie 8:26:47 PM
I gotta find my credit card - No Amazon purchases Wynd - OK??
KFAI 8:27:39 PM
Bucky 8:27:57 PM
Gosh, I can't believe I missed TD by just 5 minutes!
KFAI 8:28:31 PM
Oh, Bucky...I'm bending over backwards for you, bud!
Bucky 8:28:59 PM
I know, I know. And I appreciate it.
Pablexa Brummie 8:33:07 PM
OK I have now hit the "Donate" buddon about 4 times - Can you see it went thru? Ima not a rich man and if it went twice Ima screwed
KFAI 8:33:42 PM
Hang on. Refreshing email.
KFAI 8:35:23 PM
Not yet but hang on. Bri says you will get an email confirm when it goes through. Patience, Pabs.
Pablexa Brummie 8:36:45 PM
I get a verification expired message, so maybe I should start over, but I dunny wanna multi donate
KFAI 8:37:04 PM
I'll keep you posted
Bucky 8:37:13 PM
I donated just now too.
KFAI 8:37:29 PM
I see your's Bucky. THANK YOU!
Bucky 8:37:42 PM
Least I could do.
Pablexa Brummie 8:43:34 PM
*checking email - I appeared in 1 Linked In™ search - I have some really "good" deals - But no KFAI
Pablexa Brummie 8:44:34 PM
Lemme start over, but if you folks end up with my checking account, who should I talk to?
KFAI 8:46:53 PM
Call Deb. She's the office manager. She's aces.
KFAI 8:47:38 PM
Or you could just wait and call her on Monday. She can help you personally.
Pablexa Brummie 8:49:00 PM
OK Ima pretty sure it went thru twice - Send it to Sir Simon
KFAI 8:49:18 PM
Ok. Deb should be able to give you a hand if there's a prob
KFAI 8:49:50 PM
If there's more Pabs Probs, just let me know. I'll help.
Handsome Johnny 8:49:57 PM
CONRAD SCHNITZLER! Wynd, I'm still in the car, dunny play any good stuff till I get home.
Handsome Johnny 8:50:13 PM
I pulled over, not driving
KFAI 8:50:46 PM
I already played Tangerine! Where were you and Bucky???"
Pablexa Brummie 8:52:19 PM
JB misspelled Marillion
KFAI 8:52:43 PM
Easy to do.
KFAI 8:53:28 PM
You know, I realized that I actually knew a Marillion song this week! I remembered Kayleigh from way back in the day. Wasn't that their only modest hit on this side of the pond?
Pablexa Brummie 8:57:20 PM
Marillion are a diff band on when you hear them - Play Dunny Hurt yourself
KFAI 8:57:23 PM
Pabs! It just came through!
KFAI 8:57:50 PM
Will let you know if another comes through but I've got one!
Handsome Johnny 9:24:26 PM
OK I'm back, you can play Beastie Boys now
Handsome Johnny 9:25:42 PM
Bucky would say that wasn't Conrad Schnitzler TD
KFAI 9:27:10 PM
I thought he was!
Handsome Johnny 9:27:44 PM
RIP Leon Theremin
KFAI 9:27:51 PM
Handsome Johnny 9:29:04 PM
Nah, Schnitzler already sunk into the big sleep
KFAI 9:29:47 PM
Ok, I'll have to hunt around. You and Buck have talked him up enough that I'll have to do some exploration
Handsome Johnny 9:30:51 PM
I'd have to defer to the Buckster for guidance, he's the expert
KFAI 9:31:03 PM
...i always do...
Gerald Stanley Clement 9:43:06 PM
Hi from down South. I missed the sequence of great covers and the theramin track from Hamm! You're going to get the station over 60k? So close
KFAI 9:43:46 PM
Getting close! If they keep trickling in, we'll make it!
KFAI 9:44:06 PM
Hope it's nice down in FL!
Gerald Stanley Clement 9:48:27 PM
Lovely day today. Sunny and 70. Perfect day for long park walks
Bucky 9:49:01 PM
Schnitzler was with TD only in 1969-70. Basically, TD's first album. Which is an experience: very experimental, only vaguely like their later stuff.
KFAI 9:49:10 PM
Nice! Don't get bopped on the noggin with a coconut!
KFAI 9:49:29 PM
Buck, ok, I'll do a little exploration
Bucky 9:55:19 PM
You might find TD's second album, "Alpha Centauri", more to your liking. No Conrad, though.
KFAI 9:55:49 PM
Won't make JB happy if sans-Conrad