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Roar of the Underground

Apr 22, 2021 10:00 PM β€“ 12:00 AM



Roar of the Underground aims to shed light on the dedicated & talented artists that comprise the underground heavy music scene of the Twin Cities, Midwest and beyond. The show focuses on upcoming live concerts in and around the Twin Cities, recent and future album releases and current events related to heavy music.

Episode 237

Roar of the Underground
10:02 PM
Revenant - Prophecy of a Dying World
Revenant Prophecy of a Dying World
Prophecies of a Dying World Nuclear Blast 1991
Released 30 years ago this month!
10:10 PM
Incriminating Silence - Live Your Truth
Incriminating Silence Live Your Truth L
Vicissim self-released 2020
10:16 PM
Adamantis - Unbound Souls
Adamantis Unbound Souls
Far Flung Realm Cruz Del Sur Music 2020
10:19 PM
Portal - Eye
Portal Eye
Avow Profound Lore 2021
Releases May 28th, Requested by JDecker.
10:26 PM
Devastation - Forsaken Hatred
Devastation Forsaken Hatred
Idolatry Combat/Repulsive Echo 1991
Released 30 years ago this week!
10:35 PM
Obsolete - The Slough
Obsolete The Slough L
Animate // Isolate Unspeakeable Axe 2021
10:38 PM
Plague - Intersperse
Plague Intersperse
Portraits of Mind Redefining Darkness Records - Nuclear Winter Records 2020
10:43 PM
Midnight Dice - Speed City
Midnight Dice Speed City
Hypnotized EP Hoove Child 2020
10:47 PM
Begravement - Opaque Malevolence
Begravement Opaque Malevolence
Conjuring the Necromancer Graven Death Records 2020
10:52 PM
Malevolent Creation - Thou Shall Kill!
Malevolent Creation Thou Shall Kill!
The Ten Commandments Roadrunner Records 1991
Released 30 years ago this week!
10:57 PM
Spectral Wound - Imperial Saison Noire
Spectral Wound Imperial Saison Noire
A Diabolic Thirst Profound Lore 2021
11:07 PM
Graveslave - Bird In Hand
Graveslave Bird In Hand L
No Center self-released 2021
11:09 PM
Coroner - Masked Jackal
Coroner Masked Jackal
Punishment for Decadence Noise Records 1988
Requested by Chris Bick
11:14 PM
Satyricon - Forhekset
Satyricon Forhekset
Nemesis Divina Moonfog 1996
Released 25 years ago this week!
11:18 PM
Cannabis Corpse - Blasphemy Made Hash
Cannabis Corpse Blasphemy Made Hash
Nug so Vile Season of Mist 2019
Happy 4/20
11:25 PM
Desolate Entity - Human Experiments
Desolate Entity Human Experiments L
Deconstruction self-released 2020
11:26 PM
Spirit Adrift - Harmony of the Spheres
Spirit Adrift Harmony of the Spheres
Enlightened In Eternity 20 Buck Spin 2020
11:35 PM
Autopsy - Torn from the Womb
Autopsy Torn from the Womb
Mental Funeral Peaceville Records 1991
Released 30 years ago TODAY! \m/
11:38 PM
Earthdiver - Cut the Bone Away
Earthdiver Cut the Bone Away
Lord of the Cosmos Forbidden Place 2020
11:42 PM
Morgoth - Unreal Imagination
Morgoth Unreal Imagination
Cursed Century Media 1991
Released 30 years ago this week!
11:45 PM
Cannibal Corpse - Condemnation Contagion
Cannibal Corpse Condemnation Contagion
Violence Unimagined Metal Blade Records 2021
11:50 PM
Mi'gauss - We Lie Mummified
Mi'gauss We Lie Mummified
Open Season 2018 Night Rhythms 2013
11:58 PM
Razor - Grindstone
Razor Grindstone
Malicious Intent Viper Records 1986
Released 35 years ago this week!
Chat is archived.
KFAI 10:02:49 PM
Hello headbangers!
Matthew Gurrola 10:03:03 PM
Decker 10:03:45 PM
