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Century Song

May 16, 2021 8:00 AM – 10:00 AM


With Dan Rien

Century Song...a round trip whirlwind radio journey through the world of traditional music. From Native America to throat singing of Tuva...From the pan pipes of Peru to the pan pipes of the South Pacific...From the classical world of the Arabs to the classical courts of China...Irish jigs, Scandinavian Polskas, Pow-wows, and South India Bharata Natam...Sacred, Secular, and Ritual...There are no boundaries as we explore the traditional musics of the world.

Century Song
8:07 AM
Navid Tehranzadeh - Gohar Jan
Navid Tehranzadeh Gohar Jan
Hurek Hurek Mahoor
8:13 AM
Saleh Ahmadpour - Zalayi
Saleh Ahmadpour Zalayi
Music of Kish Island Mahoor
8:21 AM
Jean Redpath - The Barrin' o' oor Door
Jean Redpath The Barrin' o' oor Door
Skipping Barefoot Through the Heather Prestige
8:21 AM
Abdollah Nazriev - chaharzarb
Abdollah Nazriev chaharzarb
From Bukhara to Badakhshan Mahoor
8:38 AM
Unknown artist - Meydaf:Barbu
Unknown artist Meydaf:Barbu
Neymey: Melodies of the Persian Sailor Men Kargah-e Musiqi
8:38 AM
Pentangle - Willy O'Winsbury
Pentangle Willy O'Winsbury
Solomon's Seal Reprise 1972
8:38 AM
Jhaulal - Phag
Jhaulal Phag
Folk Music of India (Uttar Pradesh Lyrichord
8:49 AM
Farshad Seifi - Se-pa
Farshad Seifi Se-pa
Das: Lorestan Dance Music Mahoor
8:55 AM
Hoseyn Nasriddinov - Mokhammas
Hoseyn Nasriddinov Mokhammas
From Bukhara to Badakhshan Mahoor
9:02 AM
Pooja Goswami and Pavan - various Ghazals
Pooja Goswami and Pavan various Ghazals L
Live at Hosmer Library Neyriz
9:55 AM
Dan Rein - This Is Life (Zendegaani In Ast)
Dan Rein This Is Life (Zendegaani In Ast) L
Just One Breath own label 2017