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The UltraSonic Gin & Tonic

Apr 16, 2021 8:00 PM – 10:00 PM


With That Guy In The Hat

The UltraSonic Gin & Tonic
8:02 PM
TWO LANES - Reflections
TWO LANES Reflections
Reflections bitbird 2021
8:06 PM
Rollercone - Quiet Storm
Rollercone Quiet Storm
8:12 PM
Thievery Corporation - Language Symbolique
Thievery Corporation Language Symbolique
AOL Music DJ Sessions: Mixed by Thievery Corporation
8:17 PM
Princess Century - Bros Vs. Ufos
Princess Century Bros Vs. Ufos
8:25 PM
Barrio Jazz Gang - Linda Cancao
Barrio Jazz Gang Linda Cancao
Spectrum Quattro 2019
8:29 PM
Koop - The Moonbounce
Koop The Moonbounce
Koop Islands
8:33 PM
The Fort Knox Five - The Brazilian Hipster
The Fort Knox Five The Brazilian Hipster
Hôtel Costes 7 2004
8:36 PM
Marcos Valle - Bar Inglês (Roc Hunter Remix)
Marcos Valle Bar Inglês (Roc Hunter Remix)
Brazilian Love Affair, Vol. 2 (Remixed) 2006
8:44 PM
Ora the Molecule - Creator (In Flagranti Remix)
Ora the Molecule Creator (In Flagranti Remix)
Creator (Remixes) - EP Mute 2021
8:51 PM
ATFC - Sleep Talk (AFTC's Bad Nights Sleep)
ATFC Sleep Talk (AFTC's Bad Nights Sleep)
Sleep Talk FDF Records 2002
8:57 PM
Dinks - Disco Drain (Club Mix)
Dinks Disco Drain (Club Mix)
Disco Drain - Single FDF Records 2021
9:03 PM
Dr. Science - Computer Antibiotics
Dr. Science Computer Antibiotics
Ask Dr. Science: Get Smart!
9:04 PM
Dr. Science - Washing Machine Pause
Dr. Science Washing Machine Pause
Ask Dr. Science: Get Smart!
9:05 PM
Dr. Science - When a CD Sticks
Dr. Science When a CD Sticks
Ask Dr. Science: Get Smart!
9:06 PM
Kalmer - Never Forget
Kalmer Never Forget
Quadrivium, Vol. 07 - EP Steyoyoke 2021
9:13 PM
Roger van Lunteren - 08-Variation
Roger van Lunteren 08-Variation
Masa 002 - EP Masa Series 2021
9:19 PM
Riff Kitten - Scatterbrained
Riff Kitten Scatterbrained
9:23 PM
Bantwanas - Dingane (Extended Mix)
Bantwanas Dingane (Extended Mix)
Dingane 2021
9:30 PM
Paolo Fedreghini - Please Don't Leave (The Essential Mix)
Paolo Fedreghini Please Don't Leave (The Essential Mix)
Please Don't Leave EP
9:36 PM
G. Pantelidis - Swing 'n' Rolla (Club Mix)
G. Pantelidis Swing 'n' Rolla (Club Mix)
Swing 'n' Rolla - EP Electro Swing Thing 2021
9:42 PM
Gilligan Moss - GM from GM :)
Gilligan Moss GM from GM :)
Gilligan Moss Foreign Family Collective 2021
9:46 PM
Sydney Charles - Paz
Sydney Charles Paz
Organica - EP
9:53 PM
Mr. Jazzek - Break It Up (Club Mix)
Mr. Jazzek Break It Up (Club Mix)
Break It Up - Single
9:57 PM
Dreamscape - Sweetreat
Dreamscape Sweetreat
Chat is archived.
Bucky 8:05:39 PM
This is nice...
KFAI 8:06:26 PM
Pablexa Brummie 8:07:50 PM
I think I just talked myself into scraping paint off the garage tomorrow - This was never my plan
KFAI 8:08:16 PM
I'm betting you could talk yourself back out of it...
KFAI 8:08:48 PM
I'm planning to get everyone's donation premiums in the mail this weekend.
Bucky 8:09:54 PM
I may have talked myself into scraping paint off some window frames tomorrow - This has been the plan since last year.
KFAI 8:10:39 PM
I'm betting you could talk yourself out of that too
Bucky 8:13:03 PM
It is a distinct possibility...tho' might be replaced with putting up screens or re-glazing some sashes.
KFAI 8:13:21 PM
Or going for a walk...
Bucky 8:14:01 PM
Oh, that one's a given. Days are long now, no point in spending it all werkin'
Pablexa Brummie 8:14:25 PM
*wonders how he can trick Bucky into scraping paint offa his garage
KFAI 8:14:35 PM
Bri bought a new bike. She's still getting used to riding again. But she may be convinced to go further than a couple of blocks
Bucky 8:14:50 PM
We're thinking of taking the new pupper to a lake somewhere and see how she reacts to open water. I predict a very wet and happy pupper.