Strong start is strong, hails! \m/
KFAI 10:06:01 PM
Hey Matt, Hey Josh!
Decker 10:08:41 PM
Heh, cheers!
Decker 10:09:18 PM
New PORTAL! https://profoundlorerecords.bandcamp.com/track/eye
KFAI 10:10:47 PM
Will do!
Decker 10:12:18 PM
You're the best, Bill! \m/
KFAI 10:18:51 PM
aww shucks
Decker 10:21:16 PM
Most anticipated album of 2021 and I just found out about it this morning, ungh...
Chris Bick 10:22:16 PM
That's a definite preorder. Great choice, Decker.
Decker 10:32:06 PM
Yeah, I was gonna mention Sepultura, totally thought it was at first riff lol
KFAI 10:34:52 PM
Right? Shame they didn't last
Decker 10:35:23 PM
Jeff Nicholas from Lungs, Northless, In Defence, etc tracked bass for this album I know - pretty remarkable stuff
Darth Riffeous 10:40:07 PM
Hey everyone
KFAI 10:40:35 PM
KFAI 10:40:46 PM
How are you?
Decker 10:41:24 PM
Darth Riffeous 10:42:57 PM
Pretty good! Turned it on just in time for the new obsolete \m/
Decker 10:48:08 PM
If these kids can keep it together, they're destined for greatness
KFAI 10:50:58 PM
For sure
Decker 10:53:40 PM
Haven;t listened to Malevolent in TOO long, cheeeeeers!
KFAI 10:55:12 PM
Chris Bick 11:00:05 PM
How about this throwback: "Masked Jackal" by Coroner?
Matthew Gurrola 11:00:41 PM
A black metal song about beer? Nice.
Decker 11:03:26 PM
REALLY excited about that SW
KFAI 11:08:27 PM
I loved the last one. New one shows promise too.
KFAI 11:10:09 PM
Chris, this is my #1 favorite Coroner song. \m/
Chris Bick 11:13:26 PM
I feel like they are such an underrated band.
Decker 11:16:16 PM
Coroner def needs more of my attention, clearly, only casually listened previously. Work to do!
Matthew Gurrola 11:20:40 PM
Better late for 420 than never. \m/
Darth Riffeous 11:20:44 PM
Let’s form a coroner study group
KFAI 11:21:21 PM
That's a killer idea
KFAI 11:22:05 PM
Matt, best thing I saw on 420 was: "Everyday is 420 if your not a pussy."
Matthew Gurrola 11:25:24 PM
Good motto to live by.
Decker 11:25:57 PM
Wish Desolate Entity were mr active and prolific
KFAI 11:28:16 PM
They might still be able to do that
Matthew Gurrola 11:32:34 PM
I want a Cannibal/Cannabis tour.
Decker 11:33:16 PM
Decker 11:34:26 PM
Bought this shit on a whim at InZan Records and it's one of like 4 or 5 albums that sealed the deal for me as a visual artist, YESSSSSSSSSSS, good call Bill! \m/
KFAI 11:34:37 PM
Thank you
Decker 11:35:46 PM
KFAI 11:36:57 PM
Looking at the cover, I can see how this influenced your art.
Matthew Gurrola 11:37:25 PM
Decker 11:38:54 PM
This, Arise, The Rack by ASphyx, and everything Seagrave
Matthew Gurrola 11:39:27 PM
Got Autopsy's Live in Chicago recently. Actually recorded in 2020.
Decker 11:40:08 PM
:O WHere's that available?
Matthew Gurrola 11:40:42 PM
Found the cd at Cheapo St. Paul.
Decker 11:42:44 PM
Shit, I didn't know there was a physical
KFAI 11:43:37 PM
There's a double LP, but it's like $40
Decker 11:46:38 PM
Decker 11:55:54 PM
Big ole M E H
Decker 11:57:03 PM
Thanks for continuing to put together a killer show, BIll! <3 \m/
Matthew Gurrola 11:57:30 PM
2nd that. \m/
KFAI 11:57:32 PM
You're welcome! Thanks for listening, all of you.
Darth Riffeous 11:59:04 PM
Darth Riffeous 11:59:20 PM
Bill holdin it down \m/
Matthew Gurrola 11:59:50 PM
The Force will be with you. Always. \m/
KFAI 12:00:12 AM
Night folks!