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Roar of the Underground

Jul 29, 2021 10:00 PM – 12:00 AM


With Darth Riffeous

Roar of the Underground aims to shed light on the dedicated & talented artists that comprise the underground heavy music scene of the Twin Cities, Midwest and beyond. The show focuses on upcoming live concerts in and around the Twin Cities, recent and future album releases and current events related to heavy music.

Episode 250!!

Roar of the Underground
10:01 PM
Metal Church - No Tomorrow
Metal Church No Tomorrow
RIP Mike Howe
10:10 PM
Roadrunner United - Constitution Down
Roadrunner United Constitution Down
Roadrunner United: The All-Star Sessions Roadrunner Records 2005
RIP Joey Jordison
10:15 PM
Wanderer - Marionette
Wanderer Marionette L
Liberation from a Brutalist Existence Entelodon Records 2021
10:18 PM
Endless Reign - Execute the Mandate
Endless Reign Execute the Mandate L
Time of Tyrants self-released 2020
10:22 PM
Silence Lies Fear - Beyond Reality
Silence Lies Fear Beyond Reality
Future: The Return 1547338 Records DK2 2019
Requested by Justin Bowling
10:27 PM
Cymothoa - Sorry Doesn't Put the Triscuit Crackers in My Stomache
Cymothoa Sorry Doesn't Put the Triscuit Crackers in My Stomache
Part 2: The Sequel ZeroBudget 2021
10:37 PM
Dychromia - Window of the Space Below
Dychromia Window of the Space Below
Window of the Space Below - Single self-released 2021
10:44 PM
KruX - Black Room
KruX Black Room
Krux Mascot Records 2002
Requested by Iommic Pensameter
10:50 PM
Deterioration - Life Rejector
Deterioration Life Rejector
Punish the Betrayer - Single Shattered Dreams Productions 2021
10:51 PM
Convulse - False Religion
Convulse False Religion
World Without God Svart Records 1991
Released 30 years ago this month!
10:56 PM
Graveslave - Bird in Hand
Graveslave Bird in Hand L
No Center Trvasfuk Music 2021
11:04 PM
Infernoh - Besk Oblat
Infernoh Besk Oblat
11:07 PM
ABC Diabolo - Power of A Lyric Sheet
ABC Diabolo Power of A Lyric Sheet
Last Intoxication of Senses 1992
11:11 PM
Coitus - Darkness on Streets
Coitus Darkness on Streets L
Darkness on Streets 7"
11:16 PM
Mr. Bungle - Eracist
Mr. Bungle Eracist R
The Night They Came Home (Live) Ipecac Recordings 2021
Requested by Janelle
11:21 PM
Sanguisugabogg - Gored in the Chest
Sanguisugabogg Gored in the Chest
Tortured Whole Century Media 2021
LIVE sun Nov 28 7th street entry
11:23 PM
Ysilik - A Stranger To Myself
Ysilik A Stranger To Myself
Eunoia 2719948 Records DK2 2021
LIVE LIVE LIVE Fri Aug 6 Club Underground
11:28 PM
Pig Destroyer - Strangled With a Halo
Pig Destroyer Strangled With a Halo
Prowler In the Yard Relapse Records 2001
20 yrs Old
11:33 PM
Marrow - Creature
Marrow Creature L
Creature - Single Power of a Pen 2020
11:39 PM
Mirror of Being - Without Air
Mirror of Being Without Air L
The Human Creation Mirror of Being 2020
Sat Aug 7th at MN Music Cafe
11:41 PM
Marduk - With Satan and Victorious Weapons
Marduk With Satan and Victorious Weapons
World Funeral Blooddawn Records 2003
requested by Matt the BridgeTroll
11:46 PM
Nevermore - This Sacrament
Nevermore This Sacrament
The Politics of Ecstasy Century Media 2006
25 years old!
11:51 PM
Begravement - Opaque Malevolence
Begravement Opaque Malevolence L
Conjuring the Necromancer Graven Death Records 2020
Sun Aug 8 at the Cabooooooze
11:57 PM
Coffin Rites - When the Sky Burns Red (Kreator cover)
Coffin Rites When the Sky Burns Red (Kreator cover) L
When the Sky Burns Red - Single 2020
Sun Aug 8 at the Caboose with Graveslave Torment and Begravement
Chat is archived.
Justin Bowling 10:00:25 PM
Justin Bowling 10:01:05 PM
Per the usual I’m throwing a request in early. Could you play “Beyond Reality” by Silence Lies Fear?
Decker 10:01:37 PM
Episode 250, hell yeah Bill and crew! \m/
A KFAI DJ 10:01:38 PM
I bet I could... =)
A KFAI DJ 10:01:49 PM
