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Roar of the Underground

Apr 15, 2021 10:00 PM – 12:00 AM



Roar of the Underground aims to shed light on the dedicated & talented artists that comprise the underground heavy music scene of the Twin Cities, Midwest and beyond. The show focuses on upcoming live concerts in and around the Twin Cities, recent and future album releases and current events related to heavy music.

Roar of the Underground
10:01 PM
Cold Colours - Nightmare
Cold Colours Nightmare L
Northernmost self-released 2019
10:10 PM
Hrad Vallis - Greatest Cooler in the Universe
Hrad Vallis Greatest Cooler in the Universe L
New Wave of Martian Desert Metal self-released 2021
Releasing April 20th!
10:15 PM
Steel Bearing Hand - Command of the Infernal Exarch
Steel Bearing Hand Command of the Infernal Exarch
Slay in Hell Carbonized Records 2021
10:20 PM
Heathen - Mercy Is No Virtue
Heathen Mercy Is No Virtue
Victims of Deception Roadrunner Records 1991
Released 30 years ago this week!
10:26 PM
Blue Ox - Left to the Drift
Blue Ox Left to the Drift L
Holy Vore self-released 2021
10:33 PM
Descent of Man - Decomposing in Plastic
Descent of Man Decomposing in Plastic L
Decomposing in Plastic single self-released 2021
Remixed with Eric Keyes on vox
10:38 PM
Solemn Echoes - A Worthless Disgrace
Solemn Echoes A Worthless Disgrace
Into the Depths of Sorrow Endless Winter 2021
Releasing May 1st
10:44 PM
Asphyx - Diabolic Existence
Asphyx Diabolic Existence
The Rack Century Media 1991
Released 30 years ago this week!
10:48 PM
D.R.I. - Enemy Within
D.R.I. Enemy Within
Thrash Zone Metal Blade Records 1989
Requested by Chris Bick
10:52 PM
Getting Stabbed - A Way Out
Getting Stabbed A Way Out L
Atmosphere of Decay Live Fast Die 2019
Requested by JDecker
10:53 PM
Stygian Crown - Trampled into the Earth
Stygian Crown Trampled into the Earth
Stygian Crown Cruz Del Sur Music 2020
11:04 PM
Feral - Destroyer and Terminer
Feral Destroyer and Terminer
Circle Trap Kill self-released 2020
11:12 PM
Putrescine - Devourer of Gods
Putrescine Devourer of Gods
The Fading Flame Tridroid Records 2021
11:17 PM
Invocator - Excursion Demise
Invocator Excursion Demise
Excursions Demise Black Mark 1991
Released 30 years ago this week!
11:22 PM
Ysilik - Your Sorrows Pin You To This Place
Ysilik Your Sorrows Pin You To This Place L
Eunoia self-released 2021
11:28 PM
Entombed - Wolverine Blues
Entombed Wolverine Blues
Wolverine Blues Earache Records 1993
RIP L-G Petrov
11:33 PM
Mare Cognitum - Antaresian
Mare Cognitum Antaresian
Solar Paroxysm Extraconscious Records 2021
11:43 PM
Turris Eburnea - Unified Fields
Turris Eburnea Unified Fields
Turris Eburnea - EP Everlasting Spew 2021
11:49 PM
Crust - Stoic
Crust Stoic
Stoic Addicted Label 2021
11:56 PM
Plague of Stars - Touch of Evil (Judas Priest cover)
Plague of Stars Touch of Evil (Judas Priest cover) L
Touch of Evil single self-released 2021
Chat is archived.
KFAI 10:01:37 PM
Matthew Gurrola 10:03:08 PM
Welcome back Bill \m/.
KFAI 10:03:20 PM
Thanks, Matt. How are you?
Matthew Gurrola 10:03:25 PM
And RIP Cold Colours.
Decker 10:03:53 PM
Goff Igelsrud 10:04:25 PM
KFAI 10:04:45 PM
Hi Goff
KFAI 10:04:51 PM
Hi Decker!
Trent Horselord 10:08:06 PM
<3 Cold Colours
Decker 10:08:18 PM
Kinda sad
Trent Horselord 10:08:25 PM
Trent Horselord 10:09:05 PM
Dont be a dick? Well shit.
Decker 10:09:26 PM
Yeah, disappointed about HV too, ugh
KFAI 10:10:23 PM
Yeah, sucks.
KFAI 10:10:33 PM
Trent, you're never a dick..
Decker 10:13:22 PM
Dear cool metal dudes, stop moving out of Minneapolis and breaking up the band. Sincerely, all the other cool metal dudes and dudettes and otherwise identifying metal entities.
