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Roar of the Underground

Apr 29, 2021 10:00 PM – 12:00 AM



Roar of the Underground aims to shed light on the dedicated & talented artists that comprise the underground heavy music scene of the Twin Cities, Midwest and beyond. The show focuses on upcoming live concerts in and around the Twin Cities, recent and future album releases and current events related to heavy music.

Roar of the Underground
10:02 PM
Chrome Waves - Past the Lights
Chrome Waves Past the Lights
A Grief Observed Disorder Recordings 2019
10:14 PM
Windir - Sognariket Sine Krigarar
Windir Sognariket Sine Krigarar
Soknardalr Season of Mist 1997
10:17 PM
Bongzilla - Sundae Driver
Bongzilla Sundae Driver
Weedsconsin Heavy Psych Sounds 2021
Requested by Jon
10:20 PM
Zao - Ship of Theseus
Zao Ship of Theseus
The Crimson Corridor Observed/Observer Recordings 2021
Requested by JDecker
10:26 PM
Polluted Inheritance - Mental Connection
Polluted Inheritance Mental Connection
Betrayed Vic Records 1996
Released 25 years ago this month!
10:33 PM
Wanderer - Contented
Wanderer Contented L
Liberation from a Brutalist Existence Entelodon Records 2021
Releasing June 18th
10:38 PM
Aversed - Natsukashi
Aversed Natsukashi
Impermanent self-released 2021
10:43 PM
Inoculation - Ovnis Triangulares
Inoculation Ovnis Triangulares
Celestial Putridity Maggot Stomp 2021
10:46 PM
Suffering Hour - Transcending Antecedent Visions
Suffering Hour Transcending Antecedent Visions L
The Cyclic Reckoning Profound Lore 2021
10:54 PM
Moonsorrow - Pakanajuhla
Moonsorrow Pakanajuhla
Suden Uni Drakkar Entertainment 2001
Released 20 years ago this month!
11:04 PM
Toll Shock - Fed Up and Tired
Toll Shock Fed Up and Tired
split 1999
11:07 PM
Shit List - Deprogram
Shit List Deprogram
11:09 PM
From Ashes Rise - Flags
From Ashes Rise Flags
Life and Death EP 1999
11:11 PM
Drop Dead - Unjustified Murder
Drop Dead Unjustified Murder
Drop Dead EP 1992
11:13 PM
Tribal Gaze - Godless Voyage
Tribal Gaze Godless Voyage
Godless Voyage - EP Desert Wastelands Productions 2021
11:17 PM
Forhist - I
Forhist I
Forhist Debemur Morti Productions 2020
11:24 PM
Budgie - Sky High Percentage
Budgie Sky High Percentage
If I Were Brittania I'd Waive the Rules A&M Records 1976
Released 45 years ago this week!
11:30 PM
Megadeth - Peace Sells
Megadeth Peace Sells
Peace Sells... But Who's Buying? CAPITOL CATALOG MKT (C92) 2016
Requested by David Friche
11:41 PM
Arch Enemy - Dead Bury Their Dead
Arch Enemy Dead Bury Their Dead
Wages of Sin Century Media 2001
Released 20 years ago (in Japan) this week!
11:47 PM
Napalm Death - Suffer the Children
Napalm Death Suffer the Children
Harmony Corruption Earache Records Ltd 1990
Requested by Dave Friche
11:48 PM
Eternal Champion - Worms of the Earth
Eternal Champion Worms of the Earth
Ravening Iron Sword Worship 2020
11:54 PM
Tygers of Pan Tang - Gangland
Tygers of Pan Tang Gangland
Spellbound Geffen* 1981
Released 40 years ago this week!
11:58 PM
Lorekeeper - Trilobyte
Lorekeeper Trilobyte L
Lorekeeper self-released 2020
Chat is archived.
KFAI 10:02:48 PM
Decker 10:04:05 PM
Sorry didn't mean to be condescending about the record etching thing :/