KFAI 8:15:05 PM
@Pabs - There must be some Marillion trick that you can deploy...
KFAI 8:15:16 PM
Pablexa Brummie 8:15:54 PM
*wonders how he can trick Bri into scraping paint offa his garage
Pablexa Brummie 8:16:22 PM
*sets up bicycle pump in his yard and calls it a Tune up station
KFAI 8:16:25 PM
That's gonna be tough!
Bucky 8:16:33 PM
Get her on the bike. Do it every day, if you can. In no time you'll be cruising around miles and miles. That's what we did last summer and it was fabu.
KFAI 8:17:04 PM
This is the first bike she's ever had that didn't bother her hip when she pedals.
Bucky 8:17:39 PM
Pabs: if you must scrape the garage, THIS is the time of year to do it. You don't want to put it off until July.
Bucky 8:18:51 PM
Good for her. Getting a bike frame that's sized properly and then adjusted to fit you is essential.
Gerald Stanley Clement 8:19:24 PM
Hi good eve, PSA sounded exactly like my neighbor that just came over and said he was running for a board seat.
KFAI 8:19:28 PM
I'm still working with my 1996 GT Timberline. The thing just won't wear out!
KFAI 8:19:57 PM
Hey Jeff! Really? Sign them up for Cart Crew!
Gerald Stanley Clement 8:20:54 PM
Those 90 era timberlines are indestructible.
KFAI 8:21:10 PM
That's what I was hoping for when I got it!
Bucky 8:21:50 PM
I assume 'Timberline' refers to a bike.
Gerald Stanley Clement 8:22:07 PM
He retired from Mankato State (what an awful commute) so he might have time
KFAI 8:22:09 PM
GT is a brand. Timberline is the model
Gerald Stanley Clement 8:23:01 PM
I have a Schwinn from the same era that i finally stretched the chain beyond its usable limits
Bucky 8:23:06 PM
Huh. I'd never heard of GT before. I'm not much of a bike gearhead, though.
KFAI 8:24:42 PM
Yeah, GT is still a 'name' in mountain bikes.
Gerald Stanley Clement 8:24:46 PM
Sure, they use to carry them at Penn Cycle and now national chain Dicks carries them
KFAI 8:25:11 PM
Jeff - I had a friend that actually wore out the sprockets on his main gear and had to replace it. That guy is a crazy cycler!
Bucky 8:25:14 PM
I still own a 1960's era Sturmey-Archer 3-speed that I rehabbed back in the mid-70s. Talk about indestructable... Rode that thing - though too small for me -- for a couple decades before I bought a "proper" bike.
KFAI 8:25:28 PM
How much did it weigh?
Bucky 8:26:19 PM
Hmmm, good question. I wanna say 40 pounds but that's an exaggeration. A substantial amount is the best I can tell you.
KFAI 8:26:20 PM
I used to ride my brothers' 1960's Schwinns. They weighed a ton. And everything in Duluth is uphill.
KFAI 8:26:28 PM
Gerald Stanley Clement 8:27:11 PM
That is some insane cycling
Bucky 8:27:14 PM
It still lives up at our cabin but I rarely ride it any more.
KFAI 8:27:51 PM
Barry jogs too. Broke a metatarsal in his foot from jogging so much too.
KFAI 8:28:07 PM
Yeah, that sounds like a 'cabin bike.'
Bucky 8:28:27 PM
Insane but makes you seriously buff after a season of riding in Duluth.
KFAI 8:29:05 PM
I've lost a lot of my leg's muscle mass because I can't go to the gym. But there's a reason my legs were like tree trunks.
Bucky 8:30:15 PM
I would have done ok riding up there. I have wimpy chicken arms but my legs have always been tree-trunks, even out of shape.
KFAI 8:30:54 PM
The arms come from shoveling snow or working at the paper mill or docks
Gerald Stanley Clement 8:31:26 PM
Stora or the Rock?
KFAI 8:32:02 PM
Gerald Stanley Clement 8:32:18 PM
Or was it Mead/Consolidated before Stora Enso....the paper mill?
Bucky 8:32:37 PM
I think my arms are naturally kinda weak. But I have been able to ride up the hill from Mississippi bottomland at Pike Island to the top next to Ft. Snelling.
KFAI 8:32:49 PM
Oh, geez...I don't remember...
KFAI 8:33:03 PM
And Ramsey Hill from out of downtown?
Bucky 8:33:40 PM
Yup, done that too. Neither one recently (and couldn't do it in my current state). But once or twice for each.