KFAI 10:13:56 PM
Thankfully it doesn't happen THAT often.
Decker 10:14:56 PM
I heard Erin from Former Worlds moved out west, too? Maybe play some FW to ties this whole segment together, IDK lol
Decker 10:15:10 PM
But yeah, doesn't happen much, truthfully
KFAI 10:15:42 PM
Erin might be in Seattle. Goff, can you confirm?
Goff Igelsrud 10:15:43 PM
I'm planning on moving back in the hopefully not too distant future at least.
KFAI 10:15:57 PM
THat's good news!
Decker 10:16:13 PM
YES, I miss seeing drinking horns on dude's hips
Goff Igelsrud 10:16:17 PM
Not sure, I'm not in Seattle specifically, outer suburb.
Matthew Gurrola 10:16:24 PM
She called in from Seattle on Shadow Planet recently.
Decker 10:16:39 PM
Yeah I thought I heard she was in Seattle
Goff Igelsrud 10:16:58 PM
I miss the horn as well, still got it though.
Decker 10:17:16 PM
/me highfives Goff
Goff Igelsrud 10:17:43 PM
highfives Decker!
KFAI 10:21:45 PM
How the hell wasn't Heathen HUGE back in the 80s?
Matthew Gurrola 10:26:03 PM
Too much Bay thrash lol.
Decker 10:26:17 PM
No clue, I only stumbled on em like, last year, maybe the year before
KFAI 10:28:38 PM
Chris Bick 10:29:23 PM
I've always said I'd put Victims of Deception up against any of the Big 4 releases. Love that one.
KFAI 10:32:51 PM
It's such a good record
Decker 10:36:40 PM
Getting Stabbed? They're nice and short uplifting feel good numbers.
KFAI 10:37:57 PM
Chris Bick 10:39:31 PM
Short one: "Enemy Within" from D.R.I.
KFAI 10:40:31 PM
Solemn Echoes is a Minnesota/Brazil band.
KFAI 10:40:50 PM
John from Chalice of Suffering is the vocalist
KFAI 10:41:04 PM
Aaron Lanik is the drummer
KFAI 10:41:20 PM
and Jeff from Promidal does keyboards
Decker 10:47:37 PM
First Asphyx I heard, bought it based on the art alone at InZane Records on Zane Ave in Brooklyn Park in 92 or 93. Miss that place.
Decker 10:48:55 PM
Super borrowed from it conceptually over the years.
KFAI 10:50:05 PM
Was it the Rack?
Decker 10:51:18 PM
The Rack?
KFAI 10:52:00 PM
yes, that album The Rack. That you borrowed ideas from?
Goff Igelsrud 10:52:26 PM
Hell yeah! Miss you Anna!
Decker 10:52:49 PM
Oh yeah lol, duh, yeah totally. That and Sepultura's Arise. Stole from them heavily over the years lol
Decker 10:53:09 PM
Conceptually and idea-wise
KFAI 10:53:26 PM
Decker 10:57:50 PM
This is nice
Decker 11:03:28 PM
Ooops, bought another tape
KFAI 11:03:36 PM
oh, darn!
KFAI 11:04:09 PM
What tape?
Decker 11:04:35 PM
That Stygian Crown
KFAI 11:04:49 PM
Decker 11:04:53 PM
Thank you for playing that
KFAI 11:05:13 PM
You're welcome!
Chris Bick 11:05:28 PM
Songs are too long to request, but everyone should check out the new debut release from the Polish black metal band Manbryne.
KFAI 11:05:44 PM
Man Bun? ewh
Chris Bick 11:05:54 PM
Decker 11:06:11 PM
Noted, will check
KFAI 11:07:05 PM
Decker 11:17:39 PM
Matthew Gurrola 11:18:38 PM
KFAI 11:18:46 PM
Invocator was KILLER
Decker 11:19:05 PM
Hadn't thought of Invocator in 20 some years, NICE PULL
Matthew Gurrola 11:22:53 PM
Was just about to ask for some Ysilik \m/
KFAI 11:26:33 PM
I've developed psychic powers
Decker 11:31:51 PM
Decker 11:32:41 PM
Thing is SO good
KFAI 11:33:19 PM
boy howdy are you correct
Decker 11:51:31 PM
Fuuuuuuu this is SICK
Matthew Gurrola 11:52:21 PM
Fuck yeah.
Decker 11:54:45 PM
Is there stll music playing in the background for everyone else or can I not find a tab I have open?
Matthew Gurrola 11:55:41 PM
Same here.
Decker 11:56:01 PM
Matthew Gurrola 11:56:17 PM
With a touch of EVIL!
Decker 11:57:07 PM
Thanks, BIll! \m/ Hails, all! \m/
Matthew Gurrola 11:57:27 PM
See ya all \m/
KFAI 11:57:32 PM
Thanks for hanging out
Goff Igelsrud 11:57:38 PM
Thank you Bill!