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Roar of the Underground

Apr 8, 2021 10:00 PM – 12:00 AM



Roar of the Underground aims to shed light on the dedicated & talented artists that comprise the underground heavy music scene of the Twin Cities, Midwest and beyond. The show focuses on upcoming live concerts in and around the Twin Cities, recent and future album releases and current events related to heavy music.

Roar of the Underground
10:01 PM
Powermad - Nice Dreams
Powermad Nice Dreams
Absolute Power Rhino/Warner Records 1989
10:07 PM
Warrior Path - Neverending Fight
Warrior Path Neverending Fight
The Mad King
10:11 PM
Darkwing - Shadow of the Night
Darkwing Shadow of the Night
Darkwing EP
10:19 PM
GOJIRA - Amazonia
GOJIRA Amazonia
Fortitude Roadrunner Records 2021
10:24 PM
Enforced - Kill Grid
Enforced Kill Grid
Kill Grid
10:31 PM
Sepultura - Beneath the Remains
Sepultura Beneath the Remains
Beneath the Remains
10:39 PM
Mork - Det Siste Gode I Meg
Mork Det Siste Gode I Meg
Katedralen 2021
10:45 PM
Krallice - Folds Of Plasma
Krallice Folds Of Plasma
Demonic Wealth self-released 2021
10:52 PM
Genghis Tron - Dream Weapon
Genghis Tron Dream Weapon
Dream Weapon
10:57 PM
Nevermore - Godmoney
Nevermore Godmoney
Nevermore Century Media 1995
11:05 PM
Genome - Bite Back
Genome Bite Back
11:08 PM
Nightfeeder - Control Population Growth
Nightfeeder Control Population Growth
11:10 PM
Crutches - Liars
Crutches Liars
Chaos Riders, Freedom Fighters
11:15 PM
Brownout - Sweet Leaf
Brownout Sweet Leaf
Brownout Presents Brown Sabbath, Vol. II
11:19 PM
Cathedral - Equilibrium
Cathedral Equilibrium
Forest of Equilibrium
11:25 PM
Up the Mountain Down the Mountain - Fight a Stranger in the Alps
Up the Mountain Down the Mountain Fight a Stranger in the Alps
"12" Tape own label 2014
11:38 PM
Sunless - Aberrant Clime
Sunless Aberrant Clime
Demo 2016
11:42 PM
Tryptykon - Black Snow
Tryptykon Black Snow
Melana Chasmata
11:56 PM
Cannibal Corpse - Murderous Rampage
Cannibal Corpse Murderous Rampage
Violence Unimagined
Chat is archived.
Matthew Gurrola 10:03:47 PM
Hail Todd Haug! \m/
Trent Horselord 10:14:51 PM
KFAI (host) 10:15:05 PM
Matthew Gurrola 10:19:38 PM
KFAI (host) 10:20:17 PM
ha thank you Matt; I normally have it right in front of me so I don't have to recall by memory... but I totally forgot to set it up
Decker 10:23:29 PM
Hails, friends \m/
KFAI (host) 10:23:54 PM
Decker 10:39:32 PM
Decker 10:41:10 PM
Cathedral - Equilibrium, per chance?
KFAI (host) 10:42:36 PM
I'll try and pull it up!
KFAI (host) 10:44:38 PM
I've got a nice doom set later on next hour--can I play it then, or do you wanna hear it right away?
James Schmidt 10:46:26 PM
Howdy y'all
Decker 10:48:33 PM
KFAI (host) 10:49:15 PM
Howdy James!
KFAI (host) 10:49:50 PM
Decker--I'll put it in with the other doom stuff then; got another request to get to first but you're second in line
Decker 10:50:19 PM
Absolutely ZERO stress, do what you doin! \m/
KFAI (host) 10:50:44 PM
ha no stress at all; it'll fit in perfectly I think
Decker 10:52:01 PM
\m/ (>.<) \m/
Decker 10:57:21 PM
I might be thinking of another similarily named band, but didn't Genghis Tron used to me more experimental and avantgarde? Or was I just a newbie at the time I stumbled on them? This slaps, don't get me wrong!
KFAI (host) 10:58:15 PM
No you're thinking of the same band! They've reaaaally changed their sound on this new album; I love it and their older (more electronic, more grind-y) stuff, but for different reasons
KFAI (host) 10:58:25 PM
this is their first album with a live drummer, ha
KFAI (host) 10:59:38 PM
it's also their first album in 13 years, so yeah... kind of a fresh start, I suppose
Decker 10:59:46 PM
Ahhhh!, Yeah, thought their earlieer stuff was more electronic and mathy, I def dug this one you played!
KFAI (host) 11:01:12 PM
head's-up if you listen to the new album: that track I just played is probably one of the *most* metal songs on the album, so just go into it expecting more post-rock/shoegazey type stuff than anything really noisy or heavy
KFAI (host) 11:01:21 PM
very good, but not nearly as metal as before
Decker 11:01:49 PM
Coll, I'm def gonna check it, didn't know they had a new one and dug their previous stuff
Decker 11:02:09 PM
And all those buzzwords you used I am into, heh
Decker 11:16:48 PM
WOW, this bangs
Matthew Gurrola 11:17:47 PM
Yeah love those horns.
KFAI (host) 11:18:29 PM
the weird off-beat rising horn bit in the verses is such a cool addition
Decker 11:18:44 PM
That percussion is gnarly af
Decker 11:20:50 PM
KFAI (host) 11:21:23 PM
hell yeah; great request
Decker 11:26:52 PM
We used to put this album on just closing time when I worked at Burger King when I was 16. If we had a clean store before the album was over we were thrilled. Probably unnecessary and TMI, but fuck it. Thing holds a special spot for me.
KFAI (host) 11:28:42 PM
the Cathedral album? Or this UTMDTM tape?
Decker 11:29:53 PM
Decker 11:30:14 PM
I'm WAY too old for it to be the UTMDTM lol
KFAI (host) 11:31:24 PM
I figured, but I had to ask!
Decker 11:37:05 PM
Oh shit hahaha, I did NOT put those pieces together!
KFAI (host) 11:38:57 PM
the big lebowski reference?
Decker 11:39:24 PM
Yeah, totally seen the dub and just didn't put the pieces together, AMAZING
KFAI (host) 11:39:36 PM
I love that bit of trivia
KFAI (host) 11:41:01 PM
Also if anybody follows the (non-metal) indie scene, "Stranger in the Alps" is the name of Phoebe Bridgers' debut album. That reference gets around, so it seems
Decker 11:42:39 PM
I never even blinked at it other than how ridiculous it was lol, astounding
Matthew Gurrola 11:46:52 PM
This song is probably gonna induce one last big snowstorm this spring.
Matthew Gurrola 11:57:12 PM
Hail Cannibal Corpse!
KFAI (host) 11:58:07 PM
hail yeah
Matthew Gurrola 11:58:34 PM
See ya \m/
KFAI (host) 11:58:46 PM
See ya! Thanks for listening and chatting
Decker 11:59:09 PM
Thanks for tunes and proper hosting! \m/