KFAI 8:34:16 PM
Did it once during St. Paul Classic. Didn't get off but seriously thought about it...
Bucky 8:34:43 PM
Embrace the burn...
KFAI 8:35:03 PM
Pablexa Brummie 8:35:41 PM
@Bucky - Yes - To your scraping now vs July - We only have one side of the Garage left to do and last summer we removed all the "brush" etc. so that it would be accessible this spring
KFAI 8:36:32 PM
Pabs - Give a neighbor kid $20
Bucky 8:37:27 PM
Wynd speaks truth...except the kid may demand a lot more than $20.
KFAI 8:38:57 PM
Give a neighbor kid $20 and a 6-pack.
Bucky 8:42:02 PM
*crazy neighbor calls the cops*
KFAI 8:42:44 PM
"I swear, I thought he was old enough!"
KFAI 8:45:43 PM
If Pabs can't talk his way out of a situation, we're all in trouble.
KFAI 8:46:18 PM
He just needs to hit that accent and say, "Really officer, all 12 year-olds drink beer where I come from!"
Pablexa Brummie 8:52:50 PM
I would LOL, but I know it has helped in the past
KFAI 8:53:14 PM
Surprisibus, surprisibus!
Pablexa Brummie 8:53:21 PM
Ima not from here, I dunny know yer customs
KFAI 8:54:28 PM
I'm sure that worked when you took over all of those other countries too.
Pablexa Brummie 8:58:37 PM
#FullDisclosure They didny let Brits in US of A when I applied
KFAI 8:59:03 PM
Really? Were we holding a grudge still?
Pablexa Brummie 8:59:39 PM
Nah some quota thing - I was allowed to apply 1st year, but not the 2nd
Pablexa Brummie 8:59:54 PM
I went "other" routes
KFAI 9:00:27 PM
ooooOOooohh... The Pablo Underground!
Pablexa Brummie 9:00:56 PM
I've already said too much......
KFAI 9:01:15 PM
[wink, wink, nudge, nudge]
Pablexa Brummie 9:05:27 PM
"It's thinking" LOL
Gerald Stanley Clement 9:05:42 PM
KFAI 9:06:08 PM
Dr. Science knows more than we do.
Pablexa Brummie 9:08:12 PM
Me likey
Bucky 9:08:14 PM
ugh. The beat on this track is so sharp it feels like it's pounding nails into my head.
Bucky 9:08:32 PM
Ima wearing phones so it's more striking.
Pablexa Brummie 9:08:55 PM
LO Bucky - Did you see my send up of Actions post about how opposite we all are??
Bucky 9:09:15 PM
not sure...checking....
KFAI 9:09:18 PM
Embrace the beat!
Pablexa Brummie 9:09:36 PM
It's basically what we just did - Ima gonna repost a screenshot
KFAI 9:10:28 PM
Hold tight. Beat is coming back...
Pablexa Brummie 9:14:05 PM
@bucky Lynderr MRI Nails in head
Bucky 9:18:11 PM
I was trying to look up the Madeline Kahn quotes from Young Frankenstein, something about brain hurt...
KFAI 9:19:13 PM
Check Monty Python's Gumby Brain Surgery
Pablexa Brummie 9:31:41 PM
Dunny fit yer shows theme at all - But I was reminded last night of Auntie Pat's Painted Desert - Any chance?
KFAI 9:32:39 PM
What LP is that one from?
Pablexa Brummie 9:33:22 PM
KFAI 9:33:46 PM
Ah. Yeah, I didn't get into Tropico as much as some of the others. I'll look into it.
Pablexa Brummie 9:34:27 PM
Like I said - Dunny fit your theme AT ALL
KFAI 9:36:51 PM
Yeah, but I'll listen anyway. Because Pat is amazing!
Pablexa Brummie 9:38:25 PM
Now I just went down a Myron Grombacher rabbithole
KFAI 9:38:53 PM
Myron was a wild man! I don't think he ever trained as a drummer...?
Pablexa Brummie 9:40:05 PM
Yeah - I just read he started out as a singer cuz he could dance and therefore was a better choice as frontman - Although he didny have good vocals - To think I might have had a career in drumming!!!!??!!!
Gerald Stanley Clement 9:41:01 PM
Lutefisk donations?
Gerald Stanley Clement 9:42:56 PM
This is cute
KFAI 9:43:07 PM
Geez, I hope we don't get lutefisk donations...
KFAI 9:43:46 PM
Really? Myron started out as a singer? I could see him being a frontman but I didn't know he could sing. And then he somehow wound up behind a kit for Pat? ...wow...
Bucky 9:48:46 PM
At first I read that as "Lutefisk variations"
KFAI 9:49:12 PM
Also not good
Pablexa Brummie 9:58:33 PM
Cheers Mr Wynd!