Matthew Gurrola 10:05:21 PM
KFAI 10:06:12 PM
No, you weren't condescending
Decker 10:09:01 PM
Hahaha nice, how about ZAO - Ship Of Theseus
KFAI 10:10:01 PM
KFAI 10:10:19 PM
Matt G, what new Bongzilla track would you recomend?
Matthew Gurrola 10:10:41 PM
Love the Bongzilla. They were one of the acts I was talking about on shipping. They are on an Italian label. Kind of weird for a Wisconsin band to have their stuff shipped from Europe
Matthew Gurrola 10:11:05 PM
Free the Weed is one of the shorter ones
Matthew Gurrola 10:18:46 PM
13 months later still the last show I saw.
Decker 10:20:38 PM
KFAI 10:22:36 PM
good request!
Decker 10:23:33 PM
This entire album is unbelievable. If anyone stumbles on a cassette copy they wanna part with, please let me know!
KFAI 10:25:36 PM
Can anyone guess this band before I post it?
Matthew Gurrola 10:26:51 PM
Polluted Inheritance.
KFAI 10:27:30 PM
That's correct
Matthew Gurrola 10:27:33 PM
I cheated lol. Thanks shazam.
Decker 10:27:52 PM
LOL yeah, my Last.FM brought it up as a scrobble just as Matt posted it lol
Decker 10:28:12 PM
This is killer tho. Thanks for the schooling, have not heard
KFAI 10:28:44 PM
Decker 10:29:27 PM
Sounds like if Death and Confessor made a baby together
Matthew Gurrola 10:31:36 PM
Sundae Driver is a weed strain.
KFAI 10:32:31 PM
Decker 10:33:57 PM
Gotdamn this RULES
KFAI 10:36:18 PM
Fuck yeah it does
KFAI 10:37:51 PM
and that's what happens when you don't print 45 RPM on the fucking record!
Decker 10:43:48 PM
Shit happens
KFAI 10:45:49 PM
KFAI 11:04:02 PM
We all still awake?
Matthew Gurrola 11:05:10 PM
yeah \m/
Decker 11:07:49 PM
Oooooo YES
KFAI 11:08:10 PM
Good \m/
Decker 11:15:22 PM
Damn this goes hard
KFAI 11:17:30 PM
Tribal Gaze are just another young dm band with great potential
Decker 11:20:36 PM
KFAI 11:22:24 PM
There are a LOT of them
Matthew Gurrola 11:23:12 PM
Any bands booked yet for takeover day?
KFAI 11:27:38 PM
KFAI 11:27:51 PM
WE should start talking about them
KFAI 11:28:00 PM
Red//Shift is one
Matthew Gurrola 11:28:52 PM
Matthew Gurrola 11:29:22 PM
Nile - Amongst the Catacombs of Nephren-Ka came out this week too.
Decker 11:30:19 PM
RED\\SHIFT is one of the most talented and most slept on bands in MN, I swear!
Decker 11:30:50 PM
And I swear I am not bias having worked with them, I wanted to work with them for that reason alone
KFAI 11:30:52 PM
Matt, I try to keep anniversaries on the 00s and 5s
KFAI 11:31:02 PM
They are slept on.
KFAI 11:31:20 PM
And the Pandemic destroyed any momentum they had built.
Decker 11:31:43 PM
I know, so fucking unfortunate
Matthew Gurrola 11:32:50 PM
At least I saw their release show you guys put on at Part Wolf.
Decker 11:38:39 PM
Decker 11:50:47 PM
FUCK this is magnificent!
KFAI 11:52:02 PM
Eternal Champion lived up to the hype
Matthew Gurrola 11:52:08 PM
Yeah one of last years best.
KFAI 11:52:38 PM
Guess this song...
KFAI 11:52:46 PM
or band I mean
Decker 11:53:36 PM
Kreator, no?
Matthew Gurrola 11:53:46 PM
Tygers of Pan Tang
KFAI 11:54:29 PM
LOL @ Josh
KFAI 11:54:36 PM
Right again, Matt
Matthew Gurrola 11:56:38 PM
Almost said 93x lol.
Decker 11:58:20 PM
Hails, thx for tuna!
KFAI 11:58:54 PM
Later dudes!
Matthew Gurrola 11:58:56 PM
See ya guys \m/