Thanks Decker!
Justin Bowling 10:01:59 PM
Damn yeah! 250 episodes ?! That’s AWESOME!!
Justin Bowling 10:02:22 PM
And thank you :)
Decker 10:02:52 PM
Early request, as well: Helstar - "Swirling Madness"?
Trent Horselord 10:02:55 PM
Happy 250!
Justin Bowling 10:03:28 PM
Does Roar Of The Underground have patches by chance? I think I need a patch of the station on my vest.
Darth Riffeous 10:03:30 PM
Woohoo thanks everybody!
Matthew Gurrola 10:04:53 PM
\m/ RIP Mike
Decker 10:08:40 PM
R.I.P. Dusty, Mike, and Joey
Decker 10:08:55 PM
Chris Bick 10:09:06 PM
\m/ Happy 250th episode; thanks for what you do. Tough week for musicians.
Decker 10:12:40 PM
Joey was the best part of Slipknot.
Justin Bowling 10:13:31 PM
Decker agreed
Decker 10:14:12 PM
I got to play some shows with Sid and he's a cool cat, but Joey is the reason Slipknot did what they did, IMO
A KFAI DJ 10:14:23 PM
Justin, I don't have patches.
A KFAI DJ 10:14:26 PM
Justin Bowling 10:14:46 PM
Justin Bowling 10:16:05 PM
I will be watching like a hawk for them.
Decker 10:17:31 PM
That Wanderer is so dang good tho
Justin Bowling 10:21:38 PM
Thank you!!
Decker 10:30:33 PM
I grilled a steak with the Wanderer spice over charcoal last weekend. I neglected to get pics and reviews, but it was amazing. But I actually think this seasoning would be best served in an Italian cold pasta salad.
Justin Bowling 10:38:54 PM
Damn this is pretty badass
A KFAI DJ 10:39:11 PM
Yeah, I was impressed.
Chris Bick 10:40:45 PM
Dychromia ... nice.
Justin Bowling 10:41:35 PM
That’s some SOLID musicianship
Darth Riffeous 10:42:58 PM
Yeah I’m intrigued to see what the other songs on the EP are like
Chris Bick 10:45:05 PM
I'm going to want that EP.
Matthew Gurrola 10:53:42 PM
Yeah I'll check out that ep too.
Justin Bowling 10:56:28 PM
Another request if there’s room (no worries if there’s not). But anything off of the new Fear Factory album would be cool.
A KFAI DJ 10:56:55 PM
There's a new FF album?!?
Justin Bowling 10:57:36 PM
Yeah! Aggression Continuum
Justin Bowling 10:58:01 PM
Yeah! Aggression Continuum
Justin Bowling 10:58:51 PM
“Recode” is a cool tune off of it
Matthew Gurrola 10:59:44 PM
If there is still room - Overkill - Where There's Smoke
A KFAI DJ 11:02:49 PM
So many good requests and so many shows to preview...
Justin Bowling 11:03:49 PM
I’ve already gotten a request played, so put Matthew’s in before mine
Justin Bowling 11:11:24 PM
I really like this segment. I hardly ever listen to punk, but I do enjoy it sometimes. It’s nice to get exposure to new things!
Chris Bick 11:13:12 PM
This is a great segment ... grind/punk/thrash ... all good, lesser-known stuff.
Matthew Gurrola 11:13:31 PM
Abbi's new show is a really good source for new punk https://www.kfai.org/program/roomforone/
Justin Bowling 11:14:49 PM
This is awesome! Thank you. This will be perfect to listen to at work!
Bill Hansen 11:19:04 PM
That Coitus song rocked.
Matthew Gurrola 11:24:56 PM
Looking forward to seeing Ysilik next week.
Chris Bick 11:30:55 PM
Any request room yet?
Matthew Gurrola 11:31:50 PM
I wish my soul was frozen now.
Justin Bowling 11:35:46 PM
Alright friends I gotta go to bed. Always a pleasure hanging with everyone and listening to you guys!
A KFAI DJ 11:38:23 PM
gnight Justin thanks for joining us tonight!
A KFAI DJ 11:41:46 PM
Chris we might have time for a short one
Matthew Gurrola 11:44:37 PM
Anyone going to the Metal Night at Hammerheart tomorrow?
Bill Hansen 11:45:29 PM
Didn’t know about that. Or I forgot?
Matthew Gurrola 11:46:10 PM
They posted signups a couple days ago. Pretty sure its full now. I got in.
Bill Hansen 11:46:26 PM
Cool. Enjoy!
Matthew Gurrola 11:48:12 PM
Austin is DJ this week.. Gonna happen each month through the end of the year with a different DJ each time.
A KFAI DJ 11:57:58 PM
Gnight everybody! See ya next week
Matthew Gurrola 11:58:59 PM
See ya \m/