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Roar of the Underground

May 13, 2021 10:00 PM – 12:00 AM



Roar of the Underground aims to shed light on the dedicated & talented artists that comprise the underground heavy music scene of the Twin Cities, Midwest and beyond. The show focuses on upcoming live concerts in and around the Twin Cities, recent and future album releases and current events related to heavy music.

Episode 240

Roar of the Underground
10:01 PM
Armored Saint - Reign of Fire
Armored Saint Reign of Fire
Symbol of Salvation Metal Blade Records 1991
Released 30 years ago this week!
10:09 PM
Obsolete - The Fog
Obsolete The Fog L
Animate // Isolate Unspeakeable Axe 2021
10:13 PM
Anthrax - Only
Anthrax Only
Sound of White Noise Elektra Records 1993
Requested by Ali
10:17 PM
Stone Healer - Whence Shall I
Stone Healer Whence Shall I
Conquistador self-released 2021
10:23 PM
Celestial Sanctuary - Soul Diminished
Celestial Sanctuary Soul Diminished
Soul Diminished Redefining Darkness Records 2021
10:27 PM
Blindfolded and Led to the Woods - Nightmare Withdrawals
Blindfolded and Led to the Woods Nightmare Withdrawals
Nightmare Withdrawals Sludgelord Records 2021
Requested by JDecker
10:33 PM
Amorphis - On Rich and Poor
Amorphis On Rich and Poor
Elegy Relapse Records 1996
Released 25 years ago this week!
10:38 PM
Kult Of The Wizard - Lay My Head Down "Feel The Rush"
Kult Of The Wizard Lay My Head Down "Feel The Rush" L
Gold Interstellar Smoke 2020
10:46 PM
THORN - Drowned Serpents
THORN Drowned Serpents
Crawling Worship Gurgling Gore 2021
Releasing June 18th
10:48 PM
Altarage - Magno Evento
Altarage Magno Evento
Succumb Season of Mist 2021
Requested by Chris Bick
10:49 PM
Witchtrap - Dealing with Satan
Witchtrap Dealing with Satan
Evil Strikes Again Hells Headbangers 2020
10:55 PM
Rage - Echoes of Evil
Rage Echoes of Evil
Reign of Fear (Deluxe Version) Noise 1986
Released 35 years ago this week.
10:58 PM
Blackbird Bridge - March of the Left Foot Giant
Blackbird Bridge March of the Left Foot Giant L
WE-3 self-released 2017
11:04 PM
Kvaen - The Wolves Throne
Kvaen The Wolves Throne
The Funeral Pyre Black Lion Records 2020
11:11 PM
Ebola - Blind Alley
Ebola Blind Alley
11:13 PM
SDS - Scum System Kill
SDS Scum System Kill
11:16 PM
Skitkids - Welcome to Paradise
Skitkids Welcome to Paradise
11:19 PM
Blue Ox - It Doesn't Work
Blue Ox It Doesn't Work L
Holy Vore self-released 2021
11:22 PM
Ysilik - The Meat and Thresher
Ysilik The Meat and Thresher L
Eunoia self-released 2021
11:28 PM
Frozen Soul - Merciless
Frozen Soul Merciless
Crypt of Ice Century Media 2020
11:34 PM
Natürgeist - Catatonic Stupor
Natürgeist Catatonic Stupor
Reinvigorated Terror EP Electric Assault 2021
11:41 PM
The Life Feeding Flame Nihilistic Noise Propaganda 2021
Requested by JDecker
11:47 PM
Sacramentum - Far Away from the Sun
Sacramentum Far Away from the Sun
Far Away from the Sun Adipocere 1996
Released 25 years ago this week!
11:52 PM
Lungs - Matriarch
Lungs Matriarch L
Estuary Entelodon Records 2019
11:59 PM
Blackthorne - Death Called Hoax
Blackthorne Death Called Hoax L
Blackthorne Damien Records 2019
Chat is archived.
Trent Horselord 10:01:31 PM
Matthew Gurrola 10:01:49 PM
KFAI 10:02:35 PM
Hi Trent, Hi Matt.
KFAI 10:02:41 PM
How are you guys?
Trent Horselord 10:03:16 PM
bad day
Trent Horselord 10:03:26 PM
But its okay, just one day
KFAI 10:04:12 PM
I hear you man, had a couple of this this week too.
Matthew Gurrola 10:06:46 PM
Lol at unwashed. I just got out of the shower. I'm a poser.
Decker 10:06:51 PM
I saw Armored Saint open for Stryper at The Orepheum lol
KFAI 10:07:02 PM
KFAI 10:07:19 PM
I saw them on a combined bill in Milwaukee.
Decker 10:07:56 PM
Their vocalist climbed the speakers and hung from The Orpheum balcony seats. It was insane.
KFAI 10:08:04 PM
It was like, The Covenant, Dark Tranquillity and Armored SAint closed the night to like 30 people
Decker 10:08:13 PM
Ph geez
KFAI 10:08:20 PM
John Bush did that?
Decker 10:08:29 PM
Decker 10:13:14 PM
Love this tune so much
KFAI 10:13:28 PM
So good
Decker 10:18:42 PM
Request: Blindfolded and Led to the Woods - "Nightmare Withdrawals"
KFAI 10:21:02 PM
Decker 10:28:26 PM
This album is my most listned to album this week. Mind-wrecking stuff.
KFAI 10:28:49 PM
This is cool
Decker 10:29:25 PM
First track rips, every track rips more than the previous. A rare "listen to front to back" album
Chris Bick 10:38:12 PM
I'm in a cavernous, chaotic mood ... how about "Magno Evento" from the latest Altarage album?
KFAI 10:39:39 PM
works for me!
Decker 10:46:33 PM
This album is sooooo good and their logo game is ON POINT.
KFAI 10:55:00 PM
Does this song sound "off"?
Decker 10:55:41 PM
SOunds like a bad mix, otherwise fine
KFAI 10:57:31 PM
IT's from 1986 so maybe that, or my computer seems weird tonight
Decker 10:58:26 PM
That's the only tune that sounded like that so far
KFAI 10:58:52 PM
HOw aobut this next song?
KFAI 10:59:03 PM
Sound weird here in teh studio
Decker 10:59:06 PM
Actually, yeah, this sounds off
Matthew Gurrola 11:00:32 PM
How much 80's thrash didn't have bad production?
Decker 11:03:37 PM
If there's any room for requests, please play others before mine, here's my other request: FŌR - "II" from The Life Feeding Flame
KFAI 11:04:23 PM
sure thing
Decker 11:12:15 PM
This is Ebola RN?
Decker 11:12:24 PM
KFAI 11:12:42 PM
It was
Decker 11:12:53 PM
Damn great
Matthew Gurrola 11:24:44 PM
Gotta love that Ysilik \m/
Decker 11:31:47 PM
Yeah, love that Ysilik more than I thought I would
KFAI 11:35:34 PM
It grows on ya
Decker 11:40:08 PM
Heavier than a very heavy thing
Decker 11:45:33 PM
Has anyone checked out the new Grave Miasma yet?
KFAI 11:46:38 PM
I haven't yet
Decker 11:49:15 PM
Me either, stoked tho
Matthew Gurrola 11:51:53 PM
Looking forward to Grave too.
Decker 11:53:46 PM
Decker 11:56:55 PM
Thanks for another killer show and playing my requests, got another couple bands down in the list to check out more. Respect! \m/
Matthew Gurrola 11:58:58 PM
Yeah another great one \m/
KFAI 11:59:04 PM
Thanks guys!