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Sound Affects: A Radio Playground

Sep 12, 2021 9:30 PM β€“ 10:30 PM

Talk/Radio Theater

With Jerry Stearns

Where "radio play" is the important part of the phrase. Hosted by Jerry Stearns.

A showcase of audio theater, featuring the best of contemporary audio theater, snippets from Old Time Radio drama, spoken word comedy, and talk about and with some of the skillful practitioners of the Theater of the Mind, we'll bring the best there is from around the world to your ears.

You can find more about the program and a weekly schedule of what's on the show at the Sound Affects website.

Sound Affects: A Radio Playground
9:33 PM
Special Segments: The Day The Foots Stood Still


Up there in Icebox, Minnesota they are a bit isolated, especially in Winter. So they have a small radio station that helps everyone in town know what’s going on. J.J. is the morning DJ, but he has a tendency to get flustered when things get out of the ordinary. And today things are going to get WAY out of the ordinary.

Recorded live in July, 2021 by Jeffrey Adams and the Icebox Radio Theatre in International Falls, MN.

10:04 PM
Special Segments: Vengeance In Vegas

A briefly hard-boiled detective tale from the One Act Players in San Francisco. It’s a Mark Markheim Minuscule Mystery.

10:16 PM
Special Segments: The Wee Weaver, Episode 1

A Little Frieda Mystery tale from ZBS. It features Mojo Sam trying to unravel the mysterious thing manifesting at the McElroy mansion, being advised by Little Frieda via cellphone from Ireland. And setting a trap doesn’t seem to be working as they had hoped.

Written by Meatball Fulton, produced by Tom Lopez at Froggy Acres in upstate New York.

We’ll bring you the rest of the story next week, right here.